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De-Gaying “Humpday” For DVD

De-Gaying "Humpday" For DVD

Pink to blue, guts exposed, and a lady in the middle, “Humpday” goes from theatrical to DVD:

Cinematical seems to think the changes serve the movie better – which in a sense, they’re right – “Humpday” really isn’t a gay movie – its a movie about 21st century relationship between two heterosexual men. But it’s the likely reasoning behind the change that irks me. “Humpday” did not do well at the box office. And this new, much less gay marketing campaign is likely a direct reaction to that, with Magnolia fearful nervous straight people wouldn’t dare take that original pink marketing to the Blockbuster checkout counter. Maybe straight people deserve more credit than that? Or likely, a big chunk of them don’t. But still, as Cinematical writes – people are going to see this as backpedalling – and I am certainly one of those people. And more over, the new poster is just kinda ugly and generic.

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