“Dark Matter” Wins Alfred P. Sloan Prize at Sundance

The 2007 Sundance Film Festival has announced that “Dark Matter” is this year’s recipient of the Alfred P. Sloan Prize. The film was directed by Chen Shi-Zheng and written by Billy Shebar. The prize carries a $20,000 award to a feature film focusing on science as a theme, or that has a scientist or mathematician as a major character. The prize is part of Sundance Institute’s Science-in-Film initiative, and is made possible by a grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. “Dark Matter” was inspired by a true story and portrays the world of a young and passionate Chinese student who comes to America to study the origins of the universe, only to encounter politics, ego, and cultural insensitivity. The film stars Liu Ye, Aiden Quinn and Meryl Streep.[Amy Bronson}