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Guns and Poses

Guns and Poses

A few months ago, I bid on a unique item at the Atlanta Contemporary‘s silent auction: a gun lesson with photographer (and gun enthusiast) Nancy Floyd, whose book “She’s Got a Gun” foregrounded the issue of women and guns when Sarah Palin…

…was little more than an inexperienced small town mayor, and not the well-spoken, internationally accomplished world leader she has fast become. That she’s adapting to the role of heir apparent to Ronald Reagan with such a “aw shucks” humility makes W’s own Texas affectations seem downright calculated. I’m especially amazed that Palin, in such a short amount of time, has developed the skill of framing complex political thoughts, and nuanced arguments into (wink) down home language for everyday people.

But I digress…

So, before we headed off to the range, a few things. First–a stop by Starbucks. I need to load up and be alrert!

My idea of a six-shooter:

Venti Starbucks Doubleshot on ice (add shot!) = 6 shots of espresso, touch of classic syrup, dash of nonfat milk

A real six-shooter:

Safety First: Unloaded

Before heading to the range, we discuss gun etiquette, gun safety basics, and review technique (no sideways gangsta gun pointing)…don’t put finger on the trigger until you are ready to fire, never point the barrel at anyone or anything you aren’t intending to shoot…and NO PLAYING CHRISTOPHER WALKEN IN DEAR HUNTER. (Not even if you make a cowbell joke.)

Iron, man

Nancy displays gun control

I strike a pose

…and then we’re off!

Home on the Range

Welcome to Target

Clipping paper targets–Nancy is adamant about not shooting at human targets

Others in the range are not:

My first go with the six-shooter, .38 special revolver

Getting loaded

You’re fired!

Hey Mikey, he likes it!

A few more rounds with the revolver before moving onto the Semi-Automatic Glock!
(correction: Para-Ordnance. A Canadian firearm, you betcha! I wanted it to be a Glock so I could be like R. Lee Ermy…)


Between the two, I definitely preferred the Glock. Like my main Metal Jacket man R. Lee Ermy:

Thoughts on the Range
I emptied my box of ammo–squeezed off a few more rounds, and that was pretty much it for me.

Nancy stuck around for a few more rounds!

I enjoyed aspects of shooting. But after blowing up the target, I had my fill. To me, it was a lot like bowling. I’m usually good for a game, then midway through the second game, I’m spent. All gutter balls.

This link between guns and bowling has been explored elsewhere. Maybe there really is something to it

My grandfather was an avid hunter. He would have been happy to know I took a trip to the range, if only to shoot handguns.

I am not afraid of guns. I respect them. I respect guns so much that I live in fear because of how many folks actually pack heat; Georgia has some of the most liberal carrying laws around. It is truly disturbing, and I believe it speaks to a more serious societal problem.

Parting Shots (get it?)
So, the other thing that disturbs me is how gun nuts are automatically assumed to be right wing. It doesn’t help when the range posts things like this:

Noteworthy: The Bin Laden target is still in stock; the Saddam target is sold out

and this bit of Anti-Obama Propaganda:

But there were Signs of Hope.

This car in the parking lot:

And the fact that even though I’m right handed…I found that when I shot the gun with my Right hand, I was all over the fucking chart:

But when I went to the Left (as seen in the video clip above), my aim was true:

Nice grouping!!!!

Lesson: When it comes to guns, the left is right!

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