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Sundance ’08: A Quick Take on “Baghead”,”Flow: For Love of Water”,”Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desire

Sundance '08: A Quick Take on "Baghead","Flow: For Love of Water","Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desire

Ah well, better late than never, here’s my last round of quick takes on some of the films I saw at Sundance:

Jay and Mark Duplass’ “Baghead

The Duplass Brothers return with their latest digital verite film about four struggling LA actors who decide to write their own script so they can get decent roles. “Baghead” offers more of the Duplass’ witty, observational humor about the way twenty-something humans interact while also toying with some surprising genre elements.

Irena Salina’s “Flow: For Love of Water

A terrifying look at how the world’s water supply is in danger of pollution and severe shortage, this film, while a tad conventional in it’s execution, is a must see which will hopefully wake up people to what is going to be the “oil” of the 21st Century.

Marina Zenovich’s “Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired

A very well-edited look at the notorious Roman Polanski sex case that led to the director’s eventual flee from America, the film offers a shocking portrait of how the media impacts the judicial system and how ridiculously unfair Polanski was treated while also not whitewashing the real crime that he did commit.

Sacha Gervasi’s “Anvil: The Story of Anvil

A sweet, funny look at Canadian heavy metal band, Anvil, who unlike their peers, Metallica and Anthrax, didn’t sell a million albums but none-the-less never gave up their pursuit to rock the house. The obvious temptation to make “Anvil” out like real life “Spinal Tap” yo yo’s demeans what are just some normal, working class guys who are good at what they do and refuse to give up their dreams.

Courtney Hunt’s “Frozen River

A unique look at a middle-aged woman living in economically deprived upstate New York who gets caught up in illegal immigrant smuggling, “Frozen River” takes some unbelievable plot turns but works anyway, with a great lead performance by Melissa Leo as she struggles to take care of her children after allying with a Native American woman in the same boat.

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