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So You Think You Can Blog?

So You Think You Can Blog?


In the currrent “How To” issue of Wired, David L. Sifry gives five tips on “How To Make Your Blog Popular” (Note: commentary, links and illegally downloaded images added by blogger, in attempt to make this blog “more popular”…):

1) React quickly. Commentators like Andrew Sullivan and Michelle Malkin draw megatraffic with immediate rebuttals to A-list pundits at The New York Times and Fox News.


2) Make your posts easy to read. Italian comic Beppe Grillo broke into the Top 10 by setting his key points in boldface.


3) Link, link, link! It’s counter-intuitive, but the busiest blogs in Technorati’s index are those like that link prolifically to other sites. Linking works because most bloggers reciprocate by sending their readers your way.


4) Optimize for search engines. Put the name of your blog (even if it’s just your own name) in the main URL and the title tag of your site. On Technorati, identify your blog with search topics, like “politics” or “sewing.”


5) Post, post, post! Chinese actress and director Xu Jinglei has the most popular blog on the planet. At first we thought it was a glitch in our system, but it turns out she’s a real-world celebrity who makes time to post almost every day. What’s your excuse?

As Mike Myers used to say, while playing Middle-Aged Man, “I’m workin’ on it!”

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