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Moscow Business Square: Eurimages and the Council of Europe

Moscow Business Square: Eurimages and the Council of Europe

Roberto Olla, Executive Director, spoke of Eurimages. It will be announced in July whether Russia will be accepted into this organization of 34 nations which is part of the larger Council of Europe. Eurimages’ June newsletter IRIS features an article “On the Mass Media” reporting on an important legal development in the Russian Federation relating to the film industry.

The Council of Europe, established in 1988 and not to be confused with the European Union, includes 49 countries (that is, “Greater Europe”). Eurimages itself is comprised of 34 countries and has a total budget of €23 million to provide services for promoting, distributing and producing features. Some of these services only cover the countries NOT included in the European Union: Albania, Serbia, Turkey, Macedonia, Bosnia-Herzogovia, and most likely in 2011, Russia. Funds are allocated in the form of grants for 5 centers including the digitization of answer prints in 34 countries so that the indies are not excluded in Europe’s rush to digitize for 3D, and for the distribution of European productions in European countries. Production funds are “loans” rather than grants.

Support of co-production of 14 feature films for a total amount of €4,780,000 was just announced. Selection is made on the basis of the staff recommendations made by two professional script writers or script doctors and approved by a board of management four times a year which must vote in favor of a project with a 2/3 majority. Features must run a minimum of 70 minutes, can be docs or animation or fiction and must be theatrical productions by indie producers (no broadcasters allowed as producers or owners). The European production component must by 60% + 1% and American majors cannot be party to the production. Joint ownership of rights must be part of the co-production deal with no international sales agent or distributor attached as producer. 80% is the maximum share any co-producer can have; 20% is the minumum. Non-European producers can also be included up to 30% of the budget but the project must originate in Europe and must be European according to a pre-established table of criterion by which the production scores 15 out of 19 points, e.g., director=3 points, DoP=1 point, etc.

Eurimages will award a maximum of 17% of the co-production or €700,000 per project. The latest round of selections was just announced and includes films by Paolo Sorrentino (Il Divo), the Dardenne Brothers — Jean-Pierre and Luc, and Emir Kusturica, and Lars Von Trier.

Melancholia – Lars Von Trier (Denmark)
(Denmark, Sweden, France, Germany)

This Must be the Place – Paolo Sorrentino (Italy)
(Italy, France, Ireland)

Future Lasts Forever/Gelecek Uzun Surer – Ozcan Alper (The Wind Journeys) (Turkey)
(Turkey, Germany)

The Blue Tiger/Modry Tiger – Bohdan Slama (Something Like Happpiness) (Czech Republic), Petr Oukropec (The Idiot Returns) (Czech Republic) Feature film for children
(Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia)

More than Honey – Markus Imhoof (The Boat is Full) (Switzerland) Documentary
(Switzerland, Germany, Austria)

Délivrez-moi ! – Jean-Pierre et Luc Dardenne (Belgium)
(Belgium, France, Italy)

The Island – Kamen Kalev (Eastern Plays) (Bulgaria)
(Bulgaria, Sweden)

Giochi d’estate – Rolando Colla (Switzerland)
(Switzerland, Italy)

The State of Shock/Stanje Šoka – Andrej Kosak (Slovenia)
(Slovenia, Serbia, Bulgaria)

For Love with Best Intentions/Din dragoste, cu cele mai brune intenti – Adrian Sitaru (Romania)
(Romania, Hungary)

Alpenglow/Bambini in Affitto – Carlo Alberto Pinelli (Italy) Feature film for children
(Italy, France)

Le Tableau – Jean-François Laguionie (France) Animation film for children
(France, Belgium)

A Royal Affair/Caroline Mathildes AR – Nikolaj Arcel (Denmark)
(Denmark, Sweden, Latvia, Ireland)

Cool Water – Emir Kusturica (France – Serbia)
(Germany, France)

Support was awarded to the following distributors:

· Eurimages Films:

Metropia – Tarik Saleh (Sweden) – Animation film
Distributed by ART SERVIS (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Distributed by YOUTH CULTURAL CENTER (“The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”)

Les herbes folles – Alain Resnais (France)
Distributed by EKRAN (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Distributed by BALKAN FILM (“The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”)

Lorenzo da Ponte – Carlos Saura (Spain)
Distributed by EKRAN (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Zanan-e Bedun-e Mardan – Shirin Neshat (Germany)
Distributed by OBALA ART CENTAR (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Lourdes – Jessica Hausne (Austria)
Distributed by OBALA ART CENTAR (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Back to Africa – Othmar Schmiderer (Austria) Documentary
Distributed by ANJOU-LAFAYETTE (Hungary)

Puha Tonu Kiusamine – Veiko Öunpuu (Estonia)
Distributed by ARENA FILM (“The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”)
Distributed by ORION INVEST FILM (Serbia)

Käsky – Aku Louhimies (Finland)
Distributed by ARENA FILM (“The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”)
Distributed by MCF MEGACOM FILM (Serbia)

The Good Heart – Dagur Kais (Iceland)
Distributed by BALKAN FILM (“The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”)

Janu Nakts/Midsummer Madness – Alexander Hahn (Austria)
Distributed by KT FILM & MEDIA (“The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”)

Blanche Neige la suite – Jean-Paul Walravens (Belgium) Animation film
Distributed by KT FILM & MEDIA (“The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”)

