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June ’09: In Theaters

June '09: In Theaters

The following is a list of upcoming theatrical releases for the month of June. It is subject to change, and will be updated regularly as information becomes available. If you have news on an upcoming release that should be featured here, or in future editions, don’t hesitate to contact us at editors@indiewire.com.

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June 3, 2009

Unmistaken Child (Oscilloscope), Israel
Dir: Nati Baratz
Writer: Nati Baratzl, Ilil Alexander, Ron Goldman
Synopsis: The Buddhist concept of reincarnation, while both mysterious and enchanting, is hard for most westerners to grasp. “Unmistaken Child” follows the 4-year search for the reincarnation of Lama Konchog, a world-renowned Tibetan master who passed away in 2001 at age 84. The Dalai Lama charges the deceased monk’s devoted disciple, Tenzin Zopa (who had been in his service since the age of seven), to search for his master’s reincarnation.

June 5, 2009

Away We Go (Focus), US
Director: Sam Mendes
Writer: Dave Eggers, Vendela Vida
With: John Krasinski, Maya Rudolph, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Jeff Daniels, Catherine O’Hara
Synopsis: “It’s about a young couple about to give birth to their first child and they don’t like where they’re living so they embark on a journey across country to decide where they are going to give birth,” Mendes told indieWIRE in an interview. “It’s a, you know, comedy-drama, dramatic comedy, whatever you want to call it. It’s not an out and out, thigh-slapping laugh gag fest, but it’s funny. I was just utterly won over by the charm of the script. And I wanted to make something small and life-enhancing and joyful on some level. Because to me, as much as I love and admire Yates, Yates is not how I think about the world. I believe in his vision, but my mood is much closer to the movie that I’ve just made. It just has a life force in it. A sort of effervescence. I mean I’m an optimist, not a pessimist. I’m not a depressive. But I’m drawn to dark material and I thought it was about time I did something that wasn’t so dark.”

Seraphine (Music Box Films), France
Director: Martin Provost
Writer: Marc Abdelnour, Martin Provost
With: Yolande Moreau, Ulrich Tukur
Synopsis: “Seraphine” recounts the tragic story of French naïve painter Séraphine Louis aka Séraphine de Senlis (1864-1942), a humble servant who becomes a gifted self-taught painter. Discovered by prominent critic and collector William Uhde, she came to prominence between the wars grouped with other naïve painters like Henri Rouseau only to descend into madness and obscurity with the onset of the Great Depression and World War II. [Synopsis courtesy of Music Box Films]
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A scene from Francis Ford Coppola’s “Tetro.”

June 11, 2009

Tetro (American Zoetrope), U.S.
Director: Francis Ford Coppola
Writer: Francis Ford Coppola
With: Vincent Gallo, Maribel Verdú
Synopsis: Fresh faced and naïve, 17-year-old Bennie arrives in Buenos Aires to search for his older brother who has been missing for more than a decade. The family had emigrated from Italy to Argentina, but with the great musical success of their father Carlo, an acclaimed symphony conductor, the family moved from Argentina to New York. When Bennie finds his brother, the volatile and melancholy poet Tetro, he is not at all what he expected. In the course of staying with Tetro and his girlfriend Miranda, the two brothers grapple with the haunting experiences of their shared past.

June 12, 2009

Moon (Sony Classics), U.K.
Director: Duncan Jones
Writer: Duncan Jones, Nathan Parker
With: Sam Rockwell
Synopsis: Astronaut Sam Bell has a quintessentially personal encounter toward the end of his three-year stint on the Moon, where he, working alongside his computer, GERTY, sends back to Earth parcels of a resource that has helped diminish our planet’s power problems.
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Dead Snow (IFC), Norway
Director: Tommy Wirkola
Writer: Stig Frode Henriksen, Tommy Wirkola
With: Charlotte Frogner, Orjan Gamst
Synopsis: Campy horror flick about a group of medical students whose ski trip takes a gruesome turn when they come under siege from Nazi zombies.
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Food, Inc. (Magnolia), U.S.
Director: Robert Kenner
Synopsis: Documentary about the American food industry.
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Sex Positive (Regent), U.S.
Director: Daryl Wein
Synopsis: “Sex Positive” explores the life of Richard Berkowitz, a revolutionary gay S&M- hustler-turned-AIDS activist in the 1980s, whose incomparable contribution to the invention of safe sex has never been aptly credited. Berkowitz emerged from the epicenter of the epidemic as a community leader, demanding a solution to the problem before anyone else would pay attention. However, it was not Berkowitz’ voice alone that sparked contention. Dr. Joseph Sonnabend, a controversial virologist and AIDS doctor, postulated that AIDS was more complicated than just a new virus. With Sonnabend’s theory in tow, Berkowitz fought, alongside beloved activist and musician Michael Callen, for safer sex practices without giving up on sex altogether. [Synopsis courtesy of film’s official website]
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June 19, 2009

Whatever Works (Sony Classics)
Director: Woody Allen
Writer: Woody Allen
With: Larry David, Evan Rachel Wood, Patricia Clarkson, Ed Begley
Synopsis: The film is a dark comedy starring Larry David as an eccentric man from Greenwich Village who gets caught up in a series of love stories which get him in tangled up with a young girl from the south (Evan Rachel Wood) and her parents. The movie was filmed in New York City, marking Allen’s return to that city after a four-film sojourn to Europe.
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A scene from Woody Allen’s “Whatever Works.” Image courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics.

