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Toy Story 3 Trailer: We Keep Getting Older and They Stay the Same Age

Toy Story 3 Trailer: We Keep Getting Older and They Stay the Same Age

The last line of the new Toy Story 3 trailer speaks to my usual fear with sequels. “Return of the Astro-Nut,” says Hamm the piggy bank, referring to the fact that the pompous, delusional Buzz Lightyear of the beginning of the first movie is back in a kind of amnesia-induced excuse for recycled plot and humor. Only now he’s speaking in Spanish, so it’s different. I guess.

But when it comes to this franchise, just as when it comes to toys, familiarity and the revisiting of the past is completely acceptable. It’s part of their point. And so, even though the concept of these lovable characters being left behind and/or discarded seems a rehashing of Toy Story 2, you have no reason to believe this is going to be a lesser movie than its predecessors.

Maybe it’s just that I recently had the experience of going through boxes of old toys at my mom’s house as she packed up to move out. And I couldn’t help playing with some old favorites, fondly thinking back to the innocent years, and taking some toys back to my apartment with me in order to forget just how old I’m getting.

In addition to the nostalgia and familiarity, though, this threequel already has me thinking what the whole movie will have me contemplating more fully (and more depressedly): we all get older and eventually die, while the toys junk remains, immortal. Wait, is Toy Story 3 a prequel to Wall-E?

Check out what other film bloggers are saying about the trailer, and maybe about the circle of life, after the jump:

  • Kyle Buchanan at Movieline sums up the film’s depressing themes perfectly:

    And thus it is that all the toys are cast out of their original Eden, landing in a day care center populated by terrible modern children named AshLeigh and Jaden. Soon, they realize that this has all happened before and will happen again. Woody and Buzz comes to see their immortality as a curse, a millstone hung round their necks as they watch humankind proceed inexorably toward a blithering endpoint yet are powerless to change it.

    Yay! Toys!

  • Lane Brown at Vulture makes a terrific comparison to a documentary franchise while also addressing the main theme:

    This year, Pixar brought us Up, and in 2010 they’ll give us the third movie in the Toy Story franchise — which has somehow turned into the studio’s version of Michael Apted’s Up series. […] It’s a cruel trick Pixar’s playing, to have the kid age with us, and we bet they’ll find a way to make his nest-leaving as sad as Up’s first four minutes.

  • Vince Mancini at FilmDrunk notices similarities to another movie inspired by toys:

    forced to come up with a plot, it seems Disney-Pixar stole a page from the Transformers 2 playbook, in that the story begins with the kid about to go off to college. What are his old toys to do now that he no longer needs them? But rather than crying or humping Megan Fox’s leg or perpetuating ugly racial stereotypes, the toys get sent off to a daycare center, where they get yanked and sucked and licked and fondled roughly against their will — pretty much like an evening at Roman Polanski’s house.

  • Meredith Woerner at io9 wonders why the movie couldn’t have gone in a different direction:

    I’m not really sure why they can’t all come with him to school — the kid with the trunk full of toys would clearly be the most popular one in the dorm. And just imagine all the plot possibilities. The toys witness Andy’s first alcohol poisoning experience, Andy’s first sexual encounter, Andy’s first STD scare. Toy Story 4: Is That A Bump?

  • Krystal Clark at ScreenCrave gets a little nostalgic and thereby slightly sad:

    If you grew up in the nineties the official trailer for Toy Story 3 will have you crying like a baby. The highly anticipated sequel, does something that other animated features rarely do, it features characters who’ve aged in real time. […] I have to admit, this is slightly depressing. I’m more than excited to see the film but it brings back so many memories from my own childhood.

  • John Lichman at Current Movies Blog also comments on the downer tone:

    There’s something rather depressing about this trailer, but I can’t seem to put my finger on it. Maybe I’ve forgotten if we ever saw Andy before this, maybe Pixar has decided to swing us around due to their work with more recent fair like Up and Wall-E.

  • Peter Hall at Cinematical doesn’t think the movie looks depressing at all:

    Growing old and seeing that which gave us so much pleasure as a kid sit unused like so much clutter is a sentiment I think all of us can share, but before you start thinking that Toy Story 3 is going to deliver a dour trip down memory lane, give the heartwarming trailer a watch to see just where Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, Rex, Bo Peep and all the rest are heading.

  • Sam C. Mac at The Playlist likes the opening of the trailer, even the Randy Newman song, but overall is underwhelmed:

    [the iconic group of toys (Buzz, Woody, etc.)] soon find themselves in a daycare center surrounded by ravenous tots, and it’s this portion of the trailer that goes for mostly hammy gags and cartoonish gross-out moments, like that slow motion shot of the inside of some kid’s mouth as she attempts to devour Buzz Lightyear. (C’mon, Pixar, you’re above that!) And by the end, when Woody palmfaces and sighs, “Oh no,” the sentiments unfortunately resonate.

  • Alex Billington at FirstShowing disagrees, thinking the whole trailer to be great:

    This trailer finally shows us what the story will be about in Toy Story 3 and it definitely looks as fun as the past two. I love the way this trailer plays, with the home video footage and nostalgic first half leading right into the exciting second half. Plus, a Spanish Buzz Lightyear? Brilliant! Those Pixar guys are as great at cutting a trailer as they are at making movies.

  • Dustin Rowles at Pajiba is also a fan of the trailer:

    For anyone wondering whether Pixar has dipped its magical CGI pen into the well one too many times with Toy Story 3, I’m pretty sure the new trailer should allay those fears. Basically, Randy Newman equals Win. Everything else is just gravy.

  • Tim Gomez at Cinema Blend sees great things to come in this trailer:

    A third movie in a franchise has rarely been pulled off (Back to the Future III as a western? LAME), but if anyone can do it, it will definitely be Pixar. This trailer seems to show that they’re on the right track. Now we have to wait more than half a year to see if they were really able to do it.

  • Devin Faraci at CHUD.com learns three things about the kid, Andy, from this trailer. Here’s one of them:

    2) Andy had no friends. We see snippets of Andy’s life through his mother’s camcorder, and never once does there appear to be another non-family human in the picture. The only friends Andy has are the toys. It’s highly likely that college-bound Andy writes slashfic, cries at commercials, jerks off to hentai he finds on 4chan and gets into long internet flame wars about his favorite cartoons.

  • Neil Miller at Film School Rejects remarks on the animation and the preferred format to see the trailer in:

    It looks like every-bit the escape adventure that we’ve come to expect from this series, and I don’t think anyone is going to argue that the animation is beautiful. I love the little touch with the archival footage at the beginning that fades into that lone shot of Woody. If you are yet to see it, you should try and check it out in 3D. That moment displays the spectacular crispness and depth that Pixar has achieved with 3D.

  • But until you can get to a theater (for a 3-D film), you can watch the spot below:

    Toy Story 3 Trailer in HD

    Trailer Park | MySpace Videos

    Finally, for more serious discussion of the Toy Story franchise, as well as Pixar’s other films, check out the excellent crop of “Pixar Week” posts over at The House Next Door.

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