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116 Films for IFP’s Project Forum

116 Films for IFP's Project Forum

A new movie directed by Jodie Foster, entitled “Cockeyed,” Todd Rohal’s “Scoutmasters,” produced by Lisa Muskat, and Fred Schepisi’s “The Secret River” are just three of the new narrative projects highlighted by the IFP for the upcoming Independent Film Week. Among the documentaries singled out are “Earth Camp One” by “Paris is Burning” director Jennie Livingston, “Fame High” by “The Garden” director Scott Hamilton Kennedy, and “Hungry in America” by Kristi Jacobson (“Toots”) & Lori Silverbush (“On The Outs”), produced by Julie Goldman, and executive produced by Ryan Harrington, Tom Colicchio, and Mario Batali.

Formerly known as the IFP Market, the invitation only Project Forum of IFP’s Independent Film Week will present some 116 projects this year, September 19 – 24, 2009 in New York City, at the organization’s 31st annual event. This year, the IFP has formed alliances with Sundance Institute, B-side and The Britdoc Foundation’s Good Pitch.

The lineup for the the event is broken down into three sections, as described by IFP: Emerging Narrative (for first-time feature directors currently in post seeking representation, completion funding, and festival invitations), No Borders International Co-Production Market (for producers with partial financing seeking additional partners), and Spotlight on Documentaries (for filmmakers in production, post, or with a completed film seeking financing partners, broadcast/distribution, and festival invitations).

Sundance served as the sole gateway for projects selected for the No Borders International Co-Production Market, showcasing films from the 2009 Sundance Directors Lab and the Sundance Creative Producing Initiative. B-Side is building the back-end site for project information and footage that will be available for registered attendees and, after events at the Hot Docs and Silver Docs festivals earlier this year, The Good Pitch will present a day-long pitch session for a roster of projects that are still to be announced.

“IFP’s niche has always been the presentation of projects in development,” said IFP executive director Michelle Byrd, in a statement. “We’re really pleased to extend the efficiency of Independent Film Week to play host to a new strategic partner in The Good Pitch, and to greatly expand our decades-long collaborative relationship with the Sundance Institute. And with the support of B-Side, we will dramatically increase our technical proficiency and tools.”

Ten titles are on tap for the Emerging Narrative section, 27 in No Borders, and 79 projects in the Spotlight on Documentaries section.

— the full lineup for the IFP Project Forum is available on pages two and three —

Emerging Narrative

AU PAIR, KANSAS, written and directed by JT O’Neal, produced by Joan Jerkovich, Catherine A. McCabe & JT O’Neal, starring Traci Lords (ZACK & MIRI MAKE A PORNO, CRYBABY) and Spencer Daniels (THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON)

CITY ON A HILL, directorial debut of actress Amy Seimetz (ALEXANDER THE LAST, WRISTCUTTERS: A LOVE STORY), executive produced by Justin Barber (MEDICINE FOR MELENCHOLY)

THE IMPERIALISTS ARE STILL ALIVE!, written and directed by Zeina Durra, produced Vanessa Hope, starring Élodie Bouchez (THE DREAMLIFE OF ANGELS; SORRY, HATERS)

THE MYTH OF TIME, directed Miller “Jaguar X” Koepenick and produced by Scorpion Hernandez

PERFECTION, the debut feature from actresses Christina Beck (SUBURBIA) and Annette Murphy (STAR MAPS)

PHASMA EX MACHINA, directed by Matt Osterman, produced by Jennifer Kramer

POSTALES, directed by Josh Hyde, produced by Claire Connelly, Dan Fischer, Maxim Holland and PJ Fishwick

STRANGER THINGS, directed and produced by Ron Eyal & Eleanor Burke (Filmmaker Magazine 2009 “25 New Faces”)

THE TESTED, directed by Russell Costanzo, produced by Melissa B. Miller, staring Aunjanue Ellis (“True Blood”), Nathan Corbett (“The Wire”), Tobias Truvillion (BROOKLYN’S FINEST) and Armando Riesco (CHE)

WANDERLOST, directed and produced by David Kabler, produced by Dan Judson and Mitch Rumfelt

No Borders International Co-Production Market

ALL FALL DOWN, written and directed by Jonathan Wysocki, produced by Susan Morris

ARCADIA, written and directed by Olivia Silver, produced by Julien Favre

BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD, written by Lucy Aliba and Behn Zeitlin, directed by Benh Zeitlin, produced by Josh Penn and Dan Janvey

THE CIRCUS, written by Emily Ballou, directed by Emma Freeman, produced Leanne Tonkes

