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You Need To Be in ‘Shadow of the Moon’

You Need To Be in 'Shadow of the Moon'

I was lucky enough to catch David Sington’s In the Shadow of the Moon at SILVERDOCS this June, and it blew me away. I’m originally from Houston and my family is primarily there now. I grew up going to NASA every summer, cheering on the Astros, living it up in “Space City.” For millions like myself who had childhoods before the Internet, space travel was a big deal, cemented only further when the Challenger explosion happened while I was in grade school. So, I knew I was already going into the documentary with quite a bias, but also higher than high expectations. It did not let me down, one bit. I highly recommend seeing this doc, even if you’re cynical and think you’ve seen all you want to see about the Apollo missions. Trust me, you haven’t. Read Moriarty’s review at AICN, where he shares a lot of my thoughts on the film. THINKFilm will open In the Shadow of the Moon on September 7.

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