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Ding Dong, the Witch is Dead!

Ding Dong, the Witch is Dead!

Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson cruised to re-election Tuesday, handing GOP rival Katherine Harris a beating that could drive her from the statewide stage into political obscurity. How beautiful are those words from the front page of Wednesday’s Orlando Sentinel?

Harris gave up her congressional seat in Longboat Key (good) and spent millions of dollars of her own money in hopes of toppling Nelson (doubly good). This is the same shrew who was so instrumental in Bush getting elected in 2000 when she wouldn’t let a liitle thing like her position as Secretary of State get in the way of her party affiliation and decisions regarding the vote recount. This is the woman who told a religious publication that voters should send only “tried and true” Christians to office lest they risk having a government that would “legislate sin.” This is the woman that was tied to corrupt defense contractor Mitchell Wade, who gave her $32,000 in illegal campaign contributions in 2004, took her out to a $2800 dinner in 2005, and offered to hold a fundraiser for her. She subsequently agreed to submit a $10 million dollar congressional earmark on behalf of his company, and then lied about why she did it and paying her share of the meal.

This is the lunatic who claimed that several House Democrats from Florida told her they wanted her to beat Nelson; that in the context of a Bush rally in 2004 described a make-believe terrorist plot to blow up the power grid in Indiana; that said that her gay friend in California told her that part of the reason gays are gay is that they don’t want normal lives, and that “many people don’t realize that the gay community is split on this (gay marriage), too.” This is the madwoman whose campaign was beset by a wave of staff resignations prompted by her erratic behavior, tantrums, and lies, and, oh yeah, that Justice Department investigation thing. Even her own party wanted nothing to do with her, and repeatedly tried to get her to quit during the primary. And right up until Election day, on Monday even “W” wouldn’t let her onstage with him at a rally in Pensacola, despite her claims to the contrary.

Despite everything (and believe me there’s a whole lot more), Harris still got 38% of the vote which is both scary and mind-boggling. How pathetic and corrupt does a candidate have to be before a Republican doesn’t vote the party line? So take your “noble cause” Cruella de Ville and stick it–the majority of the people in the state of Florida have spoken and you are an ugly footnote in our political history. Enjoy the private arena and leave us alone for good (riddance).


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