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iPOP Flashback | Celebs, Friends and Parties: Toronto ’09 Pics are Worth a 1000 Words!

iPOP Flashback | Celebs, Friends and Parties: Toronto '09 Pics are Worth a 1000 Words!

Now that all the reviews, news (not that there was a ton of it) and features of the Toronto International Film Festival have been digested, why not take a little time out and check out indieWIRE’s images from the fest in good ole’ iPOP. Some attendees said they felt the “traffic” and events were comparatively lighter this year, and maybe that was true. But that certainly doesn’t mean that a good chunk of industry, press, celebs and would-be crashers were hitting the hay at 10:30 every night! And some of iW’s annual TIFF events still went off without a recessionary hitch, including Sony Classics and IFC Films’ annual dinners, which were still the must attends of the evening. Tom Ford (“A Single Man”) and Lee Daniels (“Precious”) each had celebrity-filled parties for their films, and they were not the tacky obnoxiously crowded affairs with star guests neatly tucked away in VIP sections sort of parties sponsored by some nasty watered down vodka. They were truly classy events! But even some of the casual hanging out at bar parties were fun, including the SXSW event with Karaoke – which more then one person told us was their fest fave.

So browse around the captions below and click the link to view the full photo from iPOP, or you can view indieWIRE’s photo coverage of the 2009 TIFF from our Toronto iPOP pages. You can also view other iPOP galleries from a slew of film festivals and parties this year in the iPOP Galleries. Chill out, grab a drink and enjoy…

[Editor’s Note: All photos listed here were taken by indieWIRE unless otherwise noted.]

Sony Classics Dinner Brings out the Starrage

Celebs turned out as is tradition for Sony Pictures Classics’ dinner celebrating their films screening in Toronto. Penelope Cruz (“Broken Embraces”) did an extended drive-by Friday night since she was heading to the airport, and met up with fellow actors Michael Sheen from “The Damned United,” Carey Mulligan (“An Education”) and Peter Sarsgaard, also from “An Education.” (Not pictured are Cruz’s cool flaring out bellbottoms). View the Full photo.

Photo by Brian Brooks/indieWIRE

iW Says: Go See “A Prophet”

French director Jacques Audiard’s (center) “A Prophet” was one of our favorite films in Cannes this past May. And quite honestly, we were a bit shocked it didn’t make this year’s New York Film Festival line up… The clever hard-nosed gangster film set in a French prison blew away audiences there and even won won the festival’s Grand Prix prize and attendees compared it constantly to Scorsese’s “Goodfellas.” Oh well, NYFF’s loss is TIFF’s gain we suppose. Pictured with Audiard is the film’s star, splendidly played by Tahar Rahim (left) and writer, Thomas Bidegain. View the Full photo.

Lone and Michael at Dinner

Sony Classics hosted its annual dinner in Toronto celebrating their TIFF entries Friday night. SPC’s co-president Michael Barker (pictured) worked the crowd, along with his fellow co-prexy (to be Varietyish about it) Tom Bernard, greeting filmmakers and their accompanying celebs. Danish filmmaker Lone Scherfig joined the evening. Her film, “An Education” – about a young promising student (Carey Mulligan) who aspires to attend Oxford until a romance with an older gentleman (played by Peter Saarsgard) threatens to turn her life upside down – is screening in TIFF’s Special Presentations section. View the Full photo.

“Education” Scribe Hornby At Sony Classics Dinner

“An Education” screenwriter Nick Hornby (center) celebrates with the film’s producers Amanda Posey (left) and Finola Dwyer (right) at a dinner thrown by Sony Pictures Classics in Toronto his weekend. View the Full photo.

The Gilliams In Toronto

“The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus” director Terry Gilliam was joined by his daughter Amy Gilliam at a dinner in Toronto’s Yorkville neighbourhood this weekend. Gilliam’s latest film – featuring Heath Ledger’s final performance – is having its North American premiere at the festival this Friday, September 18th. View the Full photo.

Dafoe and Sehring Bring “Antichrist” to Toronto

Actor Willem Dafoe with IFC Entertainment president Jonathan Sehring Thursday night in Toronto attended the after-party following the North American premiere of Lars Von Trier’s controversial “Antichrist.” The moody, dark thriller offered an interesting contrast to the party (for those who actually went to the screening then to the party) with the sponsored venue’s upbeat club thump-a-thump music, scantily clad attendees and offers of free samples of various make up etc. for women (at least that seemed the intention). Dafoe hung out with IFCers and other guests in a roped off area in the VIP, then came out for a round of photos with Sehring when leaving. Friday morning he showed up early for a Q&A with Von Trier via satellite from Copenhagen. The Danish director was quite giddy and cracked jokes during the 50 minute chat with journalists and film fans in downtown Toronto. View the Full photo.

