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Paris Hilton’s Debut Album Drops… and Flops?

Paris Hilton's Debut Album Drops... and Flops?

News comes in today (as it does every Wednesday) of last week’s album sales numbers… and not at number one is Paris Hilton’s debut album, Paris. Perhaps we all have an unfair satisfaction in seeing the album flop, but that’s what may happen. According to reports, the album sold 77,000 copies in the first week. Not a horrible number, but potentially bleak considering that her single, “Stars Go Blind,” can’t manage to crack the Top 20 singles chart. This puts her album at a decent #6 for the week, but consider this: the number one record of the week, with sales of about 234,000 copies, is Danity Kane, Diddy’s Making the Band girl group. As in, created by a reality TV show. One would think Paris Hilton has more celebrity than Danity Kane, so what does it mean when they sell three times as many records as she does? It will be a sad day at the Hilton home if her own album can’t deliver more sales than her unathorized sex DVD.

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