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The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

I’m back in Montreal, lying near comatose on my couch trying to not fall sleep to avoid letting this jetlag get out of hand. My plan to not sleep last night so I would on the plane backfired. My seat was on the aisle in a 3 seat row. The people next to me were an elderly Quebecois couple, the husband of which was obviously suffering from a severely dehabilitating condition. It resulted in being woken up about 10 times so that his wife could help him out of his chair and to the bathroom, and many other times by noises he made that seemed to suggest some sort of physical pain. I asked if I could take the window to avoid disturbing their need to get up, and she told me that he likes the window, which is fair enough, but also put me in that horrible state of no sleep in 20 hours + 2 advil PMs and no possibility of sleeping.

Its obviously not their fault, and I certainly was not annoyed at them specifically, if anything was deeply empathetic. But I was feeling annoyed in general, and was specifically annoyed at the airline for continuing to shit all over their movie selection. They one upped their showing of P.S. I Love You on the way down with The Bucket List, which was the last thing I wanted to see. It probably seemed even worse considering I was sitting next to someone that was actually facing death, and I kept thinking about intense it must be for his wife, and himself, to deal with that. And then I watch Rob Reiner‘s horribly misrepresentative schmaltzfest that disrespects those actually going through cancer or any other life threatening disease. And thats only from the half hour I watched before deciding that sitting in silence was more entertaining.

Anyway.. unrelated (although it does technically relate to both Montreal – it was shot here last summer, and death – its about a man aging backwards), I found the Spanish trailer for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button in an aimless three hour youtube fest to try and keep me awake. It looks like it has some serious potential. Though the trailer is pretty much dialogue-less, its visually stunning and Brad Pitt looks like he went through the quite the transformation.

This might also be my only entry for a few days while I try to readjust to Eastern Standard Time and a life in which the Mediterranean Sea isn’t a 5 minute walk away.

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