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Dear Emmy Awards,

Dear Emmy Awards,

I know its completely pointless requesting much of you, but I know your voting period is around now, and there’s a bunch of shows and performances that really deserve your love. I know “Two and Half Men” and “Boston Legal” and that show with Tony Shaloub are all still on the air, but I’d really appreciate if you ignored them this year, and miraculously became just. You’re just a hop, skip and a job away from being as poorly chosen as the Grammys, if that’s any incentive.

Now, I don’t watch television like I used to (aka regularly), and there are many shows friends of mine would include in such a request – Battlestar Galactica, The Shield, Rescue Me, Lost and Big Love being the major ones off the top of my head. So think about those too. But I definitely have some suggestions of my own. So here’s nine pleas:

1. ‘Friday Night Lights’ for best dramatic series. “In Treatment” and “Mad Men” – arguably the two best shows on television – already have decent shots, but I’m very doubtful you’ll nominate “Lights,” which despite being on network television, has provided us with a remarkably poignant and soulful third season. I still don’t understand what a “down” is, but I watched the entire season in a week and was totally compelled anyway.

2. Every female cast member of ‘Mad Men’ January Jones. Christina Hendricks. Elisabeth Moss. I don’t care what category you put them in, but make up for your grave error last year and check off all of their names. Especially Jones, who took on an enormously complex role this season and totally nailed it.

3. Get crazy with the comedy series category. I know y’all like network television, and go for it with “30 Rock” and “The Office,” but beyond that, please try something new. And if you go to the cable networks, don’t just automatically check off “Entourage.” It sucked last season. “South Park” is the best comedy series on television, in my opinion. And while it may or may not be eligible because its animated, here’s three other options that I DARE you to vote for instead something on CBS: “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia,” “Flight of the Conchords,” and “Eastbound & Down.”

4. Every female cast member of ‘In Treatment’ Allison Pill. Hope Davis. Diane Wiest. And I’ll give Pill that “especially.” Her performances can break your heart in a slight facial expression.

5. Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin are not the only people on 30 Rock. Tracy Morgan, Jack McBrayer, Jane Krakowski. For a show you seem to like rather excessively, you keep ignoring keys to its success for Jon Cryer and Holland Taylor.

6. Not quite every female cast member of ‘Friday Night Lights,’ but definitely Connie Britton and Adrianne Palicki. Ooh.. and Janine Turner for guest actress.

7. Jim Parsons. Not Charlie Sheen.

8. None of the female cast members of ‘Grey’s Anatomy. I swear to god, if someone from this show shows up at the expense of any of the eight women I mentioned… So here’s a little reminder because I know their names aren’t quite as well-known as Katherine Heigl’s: January Jones. Christina Hendricks. Elisabeth Moss. Allison Pill. Hope Davis. Diane Wiest. Connie Britton. Adrianne Palicki. Make it happen. And while you’re add it, vote in most of the male cast members of those shows too.

9. Leighton Meester. She’s no Lauren Graham or Sarah Michelle Gellar, but force of habit makes me feel like I need to stand up for somebody on the CW, the network (or, historically, networks) you seem to be unaware exists. And even though “Gossip Girl”‘s second season was ridiculously uneven, Meester’s Blair Waldorf always rises above her ridiculous storylines to give us television’s most enjoyable hardcore bitch.

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