$9.99 (Regent), Israel
Dir: Tatia Rosenthal
Writer: Etgar Keret, Tatia Rosenthal
With: Geoffrey Rush, Anthony LaPaglia, Samuel Johnson, Claudia Karvan
Synopsis: Based on the Short Stories of Etgar Keret, $9.99 is a stop motion animated feature which offers slightly less than $10 worth about the meaning of life. [Synopsis courtesy of Regent Releasing]
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June 26, 2009

Fireflies in the Garden (Senator), U.S.
Director: Dennis Lee
Writer: Dennis Lee
With: Willem Dafoe, Ryan Reynolds, Emily Watson, Carrie-Anne Moss, Julia Roberts
Synopsis: The semi-autobiographical story centers on the complexities of love and commitment in a family torn apart when faced by an unexpected tragedy. The film jumps back and forth between 20 years ago and the present. The family includes domineering father Charles (Willem Dafoe), mother Lisa (Julia Roberts), son Michael ( young: Cayden Boyd; adult: Ryan Reynolds ), daughter Ryne (Shannon Lucio), Lisa’s much younger sister Jane ( young: Hayden Panettiere; adult: Emily Watson ), Jane’s son Christopher (Chase Ellison) and Jane’s daughter Leslie (Brooklyn Proulx) and Michael’s ex-wife Kelly Hanson (Carrie-Anne Moss).
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Cheri (Miramax), U.K.
Director: Stephen Frears
Writer: Christopher Hampton
With: Michelle Pfeiffer, Kathy Bates
Synopsis: It is turn of the century in Belle Epoque Paris and a scandalous romp is underfoot. The sensational tale begins as the ravishing Lea (Michelle Pfeiffer) contemplates retirement from her renowned stature as Paris’s most envied seductress to the rich and famous. Her plans are cut short when she is approached by a former courtesan and arch rival, the barb-throwing gossip Charlotte Peloux (Kathy Bates), who encourages Lea to teach her disaffected 19 year-old son – a bon vivant nicknamed “Cheri” (Rupert Friend) – a thing or two about women. The resulting escapades involve power struggles over sex, money, age and society – and, unexpectedly, love itself – as a boy who refuses to grow up collides with a woman who realizes she cannot stay young forever. [Synopsis courtesy of Miramax]
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The Girl From Monaco (Magnolia), France
Director: Anne Fontaine
Writer: Anne Fontaine, Benoît Graffin
With: Fabrice Luchini, Roschdy Zem
Synopsis: Romance about a lawyer and the younger weather girl who may or may not be falling for him.
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The Hurt Locker (Summit), U.S.
Director: Kathryn Bigelow
Writer: Mark Boal
With: Jeremy Renner, Guy Pearce, Ralph Fiennes
Synopsis: A portrayal of elite soldiers who have one of the most dangerous jobs in the world: disarming bombs in the heat of combat. When a new sergeant, James, takes over a highly trained bomb disposal team amidst violent conflict, he surprises his two subordinates, Sanborn and Eldridge, by recklessly plunging them into a deadly game of urban combat. James behaves as if he’s indifferent to death. As the men struggle to control their wild new leader, the city explodes into chaos, and James’ true character reveals itself in a way that will change each man forever.
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Paris (IFC), France
Director: Cédric Klapisch
Writer: Cédric Klapisch
With: Juliette Binoche, Romain Duris
Synopsis: While waiting for a heart transplant, Pierre (Romain Duris) has his world invaded by his sister Elise (Juliette Binoche) and her three children. The growing awareness of his impending mortality, as well as the re-discovery of his sister and her life, gives Pierre a very different sense of how he might spend the time still left to him. The young man observes Paris and its people with a new outlook, learning to cherish even the smallest details and everyday things. Meanwhile, a respected professor (Fabrice Luchini) hopes for one more great romance in his life, while a vendor at an open-air market (Albert Dupontel) wonders what life is left for him now that he’s split from his wife. [Synopsis courtesy of IFC Films]

Surveillance (Magnolia), U.S.
Director: Jennifer Chambers Lynch
Writer: Jennifer Chambers Lynch, Kent Harper
With: Julia Ormond, Bill Pullman
Synopsis: Thriller about FBI agents on the trail of a serial killer.
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