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I took The Stairs before The Stairs took me

I took The Stairs before The Stairs took me

It was actually really easy. I just came up with six applicable questions, emailed them out, collected the responses, and then emailed those to different film bloggers who had agreed to participate in this little blogercise to help spread the word about Joe Swanberg’s Hannah Takes the Stairs. I knew as soon as the release date (August 22) was set, that the blogging community would be a great ally to this film. And, because I love all of the talented people involved with it, I wanted to help spread the word the best way I could. Mine is just one lonely blog with a small readership (hi, Jarren). What if I rallied the troops and set about distributing Hannah interviews with the cast/crew to a handful of respected blogs out there? I felt there was potential to hit a lot of the target audience of this film, through a variety of film blogs. Plus, as I lovingly told Joe a month ago when I proposed this idea: Most of the Hannah press will be his, so why not share the love? So that’s what I did. And, the results are as follows:

David Lowery Takes the Kent Osborne: “Once I had feelings for this girl whose brother hooked up with my ex and then I traded pictures of my genitals with the brother’s girlfriend and so … I guess that’s a love pentagon?”

AJ Schnack Takes the Greta Gerwig: “I’ve gone through incarnations of feeling either positively or negatively about issues of sex and relationships in the film. At first I was charmed by it, focusing on it’s comedy and it’s sweetness. Then it became very difficult for me to watch because all I could see was a girl who was always manipulatively performing. Now I’m somewhere in the middle. “

Ray Pride Takes the Todd Rohal: “Sex seems like it’d be a fun time and I would someday like to try out a relationship, though both of them do seem a bit time consuming.”

Karina Longworth Takes the Mark Duplass: “No script. Pretty different for me. Joe is REALLY hands off and I was making up everything as I went along. Also, I would only get 1 or 2 takes tops and we worked very little. We would hang out for 14 hours and shoot for 2 hours in an average day. Lots of Atari and ice cream going on out there.”

Michael Tully Takes the Ry Russo-Young: “I think Hannah really gets to a truth about the frenetic need people have to be loved. The manic way we can move through people, in the film Hannah calls it ‘chronic dissatisfaction.'”

David Hudson Takes the Andrew Bujalski: “My productions, which everyone keeps telling me are tiny, feel positively bloated in comparison to the Hannah shoot. Though there are stresses and insecurities that come with any kind of performance, it’s certainly difficult to imagine a more relaxed production day to day. It was also not entirely unlike what I imagine living in a cult compound to be like.”

Paul Harrill Takes the Kevin Bewersdorf: “I do want to bring up one particular incident however: the moment that the Bujalski vs. Rohal feud began. This mock-feud has been mock-annoying everyone for a while now, and it is time for me to mock-bring-it-out-into-the-open.”

Aaron Hillis Takes the Kris Swanberg: “The idea that Hannah would be so easily swayed from one guy to another is something that happens very naturally in all kinds of relationships. As people we are expected to fight those natural interests and keep them to a socially acceptable level. I can’t stand Hannah, but I have a certain envy for her recklessness.”

I Take the Anish Savjani: “This was the first time I couldn’t actually be on set, but I had faith in Joe as a filmmaker and trusted his process. He did an amazing job.”

Scott Macaulay Takes the Joe Swanberg: “I have an addictive personality, and I recognize that in Hannah. I get really into people, and I focus a lot of energy on them, and it’s really intense for a period, and then that energy and attention shifts to someone else. I’m trying to balance that a lot more in my own life, and that’s my hope for the character in the film. Whether she is figuring that out or not at the end is up to the viewer to decide.”

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