THE CONSEQUENCE, written and directed by Amanda Evans, produced by Keah Bews

COCKEYED, written by Ryan Knighton (adapted from his acclaimed memoir), directed by Academy Award® winning actress Jodie Foster (THE ACCUSED, THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS), produced by Susan Cartsonis (Exec Producer, NO RESERVATIONS) and Jody Hotchkiss

DYING INSIDE, written & directed by Bruno Merle, produced by Cyriac Auriol and Liz Jarvis, with Jennifer Jason Leigh and Emmanuelle Béart attached

FAT, FORTY & FIRED, written by Michael Brindle, produced by Robyn Kershaw

FREE IN DEED, written and directed by Jake Mahaffy (WELLNESS), produced by Noah Harlan (THE VANISHING POINT)

GALLOPING MIND, written & directed & Wim Vandekeybus, produced by Bart Van Langendonck

GRÜSS GOTT, SEÑOR RAMON, written & directed by Jorge Ramirez-Suarez, produced by Dagmar Niehage and Beanca Ramirez-Suarez

LOOK FOR WATER, written by Jennifer Phang & Dominic Mah, directed by Jennifer Phang (HALF-LIFE), produced by Reuben Lim

MONKEY BEACH, written by Johnny Darrell and Andrew Duncan, directed by Sarah Todd, produced by Raj Uppal

MUSICAL CHAIRS, written and directed by Azza Hassan, produced by Meike Martens and Serge Lalou (WALTZ WITH BASHIR)

ONE LAST LOOK, written and directed by Philip Roberts, produced by Dan Jawitz and Tendeka Matatu

OTELO BURNING, written by James Whyle, directed and produced by Sara Blecher

RARE EXPORTS, written and directed by Jalmari Helander (based on his cult favorite short film of the same name), produced by Petri Jokiranta

REFRESH, REFRESH, written and directed by James Ponsoldt (OFF THE BLACK), produced by Scott Macaulay (GUMMO, RAISING VICTOR VARGAS) and Anish Savjani (WENDY & LUCY)

SCOUTMASTERS, written and directed by Todd Rohal (THE GUATEMALAN HANDSHAKE), produced by Lisa Muskat (GEORGE WASHINGTON, CHOP SHOP)

SEA WITCHES, written by Malcolm MacRury, directed by Jon Cassar, produced by Peter Meyboom and Scott Garvie

THE SECRET RIVER, written by Jan Sardi, directed by Fred Schepisi (EMPIRE FALLS, LAST ORDERS, ROXANNE), produced by Mark Ruse and Stephen Luby

THE SKELETON TWINS, written and directed by Craig Johnson (TRUE ADOLESCENTS) and Mark Heyman, produced by Thomas Woodrow (TRUE ADOLESCENTS)

A WALK ON THE BEACH, written by Chris Mander, directed by Luis Mandoki (GABY, WHEN A MAN LOVES A WOMAN), produced by Darren Bender

THE WHITE CIRCUS, written and directed by Clyde Henry (2007 Academy Award nominated short film MADAME TUTLI PUTLI), produced by Melissa Malkin and Marcy Page


— the lineup for the Spotlight on Documentaries section is available on page three —

Spotlight on Documentaries

61 BULLETS, directed and produced by David Modigliani (CRAWFORD), produced by Yvonne Boudreaux

ALL OF ME: A STORY OF LOVE, LOSS AND LAST RESORTS, directed and produced by Alexandra Lescaze, and executive produced by Jim Prugh

BAD BLOOD: A CAUTIONARY TALE, directed and produced by Marilyn Ness

THE BALLAD OF GENESIS AND LADY JAYE, directed by Marie Losier and produced by Elisabeth Pawlowski

BEIJING TAXI, directed and produced by Miao Wang and produced by Ivana Stolkiner

BRING PRESENCE: STORYTIME WITH MURRAY AND PAUL, directed and produced by Edward Marritz

BUDRUS HAS A HAMMER, directed by Julia Bacha (ENCOUNTER POINT), produced by Ronit Avni (ENCOUNTER POINT) and Rula Salameh, and executive produced by Jehane Noujaim (CONTROL ROOM)

THE CANAL STREET MADAM, directed by Cameron Yates and produced by Mridu Chandra (LET THE CHURCH SAY AMEN)

CAPITAL, directed by Maxim Pozdorovkin

CASINO NATION, directed and produced by Terry Jones, Laure Sullivan, and Paul Wilson