Damon! Soderbergh!

Matt Damon and Steven Soderbergh discuss their film “The Informant!” at a press conference at the Toronto International Film Festival. Check out indieWIRE’s review of the film, which opens in theaters this Friday. View the Full photo. [Photo courtesy of WireImage.]

Photo by Eugene Hernandez/indieWIRE

Lee Daniels and Sapphire at “Precious” cocktails

“Precious: Based on the Novel by Sapphire” director Lee Daniels with author Sapphire herself tonight (Sunday) at a cocktail party at the Royal Ontario Museum prior to the film’s screening at the Toronto International Film Festival. Mariah Carey, actress Gabourey ‘Gabby’ Sidibe, Mary J. Blige and Sherri Shepherd were among the attendees at the soiree, though some seemed disappointed Oprah was a no show, though she did show up at the press conference early morning at the Four Seasons Hotel. But all’s good, the cocktail party was very nice and done well. Cheers! See you at the NYFF premiere. View the Full photo.

Mariah Pushes “Precious” in Toronto

Mariah Carey in Toronto for a pre-screening cocktail party for “Precious: Based on the Novel ‘Push’ by Sapphire” in which she plays a decidedly un-glam part as a social worker. And might we add, did a great job. When we first saw the film in Sundance (where it won multiple awards) we didn’t immediately recognize her minus all the pop star trappings. Director Lee Daniels must be a good friends with the singer, because she’s definitely transformed in this film. She along with Mary J. Blige were in Canada in support of the film, and even skipped the MTV Video Music Awards in New York the same evening. View the Full photo.

“Precious” incarnate walks the red carpet

It’s probably a bit of a challenge to break out with your own personality under the bright lights when you’re in the same project with the likes of Oprah, Mariah Carey and Mary J. Blige not to mention Sundance best actress winner Mo’Nique (who plays – beautifully – the biggest bitch mother to hit the screen in ages), but Gabourey Sidibe truly holds her own in the film – in fact, did a bang up job. Here she is on the red carpet Sunday evening for a pre-gala screening cocktail party at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto in celebration of “Precious”, directed by Lee Daniels. View the Full photo.

Blige to Sing for “Precious?”

Mary J. Blige was in Toronto Sunday along with the other big stars (both present and future – hopefully) with Lee Daniels’ “Precious: Based on the Novel ‘Push’ by Sapphire.” Blige joined Daniels and others from the film at the Royal Ontario Museum prior to the film’s screening Sunday night. The rumor (well one of them anyway) was that Blige is set to write a new song for the film… View the Full photo.

Photo by Brian Brooks/indieWIRE

Good Times with IFC

IFC Films hosted their annual dinner for their filmmakers and friends in Toronto Monday night, with a great turnout as usual. Before sitting to dinner, invitees schmoozed and chatted (same thing?) over wine and good times. Among the crowd were “Vincere” actor Filippo Timi (he plays Benito Mussolini in the Marco Bellocchio directed film about the Italian dictator and their son) hanging out with Sundance documentary programmer, David Courier. View the Full photo.

Barenholtz and Morton do Karaoke in Toronto

The SXSW Film Festival hosted a nice soiree complete with karaoke (hosted by Film Sales Company’s Michael Lerman who ran a tight ship) in Toronto Tuesday night. Fest attendees picked songs ranging from classic punk (so weird to use ‘classic’ and ‘punk’ in the same context, but there you go) to country, metal, pop and ’80s alterna – which was the choice of director/actress Samantha Morton, who attended the festivities with pal, producer Ben Barenholtz. Morton went for Tears for Fears, but pretty much did her own thing while on stage as the music played. She attended TIFF with her directorial debut, “The Unloved,” screening in the festival’s Discovery section. The film is inspired by her own childhood which was spent in the care of social services for most of her childhood until she was eighteen. View the Full photo.

The Coens “Serious” Bash at TIFF

One of the nicest parties of the Toronto International Film Festival (and there were a few others despite this mother fucker recession), Focus Features had a great party last week for the Coen brothers ‘ “A Serious Man.” We were happy to get a pic: Alan Lennick, Sari Lennick (co star of film), Joel Coen, Sheila Wagner. The word on the street was that the movie is really good and it almost seemed like the knives were out for it – but apparently it’s good. View the Full photo.

