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Slammin’ on Mom’s Day

Slammin' on Mom's Day

This past Sunday’s installment of Enzian’s monthly FilmSlam had the misfortune of falling on Mother’s Day, but a healthy turnout of film lovers and local filmmakers still showed up and made their Moms proud–hopefully they also took them to brunch before or after the 1:00 show or treated for something tasty at the theater. Congratulations to Jose Zambrano Cassella, director of MINA, about a 12-year-old girl with a dark secret, for scoring big with the audience and winning 1st Place and an automatic bye into December’s Brouhaha Film & Video Showcase. Kudos also go out to 2nd Place winners C. Velasco, N. Saati, and S. Robinson for their humorous take on neighborhood politics, JOSEPH HUNTER FOR SPRINKLER CONTROL, and Gerald J. Godbout III’s 3rd Place winner about a babysitter and a little boy’s imaginary friend, IN THE DARK.

A job well done to all the filmmakers, with an impressive total of 8 films combining for an eclectic mix of themes and styles that kept the audience on their toes. Keep ’em coming…FilmSlam # 6 is just around the corner (June 8).


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