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Trailer for the Michael Moore film, “SiCKO”

Trailer for the Michael Moore film, "SiCKO"

As the film world in Cannes considers Michael Moore‘s new doc about the health care industry, “Sicko,” this is sure to be the tip of the iceberg in the debate over American’s ailing healthcare system. With the release of “SiCKO” in theaters in June, the issues of how to fix our system and the continuing push for a national healthcare plan will most definitely be big talking points as the 2008 presidental election approaches.

Over at the AMC TV blog, where indieWIRE Cannes coverage is being featured, one particular blog entry about Michael Moore is generating a lot of debate over the filmmaker as well as socialized medicine. This comment by a future doctor is particularly illuminating:

As a future physician, my hope is that we are able to have socialized medicine in the US. I am tired of hearing my friends who are physicians tell me there horror stories about not having the freedom to treat patients in an effective manner. Many of them tell about how 70 to 90 percent of their time is spent documenting and not treating.

Socialized medicine will mean that forms will be consistent and eventually as documentation is ironed out, less ambiguous. As a government employee, it would be very difficult for someone to launch a ridiculous lawsuit. If we do not have socialized medicine, I can see the writing on the wall: Much less pay for practitioners, much more frustrating administrative like labor, and an inconsistent maze to navigate with insurance companies. Do you really think that insurance executives or hospital administrators will be the ones to take the hit if things continue the way they are? No! This leaves only the labor to take pay cuts and have to jump through unreasonable hoops for the oligarchy. If I’m going to take a pay hit, at least I would like a better bureaucracy to give all my devotion.

People say negative things about government control all the time when talking about entities like the post office. They say things like: If only it was privatized, things would perform better. No way! If the US Postal Service were privatized, first class letters would cost $2 each to help pay hundreds of millions of dollars for CEO’s to change hands every 2 to 5 years. They would save costs by having fewer delivery cycles. Who knows what other cockamamie ideas they would also inflict on the public.

Many people complain about Michael Moore’s style and how he is laughing it off to the bank. What do you think multi-millionaires who are getting richer because of our current condition like George Bush and Dick Cheney are doing right now? Moore is just beating these charlatans at their own game.
Funnier still are people who come up with anecdotal tales that say: I know someone in the US who lived and someone in the UK who died.

The statistics to do not support the tripe you are spewing. If people would actually read for a change, they would know that things are getting much worse in the US (and not just read corporate dominated media). As Gore Vidal says in the forward of “America First!”, we are becoming more like Brazil. I like to call it the Brazilification of America. Yes, the elite like to say that the average wage is increasing, but of course it is: CEO’s and other senior management are getting much more pay and throwing the statistics higher.

Fact–The median wage in the US is going down. The constant catering to the pharmaceutical companies and the insurance industry will continue trends like this and will be the death of us all.

It’s a somewhat rosy approach to national healthcare provided by the government, and of course there will be some problems, but anything seems better than the mess that we have currently where people who have health insurance are getting lousy care, or worse, no care at all.

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