I Cuccioli e il Codice di Marco Polo – Sergio Manfio (Italy) Animation film
Distributed by MANAKIFILM (“The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”)
Distributed by MIRIUS TUCK (Serbia)

Memory Full/Na Putu – Jasmila Zbanic (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Distributed by FIDALGO FILM DISTRIBUTION (“The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”)
Distributed by CLOROFILM (Romania)

Aeblet & Ormen – Josef Fares (Sweden) Animation film
Distributed by CINECORVIN (Romania)

Beogradski Fantom – Jovan B. Todorovic (Serbia) Documentary
Distributed by GRAFITTI ART 2005 (Romania)

The Time that remains – Elia Suleiman (The Netherlands)
Distributed by MCF MEGACOM FILM (Serbia)

The Rainbow Maker – Nana Djordjadze (Georgia)
Distributed by ORION INVEST FILM (Serbia)

Bal – Semih Kaplanoglu (Turkey)
Distributed by NON STOP ENTERTAINMENT (Sweden)

Le concert – Radu Mihaileanu (France)
Distributed by FILMA FILM (Turkey)

Ordinary People – Vladimir Perisic (Serbia)
Distributed by YENI BIR FILM (Turkey)

· “Non-Eurimages” Films:

Tamo i ovde/Here and There – Darko Lungulov (Germany)
Distributed by OSKAR FILM (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Distributed by EURO FILM (“The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”)

Valhalla Rising – Nicolas Winding Refn (Denmark)
Distributed by TROPIK FILM & VIDEO (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Sto sa sobom preko dana – Ivona Juka (Croatia) Documentary
Distributed by VIP KOMUNIKACIJE (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Devil’s Town – Vladilmir Paskaljevic (Serbia)
Distributed by PRO FILM (Bulgaria)

Jagdzeit-Den Walfangern auf der Spur – Angelika Haas (Germany) Documentary
Distributed by DOCUFACTORY (Switzerland)

Nomadak TX – Pablo Iraburu (Spain) Documentary
Distributed by ANJOU-LAFAYETTE (Hungary)

Police, adjective – Corneliu Porumboiu (Romania)
Distributed by CINESTAR (“The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”)

Slovenian Girl – Damjan Kozole (Slovenia)
Distributed by EURO FILM (“The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”)
Distributed by CINESTAR (Serbia)

Mine, de fil en aiguille – Valerie Minetto (Italy) Documentary
Distributed by CHICAGO TOURS (Romania)

Uber Wasser Menschen und Gelbe Knaister – Udo Mauree (Austria) Documentary
Distributed by MOEBIUS ASSOCIATION (Romania)

Kalandorok – Bela Paczloay (Hungary)
Distributed by CINEARS (Serbia)

Magic Journey to Africa 3D – Jordi Llompart (Spain)
Distributed by KIDS FILM FEST (Serbia)

Sunny & l’éléphant – Frederic Lepage (France)
Distributed by TUCK VISION (Serbia)

Cliente – Josiana Balasko (France)
Distributed by CHANTIER FILMS (Turkey)

Camino – Javier Fesser (Spain)
Distributed by MEDYAVIZYON (Turkey)

Un prophète – Jacques Audiard (France)
Distributed by MEDYAVIZYON (Turkey)

Le refuge – François Ozon (France)
Distributed by YENI BIR FILM (Turkey)

In the framework of its digitisation support scheme which aims to encourage the use of digital support, the Board of Management decided at its June meeting to award aid for the production of digital masters for the following 10 co-productions supported by Eurimages:

– Les Films du Losange (France) for Für einen Augenblick Freiheit by Arash T. Riahi

– Lotus Film (Austria) for Nordrand by Barbara Albert

– Lotus Film (Austria) for Über Wasser by Udo Maurer

– Leiknar myndir (Iceland) for Cold Light by Hilmar Oddsson

– Leiknar myndir (Iceland) for Movie Days by Fridrik Thor Fridriksson

– Strada Film (Romania) for The Way I spent the End of the World by Catalin Mitulescu

– Daniélfilm Studio (Hungary) for Visszatérés by Judit Elek

– Zentropa Entertainments 18 (Denmark) for The Woman who Dreamt of a Man by Per Fly

– Ferris & Brockman (France) for Robert Mitchum est mort by Olivier Babinet & Fred Kihn

– Minds Meet (Belgium) for Lost Persons Area by Caroline Strubbe.

Within the framework of the Theatres Support scheme, the Board of Management decided to integrate into the network the following 3 theatres:
– Dvorana Doma Sindikata, Belgrade (Serbia);

– Yapay Sinemacilik, Eskisehir, (Turkey);

– Busovaca, Busovaca (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

The Board of Management has set the following meeting dates for 2011. The deadlines for submission of applications for support will be the following:

– 14 January 2011
– 13 April 2011
– 29 August 2011
– 24 October 2011

EURIMAGES is a support fund for the co-production, distribution and exhibition of European cinematographic works, established by the Council of Europe in 1988 (E-mail: – Web: 1.

Since it was set up in 1988, EURIMAGES has supported 1320 European co-productions for a total amount of approximately 397 million euros.

1 Since 1 September 2009, EURIMAGES has 34 member states: Albania, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, “The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia” and Turkey.

Council of Europe Directorate of Communication
Tel: +33 (0)3 88 41 25 60
Fax:+33 (0)3 88 41 39 11
pressunit AT

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