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Cameron Alter Ego Feeds Twitter

Cameron Alter Ego Feeds Twitter

Just who is @JFCameron, as in “James Fucking Cameron,” on Twitter? The tweeter started channeling the mighty director on August 22 with the following:

Name: James F-ing Cameron
Location: Pandora
Bio: The director of True Lies, Titanic and the greatest film of all-time James Cameron’s Avatar

Not sure why Twitter won’t allow me to register under my full legal name – James Fucking Cameron.

My middle name is actually “Fucking.” No joke. That name change is the first thing I did with my monies from Titanic.

Without actually believing that the fake Cameron was the real deal, a lot of us (1268 followers and counting) played along. Fox should be delighted with his promotion of the Avatar cause, as he dutifully retweeted positive Avatar news and took on all naysayers with brio. The tweets were often convincing, even witty (a selection are on the jump). Recently, a few of my followers asked if JFCameron was the real deal. So I asked the director himself at the Avatar premiere.

“I never twitter,” Cameron answered.

And clearly, the posts weren’t coming from inside Fox PR, which couldn’t give up the identity of the tweeter. So I posted this info, and got a direct message:

JFCameron: “Wait, wait, wait…Fox knows who I am? That’s pretty terrifying actually.”

JFCameron: “Considering I’ve never interfaced with them or anyone from Cameron’s camp vis-a-vis this Twitter account.”

So I asked the writer, who admits to being an occasional journalist based in L.A. with the last name Litcofsky, why he decided to play this game. “I’ve never seen a film of Cameron’s aside from The Abyss (which I liked), but I’ve heard stories about him over the years, and thought he might be interesting character to explore. I had a lifelong goal of getting into the NYT by the end of the year/particular birthday, which coincided with the release of Avatar. It’s also really surprising that anyone ever thought I was actually James. I think it is quite salient I’m not actually him.” UPDATE: Alex Litel finally fessed up: “I am @alexlitel, and I’m quite regretting not just saying that two months ago. I guess I can reveal my actual identity now that my theory that there may be legal action over this account proved to be paranoia.”

As far as he knows, the NYT never did mention him before the movie’s opening. When will he stop tweeting? “Theoretically, the Twitter account will end when I make into The New York Times. Failing that, probably next week,” he writes. He’s actually seen Avatar now. Here’s his review: “I thought the first half was the science-fiction equivalent of Margot at the Wedding‘s lifelessness, and the latter eighty minutes were one of the best fake acid trips I’ve ever had.”

Surely, we can make #avatar the most trendy of Trending Topics, no? #avatar #avatar #avatar #avatar #avatar #avatar #avatar #avatar #avatar

Why didn’t I win Time’s Man of the Year? I paid each member of the editorial board in accordance with their nomination process.

Armond White hated Avatar, but I guess that’s what I get for making a great film.

Sorry Hollywood Foreign Press Association, but It’s Complicated did not have a better script than Avatar.

@soulhuntre Avatar is not preachy; the film’s message of environmental stewardship must be told. Industrialization is the root of decline.

I’m relatively certain the American Film Institute is a front organization of those conspiring against me.

I’m typically a modest person, but all of these great reviews are on the mark. I made a fantastic film, and it really shows.

That @McG_ fucker still hasn’t apologized for shitting over my legacy. Not to mention that Sam Worthington deserves better.

Now that Swirly-Whirly Camera Guy is off the Bourne movies, maybe they’ll give to a real director like Kathryn Bigelow.

If you call a Zack Snyder “film” a “masterpiece,” you have no real standing to criticize another film.

It is commonly accepted fact that it is impossible to explain Avatar’s plot cogently in under twenty minutes.

Also, did I mention that the new AVATAR trailer is TRAILER OF THE YEAR? I made the last one suck so the quality of this one hits you hard.

I thought that New Yorker profile was due out next month. But whatever – it’s pretty awesome, as it is about me, and I am awesome.

I’m annoyed. I was told my appearance on 60 Minutes would be 120 minutes, and it appears this isn’t the case. Brevity isn’t the soul of wit.

It’s amazing how the New York Times Magazine reporter shadows me for ages, but only is going to write a seven page feature.

Did I mention yet I played every character in Avatar? I wanted to look modest so I hired other actors to pretend they are in it.

Actually, AVATAR is my rebuke of the high-concept reductionism that has taken over Hollywood

Unlike the film Smart People, AVATAR is a film for smart people.

Okay, I laced a few bottles of Fox execs’ Fuji Water with hallucinogenics to make the Avatar script pop out in 3D during the pitch meeting.

Here’s a bombshell: Todd Field will be not only be shooting his next film in 3D, but remastering In the Bedroom for an IMAX 3D release.

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