CESAR’S LAST FAST, directed by Richard Ray Perez and produced by Molly O’Brien

CHEKHOV FOR CHILDREN, directed and produced by Sasha Waters Freyer

CHOSIN, directed and produced by Brian Iglesias, and produced by Anton Sattler

CIRCO, directed and produced by Aaron Schock, and executive produced by Sally Jo Fifer

COAL RUSH, directed and produced by Lorena Luciano and Filippo Piscopo

DANCE INDIA, directed and produced by Alissa Nicole Creamer and executive produced by John Rubin

DANLAND, directed by Alexandra Berger and produced by Avi Zev Weider

DELTA BOYS, directed by Andrew Berends (BLOOD OF MY BROTHER)

EARTH CAMP ONE, directed by Jennie Livingston (PARIS IS BURNING)

FAMBUL TOK, directed and produced by Sara Terry, produced by Rory Kennedy (GHOSTS OF ABU GHRAIB), and executive produced by Libby Hoffman

FAME HIGH, directed and produced by Scott Hamilton Kennedy (THE GARDEN) and produced by Leilani Makuakane Potter

A FIERCE GREEN FIRE, directed and produced by Mark Kitchell (BERKELEY IN THE SIXTIES)

GIVE UP TOMORROW, directed and produced by Michael Collins, produced by Marty Syjuco, and executive produced by Ramona Diaz (IMELDA)

GROWING SMALL, directed and produced by Jyllian Gunther (PULL OUT) and executive produced by Jack Lechner (THE FOG OF WAR)

HEAVEN + EARTH + JOE DAVIS, directed and produced by Peter Sasowsky

HOT COFFEE, directed by Susan Saladoff and produced by Carly Hugo

HUNGRY IN AMERICA, directed by Kristi Jacobson (TOOTS) and Lori Silverbush (ON THE OUTS), produced by Julie Goldman, and executive produced by Ryan Harrington, Tom Colicchio and Mario Batali

HYPNOTIC, directed by Reuben Atlas, produced by Sam Pollard (4 LITTLE GIRLS) and Jamin Mendelsohn


IN THE MATTER OF CHA JUNG HEE, directed and produced by Deann Borshay Liem (FIRST PERSON PLURAL) and produced by Charlotte Lagarde

AN INTERVIEW WITH SIMONE WEIL, directed and produced by Julia Haslett, and produced by Fabrizia Galvagno

IPUINA KONTATU: THE BASQUE WAY, directed by Emily Lobsenz

JESSICA GONZALES VS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, directed and produced by April Hayes and Katia Maguire

LA MUÑECA FEA (THE UGLY DOLL), directed by Claudia López and George Reyes, produced by Nekisa Cooper and Diane Houslin

LAND OF OPPORTUNITY, directed and produced by Luisa Dantas, produced by Rebecca Snedeker, and executive produced by Wendy Ettinger (THE WAR ROOM; LIONESS) and Judith Helfand (BLUE VINYL)

LEFT BEHIND IN LOUISIANA, directed by Holly Hardman

LEMON, directed and produced by Laura Brownson and Beth Levison (CLASSICAL BABY; EGG the arts show)

THE LIFE AND MIND OF MARK DEFRIEST, directed by Gabriel London and produced by Rebecca Richman Cohen

THE LINOR DOCUMENTARY PROJECT, directed and produced by Cecilia Peck (SHUT UP & SING), produced by Inbal Lessner, and executive produced by Zvi Howard Rosenman (THE CELLULOID CLOSET) and Motty Reif

LOTTE LENYA: THE WIDOW WEILL, directed by Robert Downey (PUTNEY SWOPE, HUGO POOL), produced by Andrew Fierberg (KEANE, SECRETARY) and Max L. Raab


MARMATO, directed by Mark Grieco and produced by Harry Swartz-Turfle

MATCH+: A STORY ABOUT LOVE IN THE TIME OF HIV, directed and produced by Ann S. Kim and Priya Giri Desai

MIRACLE ON THE OHIO: A LOUISVILLE ORCHESTRA STORY, directed and produced by Owsley Brown, III (NIGHT WALTZ), directed by Jerome Hiler, produced by Robin Burke, and executive produced by Gill Holland

MY FAVORITE NEOCONSERVATIVE, directed by Yael Luttwak, produced by Fredrik Carlstrom, executive produced by Wendy Ettinger, Judith Helfand, and Julie Parker Benello

MY SUMMER IN TEHRAN, directed by Justine Shapiro (PROMISES), produced by Marjaneh Moghimi and executive produced by Pamela Boll and Farhad Khosravi


