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Video Dubbing Almost Derails R. Kelly Trial

Video Dubbing Almost Derails R. Kelly Trial

Maybe some day, celebrity sex tapes will be shot in HD, to avoid this kind of proceeding: The R. Kelly trial hit a snag because of poor quality dubbing. From Rolling Stone‘s Rock Daily Blog:

…a VHS-to-DVD transfer of the sex tape almost threatened to mistrial the case, as the transfer resulted in a lower-quality DVD than the original tape. The defense used the inferior DVD when questioning video experts and might explain why those witnesses were unable to see Kelly’s infamous mole. The defense also appealed to the judge yesterday that they didn’t want the sex tape to go into the jury room during deliberations because “The tape can break. It can erase.” In actuality, the defense just doesn’t want the jury watching and re-watching the tape, comparing the man to Kelly and watching for his mole. To appease the defense’s fears, the judge anointed one of the sheriff’s deputies to be in charge of the VCR who will play, rewind and pause while making sure the original, top-quality VHS doesn’t break or erase.

UPDATE: R. Kelly has since been acquitted on all charges. The world waits to see what he does next…

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