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Getting To Know 15 LAFF Directors

Getting To Know 15 LAFF Directors

It’s an indieWIRE tradition to interview up and coming directors at various major North American film festivals. For this year’s Los Angeles Film Festival (June 18 – 28), indieWIRE had 15 directors, whose works are screening in the event’s narrative and documentary competitions, share in their own words about their projects and their backgrounds as filmmakers. In addition, Kim Adelman has been on the scene to provide her LAFF dispatches (10 Tips for Marketing & DIY Distribution, Sneak Peek: Previewing 3 LA Film Fest World Premieres).

Below are links to all 15 interviews:

LAFF ‘10 | Chris Metzler & Lev Anderson on Their Fishbone Profile “Everyday Sunshine”

“Watching frontman Angelo on stage, you could see a mad genius at work. Singing his ass off, a middle aged stage diver, honking his saxophones, playing the theremin! The theremin?!”

LAFF ‘10 | Director Laurel Nakadate Explores the Transient Life in “The Wolf Knife”

“I loved working with local people, in the towns we traveled to and shot in, but it was a bit harrowing at times, the uncertainty of knowing whether I would find the correct actor for the part we had to shoot the next day.”

LAFF ‘10 | Director Kimi Takesue Lets Uganda Speak for Itself in “Where Are You Taking Me?”

“I went to Uganda without a specific agenda or set of expectations. As a one-person crew, I had a great deal of flexibility with my time and method of working. Rather than execute a specific plan, I was interested in responding to what unfolded and emerged during the journey.

LAFF ‘10 | “Upstate” Directors Katherine Nolfi & Andrew Luis Talk Collaboration

“We both have day jobs as does our producer, Melanie Pimentel. With all of us working full-time pre-production took a long time. And of course making a low-budget, truly independent film is such a crazy venture. We begged, we borrowed, we stole… We’ll never be able to repay all the favors we incurred while making “Upstate”.”

LAFF ‘10 | Director John Kastner Witnesses a Confession in “Life With Murder”

“When I was 16-year-old actor I played the lead role in a training film for prison guards for the National Film Board of Canada. I spent weeks in a real prison talking with real killers, bank robbers, fraud artists. Intoxicating stuff for a teenage boy. I was hooked. I keep returning to offenders’ stories like an addict.”

LAFF ‘10 | Director Hossein Keshavarz Aims to Show the Real Iran in “Dog Sweat”

“One of our actresses came to set one day and said that her father found out that she was doing the film and that he had forbid her to continue. She told us that in the morning and had to be back home by noon. So we had a couple of hours to do something. I sat down with the DP and the actors and discussed what the characters themselves might do. Then I sat down for a half hour and wrote the scene and we shot it before she had to head back.”

LAFF ‘10 | “A Small Act” Director Jennifer Arnold: “Be Prepared for Anything”

“Kenya fell into unexpected conflict, something which changed the original script completely. So the original approach was “be prepared,” but ultimately the reality was more like “be prepared… for anything.””

LAFF ‘10 | Director Hilda Hidalgo Tackles Taboo Subject Matter in “Of Love and Other Demons”

“A few years ago, during a workshop at the EICTV, I told García Márquez that this was one of his most cinematic works to date and I wondered why no one had made a film based on the book. He then told me that he had actually experimented with several screenwriting techniques while creating the novel and challenged me: “Would you like to make the movie?” I immediately said yes.”

LAFF ‘10 | Malcolm Murray Turns Over the “Camera Camera”

“Watching our film may feel to some people like looking in a mirror- many of us have taken photographs in foreign countries and the film could be about any of us. And we filmmakers are the same as our subjects- people in a foreign country with a camera in our hands.”

LAFF ‘10 | Lisa Leeman and Cristina Colissimo’s Interspecies Love Story “One Lucky Elephant”

“We as humans have been fascinated with the profound inter-species bond that can exist between man and animal since the beginning of time. Today, the popularity of YouTube videos like the emotional reunion of a lion and the two men who raised him, are a testament to this.”

LAFF ‘10 | Director Aaron Schock Delves Deep Into the Heart of Mexico in “Circo”

“It often happens in documentary that you discover your story sometime after you have chosen your subject. When I began filming, I didn’t know I was about to enter a simmering family dispute between a husband and wife over whether they should pass their century-old circus tradition on to their children.”

LAFF ‘10 | Collins Takes On Russian Economics With “VLAST”

“At the end of the day “VLAST” is about what motivates people to do genuinely extraordinary things, the most elevated, noble and intelligent things and the most foolish, self destructive and inexplicable things.”

LAFF ‘10 | Director Brett Haley on his Crewless Film “The New Year”

“Hopefully they like the no-frills approach to the characters and story. We tried to make a film that is honest to it’s characters and situations. At the end of the day, it’s really about people being good to each other and true to themselves.”

LAFF ‘10 | Director Adam Reid on his Low-Budget Multi-Narrative “Hello Lonesome”

“I was a nerdy kid with huge plastic glasses and big fluffy hair. I wanted to be an inventor for a while, which led me to build flame throwers out of super soakers, but once “Back to the Future” came along my brain was irreversibly hard wired for movie making.”

LAFF ‘10 | Director Pernille Fischer Christensen On Her “Family”

“This film started as a very personal journey. I started writing a text when my father died i 2001. It wasnt really a film or a script but more an essay or a pieces of poetry.”

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