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SXSW 2008: Spout Interviews

SXSW 2008: Spout Interviews

Spout’s on-top-of-it blogger Karina Longworth has started the admirable job of interviewing various SXSW feature filmmakers in advance of the festival. So far, she’s specifically highlighting some of the smaller indie films that need your attention. They include:

“Never been to a film festival. Many years ago I took a vacation in Austin and spent the majority of the trip at the Austin Film Society, where I saw Satyajit Ray’s Two Daughters at the same theater where my film will be showing. The film’s humanism and structural complexity, combined with its casual intelligence was a watershed moment for me. To be showing my film in that theater is amazing.”
Brandon Linden, from Bootleg, Wisconsin

“Something that the synopsis doesn’t say is that Yeast [pictured, at right] turned out to be a lot funnier than I had originally anticipated. Another thing to know is that it isn’t a study in realism, or the way people ‘really’ behave. It is more hyper-realism. We were interested in telling the story from the inside-out. Showing on the outside what the character is feeling on the outside. I find this more interesting than dialog about how characters feel. For example, sometimes you may be so frustrated at someone you wish you could just hit that person in the face. In real life you don’t, but you might say ‘You know, you are like, kind of being a little bit annoying right now.’ In this movie you would actually hit the person.”
Mary Bronstein, from Yeast

“I wait tables. Have been ever since I started making films; needed a restaurant for my first film. This was 1999, and no one would let me shoot at their places, weeks of [trying] umpteen restaurants a day and most of the movie was in a restaurant. So I got a job at a Bakers Square, buttered up the manager and we shot there. Met a guy there I still work with film-wise to this day. Never got out of the black-hole of cash-in-hand. Work at a nicer place now. And, yes I shot some of Present Company there. Slowly working out of it though, just landed my first a part-time teaching thing at a junior college. It’ll be a loss though, I’m seriously like the best waiter ever.”
Frank V. Ross, from Present Company

Stay tuned to Spout, for more upcoming SXSW previews. And, thanks to Karina for helping spread the word.

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