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Tarantino Tweaking Basterds, Says Weinstein

Tarantino Tweaking Basterds, Says Weinstein

My initial story was correct: Quentin Tarantino is not cutting the shit out of Inglourious Basterds. GQ grills Harvey Weinstein about the final cut:

GQ: So the stories about him being asked to cut 40 minutes out of the movie aren’t true?

HW: Those stories are all untrue. There‚Äôs no fucking way. Here, read my lips: That is nuts. Please don‚Äôt even write that, it‚Äôs insanity. There‚Äôs not even a question of that. Whatever you‚Äôre reading, it‚Äôs like some insane blogger‚Ķ There‚Äôs no truth to any of this. He‚Äôs not gonna cut. What he‚Äôs doing is just reorganizing some scenes. I mean, the guy had six weeks to cut his movie [for Cannes]; most guys take six months. Most guys take a year. When I worked with Martin [Scorsese], we‚Äôd do eighteen months in post-production. Quentin Tarantino cuts a movie in six weeks? Come on, there‚Äôs shit on that cutting-room floor that‚Äôll blow your brains out. I was telling Quentin the opposite‚Äî”You should put that shit back in the movie.” There‚Äôs scenes with Brad Pitt and the Basterds, and I‚Äôm praying he puts that shit back in, ‚Äòcause it‚Äôs un-fucking-believably great. Listen‚Äîthis movie will be between two hours and twenty minutes and two hours and twenty-seven minutes. I don‚Äôt think it‚Äôs going to be shorter‚Äîit‚Äôs just a question of rearranging. I know he‚Äôs putting footage back into the movie. I know he‚Äôs got some cool shit that he didn‚Äôt get time to address.

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