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NEW THIS WEEK: “Dance Party,” “Fast Food,” “Piano Tuner,” “Consideration,” “Pajamas,” “Who the $#%&

NEW THIS WEEK: "Dance Party," "Fast Food," "Piano Tuner," "Consideration," "Pajamas," "Who the $#%&

Director Richard Linklater returns to the big screen with “Fast Food Nation” Friday. The fictional adaptation of Eric Schlosser‘s best-selling non-fiction book of the same name is a look at the industrialization of food, starring Wilmer Valderrama, Catalina Sandino Moreno and Greg Kinnear. “I think the film can be seen in political terms, but most of the characters are not thinking that way,” explained Linklater in Cannes where the film premiered in May. “This movie is really about unveiling things and becoming aware. We’ve become very separated and divorced from where things come from.”

October Films and Lot 47 Films co-founder Jeff Lipsky returns to the director’s chair with his Sundance ’06 competition film, “Flannel Pajamas,” which opened Wednesday in select locations. The film is a particularly personal project for Lipsky, inspired by a former relationship. “‘Flannel Pajamas’ is a very personal film, informed by the most passionate relationship in my life that led to an all-too-brief marriage,” revealed Lipsky to indieWIRE prior to Sundance in January. “I placed my two protagonists in the environment I live in today, and surrounded them with characters of my own invention, characters who hopefully lend heft, color, and vibrancy to the joys and tragedies that my hero and heroine experience during the course of the story.”

In “Who the %$#! is Jackson Pollock?,” diector Harry Moses turns the lens on 73 year-old long-haul truck driver Teri Horton who unknowingly purchased what is believed by many to be an original Jackson Pollock painting, unleashing a torrent of controversy in the elite circles of the art world. “The initial idea for the Pollock film came from a lunch I had with one of the characters in the film who mentioned in passing that he was representing a painting which had been purchased for five dollars,” Moses told iW this week. The film is currently playing in two locations.

And director Aaron Katz‘s “Dance Party USA” opened at New York’s Pioneer Theater Wednesday. The film is the story of two teens who meet at a party, but a dark secret harbored by one threatens to destroy their new bond. “I was taking [the train] one day to meet my friend, when I overheard a conversation very similar to the conversation between the two guys near the beginning of ‘Dance Party,'” said Katz to iW about what inspired him to make the film. “It was these two teenage guys shooting the shit and saying some of the most offensive stuff I’ve ever heard. In spite of myself, I felt compelled to pull out my notebook and write down what they were saying.”


Dance Party USA” (November 17), directed by Aaron Katz. Official website | indieWIRE Interview

Fast Food Nation” (November 17), directed by Richard Linklater.
Distributor: Fox Searchlight. Official website | indieWIRE Review (from Reverse Shot)

Candy” (November 17), directed by Neil Armfield.
Distributor: ThinkFilm. Official website

The Piano Tuner of Earthquakes” (November 15), directed by The Brothers Quay.
Distributor: Zeitgeist Films. Official website | indieWIRE Review (from Reverse Shot)

For Your Consideration” (November 17), directed by Christopher Guest. Distributor: Warner Independent Pictures. Official website | indieWIRE Review (from Reverse Shot)

Flannel Pajamas” (November 15), directed by Jeff Lipsky.
Self-distributed. Official website

The Aura” (November 15), directed by Fabian Bielinsky.
Distributor: IFC First Take. Official website | indieWIRE Review (from Reverse Shot)

Who The $#%& Is Jackson Pollock” (November 15), directed by Steve Moses.
Distributor: Picturehouse. Official website | indieWIRE Interview

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