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So it has been a few weeks since the folks at indieWIRE gave me the logins and passwords that grant me a place in the iW blogosphere… I have resisted actually beginning to contribute anything because I wasn’t quite sure how to go about the starting-up and I wanted to make sure I was capable of not half-assing the blog’s progression past this entry. And I guess I feel ready now, so consider the next few weeks marked with full-assed intentions.

Just to brief the tens of people I hope to call my readership an idea as to whose words their reading:

I’m Peter. I’ve worked for indieWIRE for a little over a year, first as an intern at TIFF, then as part of their Cannes team, now as a permanent Assistant Editor. I’m unique to the iW team for a variety of reasons. First off, I’m Canadian (born and raised in small town Ontario, have since called Toronto home, now call Montreal home), which I’ve been told will offer a “unique perspective” to the iW blog world. I’m not completely sure what this will entail. For you Americans who haven’t really dabbled in Canadiana beyond listening to one of our many indierock imports or coming to Toronto for 10 days in September, our cinematic place in the world is a tough one to pinpoint. Our own industry is not particularly booming. We usually make one or two good films seen beyond a festival each year, and that number is greatly reduced if David Cronenberg or Atom Egoyan are on vacation. Our own box-office is ruled by the U.S. (and counts toward your domestic weekend grosses, FYI), with the idea of a non-Quebecois (they actually make their own movies AND watch them, but that a lot to do with language) film entering our top 10 a huge rarity. Most of our homegrown directors find your dollars (as measly as they may be these days) too much to resist and head to Hollywood to make “Titanic” or “Ghostbusters“. And I’m not blaming. I’m just trying to paint a little picture of the my cinematic environment. I was basically raised on, and still am very much drawn to, American cinema. This is particularly true due to my rural-youth, away from the film festivals and art houses of all 5 of our big cities. But I guess I see U.S. film culture through a different lens and I guess that is what makes my perspective unique.

Oh, and I said a variety of reasons unique to iW but I went off on the Canadian thing.. I guess I’m also fairly young (23), which will make this blog uniquely naive. And I’m also currently a student finishing his masters thesis, which I’ll be writing over the next year and might offer research findings via this blog (the topic is a que(e)rying of “For Your Consideration” ads, looking at the marketing of Oscar bound queer films), which will make this blog, uh, uniquely academic? I don’t know, its really hard to introduce something you haven’t started doing yet.

So I named it The Lost Boy not because I wanted it to sound really gay-late-80s-teen-angst but because I’ve had blogs before (This being the most recent one, and one probably somewhat similar to what this will be), and have been calling them this since their beginnings in the late 90s (yes, I was that kid). And maybe it kind of makes sense if you look like I’m a fish out of the iW blogospher water? Due to the Canadian thing? And the young thing? That’s still really lame (and even lamer of me to voice it like that). Nonetheless, that’s what they’ve registered it as and I can’t really ask for another one.

Alright.. So.. In conclusion: I’m not good at introductions, and I look forward to full-assedly contributing to the a iW-housed blog. Read me. (And excuse the blog’s aesthetics, its a work in progress.)

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