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April Fool’s Day Already?

April Fool's Day Already?

This can’t be real, right? No self-respecting studio hack would be so crass as to be quoted saying:

If you get past the Milton of it all, and think about the greatest war that’s ever been fought, the story itself is pretty compelling


Less Adam and Eve and more about what’s happening with the archangels…In Eden there’s the nudity problem, which would be a big problem for a big studio movie.”

or, the capper:

This could be like ‘The Lord of the Rings,’ or bigger.”

Aw hell, one more for the road:

[It would be] made with total adherence and respect to any of the three religions’ involvement in the story of God, the Devil and the archangels. [But] it’s a war movie at the end of the day

So, it’ll be like Gettysburg meets The Loss of Sexual Innocence? Holy crap, that’s the best idea ever. I hope they get the team who put together 300 involved!!!


But, since this isn’t real, and could never happen on this Earth…NY Times, thanks for the Sunday morning LOLs.

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