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Duck, You Sucker

Duck, You Sucker

At a recent high school baseball game in northeast Georgia, a pitcher and catcher (apparently) hatched a plan to drill an umpire in the face with a fast ball: Catcher ducked, controversy hit

Let’s go to the videotape…

Key to the AJC article by Ken Sugiura and Todd Holcomb is the fact that their plot was caught on tape:

“In nearly any other high school contest, the incident might have been stuck in a quagmire of conflicting interpretations of what had happened.

However, it happened in one of the few high school baseball games that was professionally recorded. “

Welcome to Rashomon, 2008.

Thanks to a professional videotape, and the ability to make content immediately available to anyone with an iPhone, or access to the World Wide Web, we are all imbued with the ability to judge for ourselves.

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