Photo by Brian Brooks/indieWIRE

All Style all the Time at Ford Party

“A Single Man” director Tom Ford (center) with Clive Owen and Julianne Moore at the party for Ford’s film in Toronto. Definitely one of the most stylish (of course) parties of the festival, Ford used a large in a gallery that’s across the street from the Royal Ontario Museum, but apparently had the entire room transformed. So the rumor goes, he had the walls painted and carpet brought in to reflect his black and white motif – and even if this isn’t all true, it makes for a good story – but we’re not making it up. The crowd was good looking and stylish, and mostly dressed up. We heard the next day that some calls were made to some guests admonishing them for showing up in casual wear, but it was probably just a joke. Even better dressed, was the staff, who clearly just happened to be in town for an Abercrombie & Fitch shoot, and just happened to fall into coats & ties for the Ford party… Anyway, it was too much! (But in a good way). View the Full photo.

The New York Times In Toronto

Actor Michael Sheen (center) joins the New York Times VP Lou Fabrizio, as well as Times staff Barbara Jackson, Roberta Nordman and Entertainment Editor Lorne Manley at a Cocktail Party at C5 Restaurant earlier this week in Toronto. View the Full photo.

Danny and Tilda Take On The Talent Lab

Danny Boyle and Tilda Swinton participated in the fourth day of the Toronto International Film Festival’s Talent Lab. Boyle served as a “governor” at the lab, interacting with and teaching the 25 workshop participants from around the world. Swinton – in Toronto promoting her film “I Am Love” – stopped in as a guest speaker. View the Full photo. [Image courtesy of WireImage.]

Drew and Ellen “Whip It” Good

“Whip It!” director Drew Barrymore and star Ellen Page celebrate the film’s premiere at an after-party at Toronto’s Tattoo Rock Parlor. The film – Barrymore’s directorial debut – was met with a warm response at the festival, and is being released by Fox Searchlight this October. View the Full photo. [Photo courtesy of WireImage].

Celebrating “Chloe” In Toronto

Actors Julianne Moore and Amanda Seyfriend join director Atom Egoyan at Toronto’s Roy Thompson Hall to celebrate the world premiere of their collaboration, “Chloe.” View the Full photo. [Photo courtesy of WireImage].

Photo by Brian Brooks/indieWIRE

Oooh, You’re an Angel: Caro’s “The Vintner’s Luck”

Can you say, “Haaawwwwwwtt??” French actors Jeremie Renier and Gaspard Ulliel found themselves in a production of New Zealand director Niki Caro’s (“Wale Rider”) latest, “The Vintner’s Luck,” which is screening in the Special Presentations section of TIFF. OK, the film is set in France. Ulliel plays an Angel who sort of “guides” Renier’s character, a struggling wine grower in early 19th century rural France. Their relationship is complicated, and at one point their quasi-sexual (the one has wings being an Angel and all…) fly-around didn’t quite give the full money shot, but it was still nice to see all the same. The two are pictured here over the weekend at a party hosted by the New Zealand Film Commission. View the Full photo.

Korine “Humps” at Dinner

“Trash Humpers” director Harmony Korine joins the crowd at IFC Films’ dinner during the Toronto International Film Festival this week. The director (center) told indieWIRE his latest was inspired from “artifacts found in an attic or a videotape buried in a ditch.” Hanging with Korine as people were getting seated were Charles-Marie Anthonioz (part of the producer’s team), his wife Rachel and IFC Films’ Ryan Werner. View the Full photo.

One “Mother” of a Movie at TIFF!

More from TIFF ’09: For those who didn’t get a chance to catch the film in Cannes, Quebecois filmmaker Xavier Dolan has a winner with his beautifully crafted “I Killed My Mother,” which had great audience response after a packed screening. Dolan (center) got all dolled up for the screening and lively Q&A afterward. here Films will release the film in the U.S. – though we’re not exactly sure when that will be. Dolan is seen here with the distributor’s Jonathon Aubry and Mark Reinhart. View the Full photo.

Brit Actors at NYT party in Toronto

More from TIFF ’09: The New York Times hosted an early evening bash at the stately Royal Ontario Museum, which naturally brought out a cross-section of who’s who in town for the festival last week. British actors Bill Nighy (who stars in Stephen Poliakoff’s pre-WWII drama “Glorious 39”) and Michael Sheen (who stars in Tom Hooper’s “The Damned United”) were among the Brits who attended. View the Full photo.

NYT party in Toronto and the “Bright Stars”

More from TIFF ’09: Hanging out at the New York Times party last week, “Bright Star” actor Paul Schneider with the film’s producer, Jan Chapman. Schneider plays poet John Keats’ best friend, Brown, in the film by Oscar-winner Jane Campion. The film, which screened at TIFF and is now in release through Apparition, centers on the close relationship the early 19th century poet had with Fanny Brawne. Schneider and Chapman joined the hordes at the party at the Royal Ontario Museum. View the Full photo.

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