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On The Zip List

On The Zip List

I guess this kind of an advertisement, but I one I endorse with honesty. (Canada’s Netflix) has become a welcome part of my day-to-day since last September, filling my mailbox with a weekly supply of both escapism and better-late-than-never film history education – for a fraction of what it would have cost to walk my cold ass to MovieLand and rent them.

So I figured with the Oscars almost over I need to have something to write about, so from time to time I’ll make some recommendations (which obviously don’t need to be rented through zip) based on the mailman’s cometh.

Since its been many months, I have a long list of like and dislikes at this point, so I figure I’ll just do an overall summary as opposed to a one-shot-deal:

My inaugural zip envelope contain Ellen Hovde and Albert Maysles’ Grey Gardens, the reality-TV precursor (but so much more) about Big & Little Edie, Jackie O’s aunt and cousin who live in filthy seclusion on Long Island. I watched it twice in one week and I can’t see how anyone wouldn’t want to the same. Some other before-my-time films that I’m also kind of embarrassed to say was my first time around (but at least I’m doing it now!): Sidney Lumet’s Dog Day Afternoon, a Bergman duet of Fanny and Alexander and Scenes From a Marriage, Woody Allen’s Manhattan, John Waters’ Desperate Living, Derek Jarman’s Sebastiane and Robert Altman’s 3 Women. I could go on about each and every one, and you’ve likely heard about one or all of them from somebody (or seen them yourselves), but they should all find their way into your DVD player in the future. There’s also a collection of short films by Francois Ozon (called X2000) thats really incredible, and actually contained this short where about a woman giving a blowjob while humming (I won’t ruin the end) that I’d seen in my early teens on Canada’s Friday night “Showcase Revue” that totally stuck with me and I always wondered if the whole thing had been a dream.

Recently, I got mildly obsessed with Kathleen Turner after watching Serial Mom (though this was probably my 5th time) and did a mini-marathon one weekend, watching Prizzi’s Honor, Peggy Sue Got Married, The Accidental Tourist and The War of the Roses… all of which (gasp!), I have never seen. I’m eagerly awaiting Body Heat but realize there is not much beyond this worth viewing (I unfortunately HAVE seen V.I. Warchowski or however you spell it – as a child accidentally – and perhaps this was the reason I avoided Ms. Turner until now).

Either way, if you already have a NetFlix or Zip or whatever, you understand how easy it makes it to organize a list of films you know you SHOULD have seen, and work on your own film education. You can avoid group responses like “You HAVEN’T SEEN that?” at social events, instead actually having something to say. Do it:

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