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Tossing Games: JJ Abrams Fans Get Best Week Ever, ‘1-18-08’ Won’t Go Away

Tossing Games: JJ Abrams Fans Get Best Week Ever, '1-18-08' Won't Go Away

The above clock was created and distributed by a new fan blog, called “The Haas Underground,” in response to the storm of online speculation and anticipation surrounding this “1-18-08” (aka “Cloverfield” aka “Slusho”) film project that has become an online movie-geek phenomenon. Meanwhile, on this week’s episode of VH1’s pop culture series Best Week Ever, “JJ Abrams Fans” were deemed the winner of who had the (you guessed it) best week ever. I never intended this blog to become a discussion hub, but apparently that’s how much people are wanting to share theories about this mystery film. Here’s an update of new items which have come up in the last few days when we left off about it all:

– A new, third photo image has been added to the mix on the official site for the film. This one is even more unclear, as it appears to be a couple of people walking through smoke or fog or debris.

– You can now buy your very own unofficial “1-18-08” T-shirt, in white or black. Presumably to save itself from litigation, these are technically T-shirts for the blog, “Haas Underground.” Over at EthanHaasWasWrong.com, there are more T-shirts for sale… with a sales pitch that includes “Get your Ethan Haas on!”

– After some brief browsing on the Slusho Web site, all that can be learned is that the “slusho” drink was created after a woman named Noriko Yoshida ventured off into the ocean seeking ingredients and was never heard from again. Her son, Ganu, picked up where she left off and was inspired by a strange dream to “make the tastiest drink, unlike anything on earth!!” It’s pretty elaborate little history of the supposedly fictional beverage.

– Some say it’s a Godzilla film, some say it’s a Voltron film… but perhaps the most compelling argument is the one predicting that the “1-18-08” project is in fact some adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s short story, The Call of Cthulhu. It certainly would fit with the aquatic imagery of “slusho,” as well as the narrative structure of the trailer (Lovecraft’s short story was fantasy told through “documentary” techniques). Plus, the derth of any Lovecraft properties turned into contemporary studio films, seems rather suspicious in this post-LOTR era.

– Here’s one of the oddest developments: In my original post’s comment thread, there is a message from someone called Steve King who claims: “Tossing games is nothing to do with 1-18-08. I did the Parasite Movie site to cash in – you can see it is registered at GoDaddy like all my other sites. Unfortunately it has back fired, I’m getting too much server traffic and it is costing me a fortune. I’m also constantly maintaining the forums because of dumb arse posters. Please spread the word this has nothing to do with 1-18-08. Steve King tossinggames.com”

If you go to the site, it’s a fairly crude-looking portal dedicated to games like darts and horseshoes. But after some browsing on the message boards, there are a lot of cryptic messages about Ethan Haas and other “1-18-08” elements. Plus, if Steve King was really trying to lower his site traffic, why would he go around publicizing his URL? Then again, much of the chatter on the TossingGames message board could just be fanboys acting out the “Ethan Haas” fantasies. Hell, it’s cheaper than a Wii. I mean, look at you, you’re still reading about this, right?

– And now, Moriarty on Ain’t It Cool News has stated very clearly that all the “Ethan Haas” clues have nothing to do with the film. Instead, he says, it is all part of an upcoming video game called Alpha Omega, and it was merely mixed up in all the fanboy speculation somewhere down the line.

Check on further comments and theories as the discussion continues here and here. Okay, back to the real world…

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