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Thessaloniki To Turn 50 With Herzog

Thessaloniki To Turn 50 With Herzog

Director Werner Herzog has been announced as the subject of the Retrospective at the forthcoming Thessaloniki International Film Festival, which this year celebrates its 50th anniversary. Herzog will attend the Festival to present his films, conduct a Master Class, and will be honored with the fest’s Golden Alexander Award for “his contribution to the art of cinema.”

The full Retrospective, organized in collaboration with the Goethe Institute in Greece, will showcase all of Herzog’s films, including the filmmaker’s fiction and documentary shorts and features, as well as projects made especially for television. Accompanying the Herzog Retrospective, a bilingual (Greek and English) monograph of the filmmakers’ work will be presented by the Festival.

“Werner Herzog’s presence during the 50th Thessaloniki International Film Festival is absolutely in tune with the spirit of the anniversary event,” said Festival Director Despina Mouzaki in a statement. “The Festival’s dedication to supporting the innovative and fresh voices of filmmaking, one of which Herzog remains despite his long career, is as unflinching as his own commitment to his art.”

Herzog’s first fiction feature, “Signs of Life” (1968) was actually shot in Greece, on the island of Kos, when Herzog was 24 years old; the film won him a Silver Bear at the 1968 Berlin film festival for best first film.

The films screening in the retrospective are as follows:


Signs of Life, 1968, 87 min, West Germany
Even Dwarves Started Small, 1970, 96 min, West Germany
Aguirre, the Wrath of God, 1972, 93 min, Mexico / Peru / West Germany
The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser – Every Man for Himself and God Against All, 1974, 109 min, West Germany
Heart of Glass, 1976, 97 min, West Germany
Stroszek, 1976, 108 min, West Germany
Nosferatu, 1978, 103 min, France / West Germany
Woyzeck, 1979, 81 min, West Germany
Fitzcarraldo, 1982, 157 min, Peru / West Germany
Where the Green Ants Dream, 1984, 100 min, Australia / West Germany
Cobra Verde, 1987, 110 min, Ghana / West Germany
Scream of Stone, 1991, 105 min, Belgium / Canada / France / Germany
Invincible, 2001, 158 min, Germany / Ireland / UK / USA
Rescue Dawn, 2006, 126 min, USA


Herakles, 1962, 12 min, West Germany
The Unprecedented Defence Of The Fortress Deutschkreuz, 1966, 15 min, West Germany
Last Words, 1967, 13 min, West Germany
The Flying Doctors of East Africa, 1969, 45 min, West Germany
Precautions Against Fanatics, 1969, 12 min, West Germany
Fata Morgana, 1970, 79 min, West Germany
Handicapped Future, 1971, 43 min, West Germany
Land of Silence and Darkness, 1971, 85 min, West Germany
The Great Ecstasy of Woodcarver Steiner, 1973, 47 min, West Germany
How Much Wood Would a Woodchuck Chuck, 1976, 45 min, West Germany
No One Will Play With Me, 1976, 14 min, West Germany
La Soufriere, 1977, 31 min, West Germany
God’s Angry Man, 1980, 44 min, English, West Germany
Huie’s Sermon, 1980, 43 min, West Germany
Ballad of the Little Soldier, co-directed with Denis Reichle, 1984, 45 min, West Germany
Gasherbrum – The Dark Glow of the Mountains, 1984, 45 min, West Germany
Portrait Werner Herzog, 1986, 30 min, West Germany
Wodaabe – Herdsmen of the Sun, 1989, 52 min, France / West Germany
Echoes from A Sombre Empire, 1990, 93 min, France / Germany
Lessons of Darkness, 1992, 52 minutes, France / Germany / UK
Bells from the Deep, 1993, 60 min, Germany / USA
Little Dieter Needs to Fly, 1997, 80 min, France / Germany / UK
My Best Fiend, 1999, 95 min, Finland / Germany / UK / USA
Wings of Hope, 1999, 70 min, Germany
Pilgrimage, 2001, 18 min, UK
Wheel of Time, 2003, 80 min, Germany
The White Diamond, 2004, 87 min, Germany
Grizzly Man, 2005, 104 min, USA
The Wild Blue Yonder, 2005, 81 min, France / Germany / UK / USA
Encounters at the End of the World, 2007, 99 min, USA


The French as Seen by… – Episode: Les Gauloises, 1988, 12 min, France
Giovanna d’ Arco, co-directed with Keith Cheetham, 1989, 127 min, Italy / UK
Film Lesson 1- 4, 1990, 240 min, Germany
Jag Mandir, 1991, 85 min, Germany
The Transformation of the World Into Music, 1994, 90 min, Germany
Gesualdo – Death for Five Voices, 1995, 60 min, Germany
2000 Years of Christianity – Episode: Christ and Demons in New Spain, 1999, 44 min, Germany

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