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In Surprise Move Mumblecore to Resurrect Apple Corps

In Surprise Move Mumblecore to Resurrect Apple Corps

First Google made a $1.6 billion bid to buy Mumblecore. Then, the Mumbles (as they have come to be known) announced new Mumblecore themed restaurants.

Now, in a surprise move, the Mumbles (after saying something about being “Bigger than Jesus”) have decided to resurrect the Beatles’ Apple Corps Ltd from its persistent state of litigation and turn it back into a creative production entity.

Apple Corps Ltd. was formally launched in May 1968. On May 11th 1968, John Lennon and Paul McCartney traveled to New York City, to announce the Beatles’ newly-formed company, Apple. After a day of business meetings on May 12th, and a day of interviews on the 13th, they held a press conference at 1:30pm on the 14th at New York’s Americana Hotel. Here, John and Paul described their vision and their hopes for Apple Corps.

Derek Taylor moderates while John Lennon and Paul McCartney crack wise.

Mumble Corps Ltd. was formally launched in August 2007. On August 27th 2007, Joe Swanberg and Andrew Bujalski traveled to New York City, to announce that the Mumbles’ newly-formed company, Mumble Corps would be essentially resurrecting the Beatles’ Apple Corps. After a day of business meetings, they held a press conference at 1:30pm at New York’s Americana Hotel. Here, Joe and Andrew described their vision and their hopes for Mumble Corps.

Matt Dentler moderates as Joe Swanberg and Andrew Bujalski crack wise. Photo: Josh Boehr

What follows is a transcript of the press conference:

Q: “Why are you here today”

JOE: “To do THIS.”


Q: “What is this?”

JOE: “What’s it look like?”


Q: “Looks like a circus.”

JOE: “Well, you know, what are YOU doing here?”


Q: “What is Mumble Corps, Joe?”

JOE: “It’s a business concerning records, films, and electronics. And as a sideline, whatever it’s called… manufacturing, or whatever. But we want to set up a system whereby people who just want to make a film about (pause) anything, don’t have to go on their knees in somebody’s office. Probably yours.”

ANDREW: “We really want to help people, but without doing it like a charity or seeming like ordinary patrons of the arts. We’re in the happy position of not really needing any more money. So for the first time, the bosses aren’t in it for profit. If you come and see me and say ‘I’ve had such and such a dream,’ I’ll say ‘Here’s so much money. Go away and do it.’ We’ve already bought all our dreams. So now we want to share that possibility with others.”

JOE: “The aim of this company isn’t really a stack of gold teeth in the bank. We’ve DONE that bit. It’s more of a trick to see if we can actually get artistic freedom within a business structure.”

Q: “If a youngster has a group, or their group thinks that they’ve got something going, what’s the best way you’d recommend for them to get in touch with you to let you hear their stuff?”

ANDREW: “Just get the address and send it, you know. That’s it. Just send the stuff to”

Q: “Will they get a hearing?”

ANDREW: “Yeah.”

Q: “That’s great.”

ANDREW: “They get a reply too.”

Q: “Joe, it said in the (press) release that you are planning to make a film of ‘Nights and Weekends.'”

JOE: “Yeah.”

Q: “I enjoy it, but I’m curious… Have you any ideas on how you plan to film it?”

JOE: “Well yes, but not that I can explain, really. I’ve just gotta… make a film of the two… (giggles) And how I do it, I don’t know. But I’ll do it. I can’t really say how I’m gonna do it. I haven’t got it on paper, you know.”

Q: “Are the Bumblebees making another movie?”

JOE: “Well it’s in… We don’t know when we’re gonna make it, but it’ll be, sort of, early next year.”

Q: “Would you say that ‘Hannah Takes the Stairs’ is a better or worse film than ‘Young American Bodies’?”

JOE: “It’s not a film, you see. It turned into a podcast on iTunes, but it was just a series of Webisodes.”

Q: “Has anybody bought the podcasts here?”

JOE: “I haven’t a clue, you know. We don’t care.”

Q: “What do you think of the critical reception of the film ‘Hannah Takes the Stairs’?”

JOE: “Well I mean, it doesn’t matter. It does, but it doesn’t really matter, you know. It’s why it’s not on now is what matters. That’s why people aren’t seeing it.”

ANDREW: “They were just disappointed, you know.”

Q: “Did they have any valid points? Were they valid?”

JOE: “I didn’t see any valid points. They thought we were stepping out of our roles, you know. They like us to keep in the cardboard suits they designed for us.”

Q: “Do you plan on opening an Mumble clothing store in the United States as a chain?”

JOE: “No plans that I know of.”

Q: “Do you consider yourselves as trend setters for the younger generation in the things that you do, or do they just sort of happen?”

ANDREW: “We follow trends ourselves. I think everyone does. I can never find out who starts the trends. It’s someone else altogether.”

Q: “You certainly have reinforced some trends that you have picked up, whether you’ve started them or not.”

ANDREW: “Yeah. That’s what we do. That’s what happens. They get reinforced, but they’re there already.”

Q: “What was your basic meaning of Hannah Takes the Stairs?”

JOE: “It just means she takes the steps… or she DID when we shot it, you know.”


Q: “You mentioned that you are working on a new film. Do you feel that films in general should be complete presentations all the time, or could they be groups of improved lines?”

ANDREW: “They’re always just what happens at the time, you know, but they could be anything. It could just be one long scene, a million little ones… you know, it’s just how it turns out. It’s normally about fourteen medium scenes.”

Q: “Have you seen any of Kent Osborne’s films?

ANDREW: “He’s great.”

JOE: “Yeah.”

Q: “Have you seen him work live?”

ANDREW: “Yeah. He’s too much, you know.”

Q: “Do you have any other new philosophical leaders?”

JOE: “No.”

ANDREW: “Nope.”

JOE: (jokingly) “Me.”

Q: “Do Greta and Ry feel the same way about Orborne as both of you?”

JOE: “Yes, yeah. We tend to go in and out together. I mean, with a few spaces. So, yeah.”

Q: “Are the Mumbles still improvising?”

ANDREW & JOE: “Yeah.”

JOE: “Now and then.”

ANDREW: (giggles) “At this moment.”


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