NEW YORK EXPORT: OPUS JAZZ, directed by Henry Joost, Jody Lee Lipes (BROCK ENRIGHT: GOOD TIMES WILL NEVER BE THE SAME; Filmmaker Magazine 2009 “25 New Faces”), and Matt Wolf (WILD COMBINATION), produced by Kyle Martin (WILD COMBINATION) and Sean Suozzi, and executive produced by Ellen Bar

OUR HOUSE, directed and produced by Greg King, and directed by David Teague

PAUL GOODMAN CHANGED MY LIFE, directed and produced by Jonathan S. Lee, associate produced by Bob Hawk

PELADA, directed and produced by Ryan White, directed by Luke Boughen, Rebekah Fergusson, Gwendolyn Oxenham, and executive produced by Ellin Baumel and Francis Gasparini

PIPESTONE, directed and produced by Craig Marsden

THE PLEASURES OF BEING OUT OF STEP, directed and produced by David L. Lewis


PORTRAIT OF WALLY, directed and produced by Andrew Shea (THE CORNDOG MAN), produced by Barbara Morgan and executive produced by David D’Arcy and Lewanne Jones

QUEEN OF THE SUN, directed and produced by Taggart Siegel (THE REAL DIRT ON FARMER JOHN) and produced by Jon Betz

RADIO UNNAMEABLE, directed and produced by Paul Lovelace (THE HOLY MODAL ROUNDERS…BOUND TO LOSE) and Jessica Wolfson, executive produced by Ryan Harrington

REDISCOVERING ALEXANDER HAMILTON, directed by Michael Pack (REDISCOVERING GEORGE WASHINGTON), executive produced by Leo Eaton and Gina Cappo Pack

THE REVOLUTIONARY OPTIMISTS, directed and produced by Maren Grainger-Monsen and Nicole Newnham (THE RAPE OF EUROPA)

THE ROAD TO NASIRIYAH, directed and produced by Marie-Héléne Carleton and Micah Garen, produced by Jedd Wider and Todd Wider (TAXI TO THE DARK SIDE), and executive produced by Greg Carr and Noble Smith (PROTAGONIST)

SAVING HUBBLE, directed and produced by David Gaynes

SEQUEL TO ALWAYS A BRIDESMAID, directed and produced by Nina Davenport (OPERATION FILMMAKER)


THE SINGULARITY, directed and produced by Doug Wolens (WEED; BUTTERFLY), produced by Katherine Lamont

SONS OF PERDITION, directed and produced by Tyler Measom and Jennilyn Merten and executive produced by Julie Goldman, Nick Fraser, Diana Barrett, Julia Parker Benello, Abigail E. Disney, and Wendy Ettinger

SUN COME UP, directed and produced by Jennifer Redfearn, produced by Tim Metzger and executive produced by Abigail E. Disney (PRAY THE DEVIL BACK TO HELL)

TAKEN BY STORM: THE MIND MOVIES OF STORM THORGERSON AND HIPGNOSIS, directed and produced by Roddy Bogawa (JUNK), produced by Chris Brokaw

TEXAS HEART, directed and produced by Treva Wurmfeld

THE TIPPING POINT, directed and produced by Laura Paglin, produced by Duane Verh

TO CATCH A DOLLAR: MUHAMMAD YUNUS BANKS ON AMERICA, directed and produced by Gayle Ferraro

THE TWELVE O’CLOCK BOYZ, directed and produced by Lotfy Nathan

TWELVE WAYS TO SUNDAY, directed and produced by Anna Farrell

THE UNKNOWN RESCUE, directed and produced by Elka Nikolova, produced by Stephan Mueller

UNTITLED CHINA PROJECT, directed and produced by Marlo Poras (RUN, GRANNY, RUN) and Yu Ying Chou, and executive produced by David Sutherland

UNTITLED SMALL ACT DOCUMENTARY, directed and produced by Jennifer Arnold (AMERICAN MULLET), produced by Patti Lee and Jeffrey Soros, and executive produced by Joan Huang (PING PONG PLAYA)

WAR DON DON, directed by Rebecca Richman Cohen and produced by Francisco Bello (SALIM BABA)

WHAT TOMORROW BRINGS, directed and produced by Beth Murphy, produced by Sean Flynn

THE WORLD IN A ROOM, directed and produced by Tanaz Eshaghian (BE LIKE OTHERS), produced by Andy Schocken, and executive produced by Christoph Jörg

ZHINAN: ARCHITECTS OF THE NEW IRAQ, directed by Mary Ann Smothers Bruni (QUEST FOR HONOR) and executive produced by Frances Tarlton Farenthold

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