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Jeffrey Maier is Satan

Jeffrey Maier is Satan

Two thoughts about 6.6.06

Thought #1
The remake of THE OMEN feels a lot to me like the remake of PSYCHO. (Anyone else remember when Vince Vaughn tried to do more than just comedy?) Watching the THE OMEN trailer is like watching a clip reel of the original, as re-enacted by Julia Stiles and Pete Postlethwaite.

The decision to release this film on a Tuesday, while unorthodox, was a fait accompli, especially given the fact that the decision to make the film at all probably hinged on the gimmick that June 6, 2006 can be transcribed as 06.06.06. (Get it?)

The question is–do the kids really want to see an OMEN tribute band when the original still holds its own?

Thought #2
Speaking of Satan…

The MLB draft begins today and rumor has it the Baltimore Orioles are considering drafting Jeffrey Maier.

Who is Jeffrey Maier and why does he have his own Wikipedia entry?

He is the kid who illegally interfered in a 1996 playoff game between the New York Yankees and the Orioles, reaching over the fence and turning Derek Jeter’s 8th inning out into a game tying home run. Yankee fans like to think of this as a happy accident. A lucky break.

In other circles, this type of injustice is cited as further evidence that there is no God.

What’s the film angle to this story?

Lizz Morhaim took this tragic incident and ten years later made the film I HATE JEFFREY MAIER:

“In what might be the greatest senior thesis of all time, a Wesleyan University film student made a nine minute movie about an obsessed Baltimore Orioles fan that realizes he would be going to school with the kid that ruined his favorite team’s season in 1996…

Because Maier also goes to Wesleyan, he agreed to be in the movie, playing himself.”

It’s nice to see that Mr. Maier has a good sense of humor.

(Were I directing the film, Mr. Maier would have ended up like Luke Skywalker after he learned that Darth Vader was his father.)

I hope Maier does wind up in the O’s farm system.

It would be like that SNL skit where Paul Simon is trapped in the elevator forced to listen to MUZAK versions of his back catalogue in perpetuity, courtesy of John Lovitz’ Satan.

Happy 6.6.06!

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