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Ten Avengers Characters Who Should Be in the Movie (But Probably Won’t)

Ten Avengers Characters Who Should Be in the Movie (But Probably Won’t)

By Christopher Campbell

Now that we’re sure there’s an Avengers movie on the way, and that it will be tied into the movies “Iron Man,” “Iron Man 2,” “Thor,” “Ant-Man” and “Captain America” (full title: “The First Avenger: Captain America”), it’s time to begin speculating on what other characters will be cast to fill out the team’s roster.

In addition to the four characters starring in their own preceding titles, as well as cameo-man Nick Fury, there’s a good chance we’ll see Vision and Black Widow rounding out an even six team members. Yet I speculate on the basis that I haven’t picked up an issue of any Avengers title in at least a decade.

Still, I’m excited about the film and have hopes of seeing at least one of my favorite, deserving superheroes end up on the big screen in “The Avengers” since none of them will likely get their own movie. Plus, a bunch of them allow for more Marvel movie tie-ins. So, I ask that Marvel Studios feature a lucky seven teammates and showcase at least one of the following come 2011:

1. Ms. Marvel – Neither a favorite nor too familiar a character for me, but seeing as comic book movies are so lacking in female superheroines these days, I feel “The Avengers” needs at least one other woman besides Black Widow. And as a bonus, there could be a post credits cameo from Anna Paquin, as “X-Men’s” Rogue. Then, if there’s ever an “X-Men 4,” or if Rogue gets to appear in a Gambit movie — or god forbid her own solo release — the girl could finally fly (at Ms. Marvel’s expense, of course).

2. Hawkeye – Back when I was reading comics, Hawkeye was on the West Coast Avengers team, but there’s no reason he couldn’t be back in New York for the movie. At least let him cameo in order to refer to the existence of the other team, which would never get its own film. I feel “Iron Man” already (unintentionally) hints at the importance of Hawkeye when the terrorist Raza mentions the historical significance of the bow and arrow, so why not write the archer in? Oh, and don’t dare change the colors of his costume. It’s one of my favorite superhero color schemes of all time.

3. Quicksilver – Who wouldn’t like to see this speedy character in a movie? Or multiple movies? I’m not sure if “X-Men Origins: Magneto” will be out prior to “The Avengers,” but there’s a great opportunity to introduce Magneto’s kids in that movie, with a possible post credits cameo from the kids all grown up. One of which will be Quicksilver, dressed in his blue uniform with the sash-like lightning bolt, played by whoever will play him in “The Avengers.”

4. Scarlet Witch – Of course, if you’re going to have Quicksilver, you must also have his twin sister. And she too would be introduced first in the Magneto movie.

5. Black Panther – Seeing as how John Singleton can’t get his Black Panther movie greenlit, perhaps we need to see the African superhero in a team-based film first and later receive his solo outing. Hopefully Marvel and Paramount don’t think they’ve already sufficiently filled their black quota for the film with Nick Fury.

6. The Wasp – Though I never paid much attention to her, The Wasp has been around since the inception of the Avengers and so she should probably get a role in the movie. We could certainly use more ladies in the mix, even if they are miniature. Of course, unless she lands a significant part in the Ant-Man film (which might actually come after “The Avengers”), it could easily be argued that one small superhero is enough.

7. The Hulk – It’s possible that Marvel is already planning to involve the Hulk in the Avengers movie, especially since this summer’s The Incredible Hulk is rumored to be tied-in with a cameo from Tony Stark/Iron Man. Yet despite the character’s involvement in the founding of “The Avengers,” the Hulk is a little too overpowering for a team-based movie, especially in his giant, CG-rendered motion picture form. Perhaps a cameo would be nice, though, if Universal allows it.

8. Namor (Sub-Mariner) – Another character who is set to receive his own film, which just doesn’t seem to be on the fast track of late. Introduce him in “The Avengers” and then spin him off into oceanic adventures by his lonesome.

9. Moondragon – I’m not too familiar with this character, but in case I didn’t make it clear: WE NEED MORE LADIES. But why Moondragon over Tigra, She-Hulk, Spider-Woman or any other superheroine? Because bald women are super sexy in science fiction and comic book movies (see “Star Trek: The Motion Picture”; “Alien³”; “V for Vendetta”).

10. Beast – Sure, we already saw him in action in “X-Men: The Last Stand,” but we could do with more continuity tie-ins, right? If Kelsey Grammar would be interested, Marvel should consider featuring the blue-furred mutant in his second team-based movie.

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