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ON THE LOT Limps Home

ON THE LOT Limps Home

Since Gabe and I may have been the only ones in the country to even care (besides the filmmakers and their families of course), it’s time to put this disaster of a reality show to bed for good. Despite the preening and idiotic banter of hostess/spokesmodel/Gary Marshall lust-object Adrianna Costa, and typical technical snafu of internet votes not getting counted due to a systems crash or some nonsense after Part 1 of the season finale aired last Tuesday (was this show cursed or what?), they somehow still managed to receive “a record number” of votes via telephone and text messages to determine a winner of the $1 million production deal at Dreamworks–and at least they got that right!

Congratulations to FSU Film School grad and Florida Film Festival veteran Will Bigham! To emerge from this 12,000 submissions competition with a considerable production deal, an office at Dreamworks, and Steven Spielberg as you new boss is a terrific achievement. From his very first film (LUCKY PENNY) to his last (THE YES MEN), with stops for a brain surgery comedy, a dog swallowing it’s owner’s glass eye film noir, and a touching romance between two office lamps (an homage to Pixar?) among others, Will’s work was consistently imaginative, charming, clever, and often very, very funny with a silent film comedy sensibility. He is clearly a talented man with a lot of stories to tell–I’m excited for his future as a filmmaker, and not at all embarrassed to say I was rooting for him all the way.

Now can someone explain why they went through all the trouble and expense of creating one-sheets for every film in the final weeks, yet hardly ever showed them to the TV audience? I sure hope the studio audience got a good look cause I didn’t–one of the many things that got progresively more annoying as the show went on. But at least Fox didn’t pull it before they finished…


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