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Top 10 Whatever of 2009: Faraci, Greene, Hillis

Top 10 Whatever of 2009: Faraci, Greene, Hillis

There are a lot of lists going around about Top 10 films of the year, so I wanted to ask a bunch of film people to list their Top 10 “something else.” No movies, but their 10 favorite/best/notable things of 2009. Here’s the first batch:

Devin Faraci, journalist/critic/blogger, CHUD
(Top 10 songs I sang at karaoke/Rock Band/around the house in 2009.)

10. “Big Bottoms” – I sang this at live band karaoke after the Butt Numb A Thon pre-party at the Highball in Austin. I don’t usually do this, but the song list was a little slim. I ended up having a really good time with it.

9. “Ghostbusters” – My brother moved to Michigan to set up a production company that takes advantage of the local tax rebates. His going away party was held at a karaoke bar in Santa Monica, and the whole gaggle of folks who had showed up sang this together. Sloppy but fun.

8. “War Pigs” – This is sort of one of my most standard karaoke songs.

7. “Welcome to the Jungle” – I enjoyed singing this at Tim League’s Highball. Tim’s karaoke rooms have props, and I was decked out in skintight silver pants and a metal wig when I sang this. Welcome to the Jungle is a song that I always sing a half beat too slowly.

6. “Immigrant Song” – Another one of my standard jams. I belted this one out at the Fantastic Fest-sponsored AFM karaoke party (much of my karaoke takes place in the presence/at the behest of Mr. Tim League).

5. side three of Jesus Christ Superstar (Original Broadway Cast Recording) – Jesus Christ Superstar is my default album to listen to while doing the dishes. If you were to walk outside of my place there’s a good chance you’d hear me doing all the parts. Side 3 is my favorite, with six perfect songs. I love “I Only Want to Say (Gethsemane)” because it includes this: “God thy will is hard/ But you hold every card.”

4. “Smells Like Teen Spirit” – This finally hit Rock Band a couple of months ago, and I’ve been playing and singing it a lot. One of my best New Year’s Eves saw me in Chicago at live band karaoke, moshing while singing this song and then trying to hit a guy in the face with a glass ashtray. You had to be there.

3. Abbey Road medley – Another Rock Band selection! The Beatles Rock Band is a pretty amazing set, and I’ve downloaded every album as they come available. I had my best friend and her husband over to sing with me and my girlfriend, and we all took turns doing the complete medley. It was messy but fun.

2. “Born to Run” – If you’re singing “Born to Run” and you’re not feeling it – give up. This is such a great song to sing because it requires fire in the belly to do it right. I sang this with my brother at his going away party and it was wonderful.

1. “Bohemian Rhapsody” – Most karaoke systems will only give you the lead part on “Bohemian Rhapsody,” but I always try to sing every part. Key word: try. It’s obviously impossible. Doing “Bohemian Rhapsody” like that requires lots and lots of lung capacity, because you don’t get many chances to breathe in the second half. I did a version of “Bohemian Rhapsody” at the Highball during Fantastic Fest that had people complimenting me for days. As an avid karaoke singer that’s about the closest I’ll ever get to being a real singer, and it felt amazing.

Robert Greene, director of Owning The Weather
(Top 10 Things That Gave Me Pain in 2009)

10. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – Turns out if you do the same thing over and over, your body turns on you and makes your arm feel like burning pokers.

09. The Health Care Reform debate – How stupid. Joe Lieberman stinks. No one has any backbone and I still can’t afford insurance.

08. John Smoltz – I’m a Red Sox fan. Everyone’s favorite right wing warrior looked like a 42-year-old because he is one. Then he looked great for the Cardinals. Baseball is a cruel mistress.

07. The death of Captain Lou Albano – No comment needed.

06. The pop/rock music in Fantastic Mr. Fox – I like all the songs (and the movie), but they didn’t work at all.

05. Cancer – There’s too much cancer.

04. COP15 – A profound political failure. Proof that the idea of a global society is kind of stupid.

03. The Wire – I watched the whole series over the course of a few weeks (a real feat with two children). When it ended I felt a true sense of loss. Of course it also gave me great Joy in 2009, but that’s a different Top Ten list.

02. Michael Jackson – First he died, which sucked. Then my three-year-old listened to his music for six months straight, which sucked differently.

01. Giving birth to my second child – Oh, wait. Someone else did that.

Aaron Hillis, editor, GreenCine Daily
(My fave albums of 2009)

1. Grizzly Bear: Veckatimest

2. Sunn 0))): Monoliths & Dimensions

3. Fever Ray: Fever Ray

4. The xx: xx

5. Fuck Buttons: Tarot Sport

6. St. Vincent: Actor

7. The Flaming Lips: Embryonic

8. Bill Callahan: Sometimes I Wish We Were an Eagle

9. tUnE-yArDs: BiRd-BrAiNs

10. Phoenix: Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix

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