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SXSW Day 1 in pictures

SXSW Day 1 in pictures

SXSW day 1 003.jpg
The Red Carpet

SXSW day 1 004.jpg
A fresco of St. Tula, patron saint of cinema, over looks the audience from the proscenium at the Paramount Theater

SXSW day 1 006.jpg
Matt Dentler, SXSW producer, introduces the film–THE LOOKOUT–kicking-off the festival.

SXSW day 1 010.jpg
Veteran writer Scott Frank, who makes his directorial debut withTHE LOOKOUT says “hi,” introduces the cast in the house, and then it was on with the show

SXSW day 1 001.jpg
After the film, the audience stayed til the end of the credits, anticipating a Q&A. The curtains closed. And everyone slowly wandered out of the theatre, slightly non-plussed by what is a clear deviation from festival protocol. It was weird.

SXSW day 1 014.jpg
The party was in tents!

SXSW day 1 008.jpg
Superman in the house! Can Underdog woman be far behind?

SXSW day 1 017.jpg
It’s all fun and games until someone gets a parking ticket.

SXSW day 1 018.jpg
Clearly, the sign said, “No Parking.”

SXSW day 1 019.jpg
Late night comfort food.

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