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‘Wedding’ Party

'Wedding' Party

Yesterday in L.A. was a busy series of meetings and events, but it was all capped off with a long and delicious dinner hosted by IFC Films, in honor of their Oscar-nominated Foreign Language Film After the Wedding. Director Susanne Bier and the crew from Denmark were in the house, celebrating their exciting nomination. IFC’s Jonathan Sehring and Ryan Werner played hosts to the intimate crowd, during the three-hour dinner. It was great to meet some of the folks fron Danish film company Zentropa, as well as some of the gang from the film itself, which is a truly special and memorable piece of work.

When IFC Films buyer Lizzie Nastro arrived, fresh from the Jesus Camp party in Santa Monica, she immediately looked at our table and someone quipped, “yeah, we’re the kids’ table.” The “kids” in the picture were myself, Trevor Groth from Sundance, Dana O’Keefe from Cinetic, Rachel Rosen from the L.A. Film Festival, John Vanco from the IFC Center, Brian Brooks from indieWIRE, producer Lily Bright, and more. We had a fun time, offering our own predictions on what would happen at the Oscars on Sunday night. The temperature of the table? It may be a Little Miss Sunshine and Departed kind of evening at the Oscars.

But, for that moment, it was all about Susanne Bier’s terrific After the Wedding. IFC Films opens the picture in late March, and (while I’m at it) you can also catch it at SXSW 2007.

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