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Twitter Friday: Finke vs. Breznican, CHUD vs. Playlist, Power Couple at the Savoy

Twitter Friday: Finke vs. Breznican, CHUD vs. Playlist, Power Couple at the Savoy

On Friday afternoons folks start to relax and hang on Twitter. This afternoon was particularly rich with delights. First, Deadline.com editrix Nikki Finke tweeted to refute USA Today staffer Anthony Breznican’s assertion that a publicist pitched him to have Finke appear on his radio show, even though he doesn’t have one. (I have heard Finke, who doesn’t go out much, do radio interviews.)

@NikkiFinke: “someone is punking the news media by offering me as an interview. Neither I nor Deadline.com has ever employed a publicist.”

Maybe not directly. Here’s the email pitch that Breznican received from Hollywood Life publicist Marigo S. Mihalos:

From: Public Relations
Sent: Friday, February 19, 2010 12:05 PM
To: Breznican, Anthony
Subject: Hoping To Connect: Pre Oscars Interview – DEADLINE.COM

Hello Anthony,

I hope all is well! I just got off the phone with your voicemail… I was hoping you could help.

I wanted to introduce myself, I am now representing the MMC Corporation – which includes hollywoodlife.com by Bonnie Fuller, movieline.com and the one and only Deadline.com.

With Oscars right around the corner, I wanted to know if you would be interested in having one of the leading voices in the entertainment industry, Nikki Finke and or Mike Fleming, become involved in pre-Oscars coverage for any upcoming stories.

I think Nikki Finke would be perfect for your radio show, particularly, pre-Oscars coverage. Nikki is the leading voice in the entertainment industry for breaking news, for her insider perspective and for her ability to tell the story behind the story before anyone else. Just for context, Deadline is increasingly being approached as the leading source of information and analysis, particularly on news from Hollywood. One recent example, Deadline was quoted on three separate occasions on GMA for its coverage of the Leno/Conan story.

Mike Fleming would also be a great fit for TV broadcast interviews about the Oscars. Mike recently left Variety as the leading entertainment journalist, and joined the Deadline team. Mike is a great journalist, very well connected and respected in the entertainment industry.

Nikki and Mike are both experts on the Oscars. What makes them stand out is their “connectedness” in the industry. Their range and depth of knowledge is incredible. If you have room for experts who bring these points of difference, I think they would really connect well with your audience.

Please get back to me with your thoughts, and or any questions. I encourage we follow up with a phone call.


Breznican responded:

On Fri, Feb 19, 2010 at 3:21 PM, Breznican, Anthony wrote:
Do you really think Nikki would be good for my radio show? I wasn’t aware she did broadcast.

On Fri, Feb 19, 2010 at 4:01 PM, Public Relations wrote:
Hello Anthony,

Thanks for getting back to me…

That Sounds Great! If possible can you send me a quick description of your radio show so I can send to Nikki and Mike… I know that they would be really interested in talking pre-Oscars.

Let me know your thoughts, she is doing phone interviews for PRE and POST OSCARS Coverage, so I would love for her to work with you,


I was also amused when I got simultaneous New York tweets on my Twitterfeed from a Mediabistro founder and a journalist sitting down to drinks before dinner at the same restaurant. So I tweeted: “are @laureltouby and @jonfine a couple? they’re both tweeting from dinner @Savoy.” The answer came back from several folks: yes, they are indeed married.

Meanwhile, I chuckled when two alpha males on opposite coasts who chase breaking news, @theplaylist and CHUD’s @devincf, broke into yet another dispute in the Twitter playpen. In this case, CHUD objected to The Playlist only linking to their prior post, rather than citing them outright:

@devincf: “boy, @theplaylist really goes out of their way to hide the link to REAL source of the Giamatti/Ryan/McCarthy story. So scummy”
@theplaylist: “your insecurity hemorrhoids are flaring up again? Dude, you need to get that checked out.”
@devincf: “two sourcing issues in a week. Man, you run a really slipshod, ethically unsound ship”
@theplaylist: “dude, you’re mentally retarded. links is in the first three words of the article. drop the twinkies and try reading.”
@devincf: “you never say the name of the site. The link is all but hidden, without any text drawing attention to it”
@theplaylist: “*eyeroll* thanks for cleary indicating to the world you read our site on regular basis. ;) keep it up buddy.”
@theplaylist: “also, try and learn what a link on the internet is.”
@devincf: “will do. I’ll go back to being successful at what I do and learn what a link is. You go back to blogspotting.”

Tweetdeck also added an easy link to YouTube–I was watching an old Buster Keaton TV drama today, as if I didn’t have other things to do! Prolific tweeter @ebertchicago sent along this lovely performance from New York’s P.S. 22 of “Empire State of Mind,” with this admonition: “If this doesn’t make you happy, I can’t help you.” There’s hope for us yet:

[Illustration for the New Yorker by Jaime Hernandez]

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