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Jason Reitman’s An Idiot

Jason Reitman's An Idiot

If this is true, at least. Reuters had a really misguided article running a few days back that exclaimed “Genie awards show ignores “Juno”!” Yes, of course it did, because Juno is not Canadian. It is American produced in its entirety. But Jason Reitman didn’t seem to get that. He said:

It’s a Canadian director, Canadian stars, Canadian cast, Canadian crew, shot in Canada – how are we not eligible for a Genie when David Cronenberg’s film about Russians living in London shot in England with a British crew and British cast is eligible? I’m sorry, but somebody is going to have to explain that to me; I don’t get it,” he said, with proud father Ivan Reitman at his side.

Well, lots of movies are shot in Canada, Jason, and some of them star the likes of Rachel McAdams, Seth Rogen and Mike Myers. But they are not Canadian. Take Titanic, for instance. Canadian director, Canadian crew, shot in Canada. But the Genies gave all the awards to The Sweet Hereafter that year. And you didn’t see James Cameron yelling “Blasphemy!”

Eastern Promises, on the other hand, may have dealt with a British setting and plot, but it was, in fact, a Canada-Britain co-production, thus being eligible. L.A.-based Mandate Pictures developed and financed Juno and Fox Searchlight released it. Is that so hard to understand?

Anyway.. what makes Jason’s comments all the more idiotic is the statement the Genies released in regard to Jason’s comments:

Thanks so much for your coverage of the Genie Awards but I would like to clear up the confusion surrounding the movie Juno. The movie wasn’t snubbed by the Genies because it was never submitted to the Genie Awards. I have provided below a quote from our CEO, Sara Morton that will hopefully clarify the situation.

Juno is an excellent film and the Academy salutes its success, which reflects the work of many talented Canadians both in front of and behind the camera. Regrettably, the filmmakers decided not to enter the film into the Genie Awards.

In order to be eligible for the Genies, a film must be Canadian, as defined by CAVCO and the CRTC. These are the accepted industry standards for recognizing a film as Canadian.

Ultimately, it’s up to the filmmaker to decide whether to seek Canadian certification. It would not be appropriate for me to speculate about the reasons for a filmmaker’s decision, or why they may or may not qualify.

Even though it wouldn’t have qualified in the end anyway, if Mr. Reitman wanted it so bad, he should have actually submitted the film. And while I’d be all for our country taking responsibility for “Juno”, I fear if we start doing stuff like that, we’ll have to start taking responsibility for stuff like this:

Notice how the commentator says “coming to America”? I must have forgot that the Toronto Maple Leafs played in Arizona now. Seriously though, that movie somehow looks even worse that I had intially imagined.

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