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Therein Lies The Rib

Therein Lies The Rib

So, after several days of varying degrees of discomfort and pain, I decided to get a professional opinion about my Sundance black-ice bruising. My right side has been killing me, and I assumed it was a bruised rib. Not much you can do about that, so I proceeded to consume pain relievers to help with the aching. It did the trick, until I felt something in my side pop, while riding in a car. My colleague Dana drove me to the local clinic in Park City. Of course the first question was, “were you skiing?” “No, I fell down on the street from walking.”

The doctor took some X-rays, and within a few minutes, I learned my diagnosis: a fractured rib. Not much to be done, just wear an elastic band around my torso (which feels like a girdle) and get some painkillers (party in the condo!). Here’s the “funny” part: So, the Park City clinic wouldn’t accept any out-of-state insurance plans, so I had to pay the whole sum upon my departure. $522. I was like “excuse me, what?” Turns out the visit and X-rays cost $300 and the “fractured rib treatment” cost $222. “Treatment?” All they did was tell me my rib was fractured, and prescribed some drugs. There was no real treatment, per se. Basically, I was charged 200 bucks because something was wrong. If my rib was fine, it would have been the $300, total. “If your rib was broken, it would have cost more,” the reception told me. Oh, well, then I guess I’m glad it’s just fractured.

We went to dinner, and then the Filmmaker Lodge on Main Street. After a few minutes trying to dodge elbows in a crowded space, Dana discovered Tedevan Kurzweil, a sorta kinda famous healer from New York City. Tedevan (I’m sure he was born “Ted Evan”) had made an attempt to heal my bruises when we ran into him a week ago after my accident occurred. With a laugh, Dana couldn’t pass up an opportunity to have Tedevan attempt a second healing, now that my condition had grown worse. Tedevan spent 15 minutes performing some sort of ceremony on my torso, much to the amusement of friends and strangers nearby. After about 15 minutes, Tedevan completed the healing and collected his gratuity. My rib, however, is still fractured.

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