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Rights Round Up Cannes 2010 by International Sales Agent: D – G

Rights Round Up Cannes 2010 by International Sales Agent: D - G

D Street Media Group licensed Rivers Wash Over Me to Strand for U.S. in a pre-Cannes deal.

DeaPlaneta presold Julia’s Eyes aka Los Ojos de Julia to Optimum for U.K. in a pre-Cannes deal.

Doc & Film International ♀ licensed Boxing Gym to Tuckman for U.S.

E1 licensed Cut Throats Nine to Hidden Agenda for Canada.

Ealing Studios has sold Burke & Hare to La Fabrique de Films for France, Transmission for Austrlia/ N.Z., Entertainment for the U.K., Prime Pictures for the Middle East, Odeon for Greece and has offers pending from Germany, Spain, Italy and the CIS.

Egoli Tossell ♀ licensed The Song of Names to E1 for Canada.

Element Pictures licensed All the Good Children to Cineart for Benelux.

Elle Driver ♀ licensed Rubber to Magnolia for U.S, Madman has Australia, Corazon has Mexico, Optimumhas U.K., Canal + has France, Capelight has Germany, Xenix has Switzerland. In Your Hands aka Contre Toi went to Cineart for Benelux, Alfa for Argentina, Cine Colombia for Colombia, Hagi for Poland, Frenetic for Switzerland, HBO Latin America. Mars has France. Women Are Heroes has also gone to Imagine for Belgiium, Rezo for France, Cinemania for Slovenia, Phars for the Middle East, HBO Latin America. The Silent House went to Madman for Australia, Playarte for Brazil, BF Distribution for Chile, Cine Colombia for Colombia, UFO for France, Kinowelt for Germany, Corazon for Mexico, Atlantic for Scandinavia, Optimum for U.K. Talks are ongoing with Italy, Spain, Japan and Russia. Hut in the Woods is with Wild Bunch for Germany. Optimum has The Assault for U.K. The Assault also sold to Indonesia, Singapore and the Middle East.

Epic Pictures licensed Kill Speed to Kaleidoscope for U.K. All Interactive has Australia/ N.Z. Space Dogs 3D went to One Movie for Italy, HGC for China, Thomas for So. Korea, ITI Cinema for Poland, Melis for Turkey, Shapira for Israel. The Malay Chronicles: Bloodlines presold to Medtrodome for U.k., FIP for France, Elite for Germany and Daro for Russia and CIS. By The Will of Ghenghis Khan went ot Anchor Bay for U.K., FIP for France, Elite for Germany, Hollywood CE for Czech Republic, STG for Thailand, Phars for the Middle East Medyavizyon for Turkey, Bridge for Benelux, HGC for China and PT Dorama for Indonesia.

Europacorp licensed Luc Besson’s The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Secto went to Optimum for U.K. and to TriPictures for Spain in a pre-Cannes deal. Colombiana will be put through U.S. and some territories through a major studio. A Monster in Paris is with UDream for Belgium. Little White Lies aka Les Petits Mouchoirs is with Agora for Switzerland and Canal +” title=”Canal+”>Canal+ for France. 22 Bullets went to Wild Bunch for Germany, Sunstone for India, Top Film for Ukraine.

Exclusive Media Group sold The Flying Machine to Newmarkett for U.S.

Fabrication licensed Caught in the Crossfire to Metrodome for U.K. home entertainment.

Filmax licensed Sleep Tight aka Flatmate to Wild Side for France, Utopia for Greece and Lucky Red for Italy. Already licensed were Cineart for Benelux, Corazon for Mexico, Kino Swiat for Poland, Alfa for Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay and Megacom of teh Ex-Yugo. Agnosia is almost sold out, with Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay gone to Primer Plano, Poland to ITI Cinema, U.K. to Alliance/ Momentum, Canada to Alliance, Spain to Alliance owned Aurum, France to Le Pacte, Mexico to Corazon, Portugal to Lusomundo,
Square One Entertainment for Germany. Exorcismus went to Golden Harvest for Hong Kong.

FilmSharks licensed (Untitled) and Tear This Heart Out to S&A Pictures in So. Korea. Maywin Films acquired Tear This Heart Out for CIS and the Baltic states. Fox released the film throughout Latin America to considerable success and Lionsgate holds North American rights for theatrical release with over 100 prints and Wanda has released the film in Spain. Both titles have gone to more than 30 territories. Samuel Goldwyn released (Untitled) in the U.S. last November and deals are pending with CIS and Mexico. Albany Films acquired French-speaking territories for Sister Welsh Nights. Swedish title Guidance has gone to Smart Cinema for Benelux after Folket’s Bio successfully released the film in Scandinavia. U.S. buyers are circling Rafa Lara’s Colombian kidnap drama La Milagrosa which has virtually sold out with rights going to Splendid for German-speaking territories and Benelux, Maywin for CIS and the Baltic, Binci Media for China and LAPTV for pay TV across Latin America. Goldmine Pictures has scheduled a North American release on more than 80 prints for this summer. Mubi, the online film library formerly known as The Auteurs, has closed a deal with FilmSharks for VoD release of its catalog which includes the back catalogue from Latin American producers AltaVista (Amores Perros, Nicotina), Patagonik (Nine Queens, El Aura), “the very best filmography of Latin American cinema from the last 15 years with over 40 titles”, per FilmSharks’ Guido Rud. Another deal was struck with Spain’s Cameo VoD platform Filmin as well.

FilmNation licensed Terrence Malick’s latest untitled project, a romantic drama starring Christian Bale, Javier Bardem and Olga Kurylenko to Ascot Elite for Switzerland and to Optimum for U.K. in pre-Cannes deals.

Films Boutique has closed deals on its Un Certain Regard title Tuesday After Christmas (Marţi, după Crăciun) with Shellac (France) and Look Now (Switzerland). After Cannes the film was sold in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, where it will be distributed by Film Distribution Artcam, in Israel by United King Films , in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, and Paraguay by CDI Films, in Benelux by BrunBro Entertainment, in Denmark by Ost For Paradise, in Portugal by Clap Filmes, and in Greece by Clipart R U There? has sold to Jour2Fete for France and Filmmuseum Distributie for Netherlands. Ben Safdie’s Go Get Some Rosemary has been picked up by Midas Filmes for Portugal, Sophie Dulac Distribution for France, IFC Films for U.S. along with Sundance Select for VoD. Documentary Dancing Dreams, aka TanzTraume, featuring iconic choreographer Pina Bausch, has been sold to Taiwan Public TV and Joint Entertainment for theatrical. Films Boutique also closed deals for Go Get Some Rosemary and Eight Times Up with Irib Media in Iran. Optical Illusions went to So for the U.K., Sophie Dulac for France, A-One Films for Russia, SBS for Australia and Wiesner for Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.

Films Distribution presold Sad Trumpet Ballad to Magnolia for U.S., Mikado for Italy. Warner Bros. has Spain. Documentary Wall Street vs. Cleveland went to NeoClassics for U.S., Sacher for Italy, Sejong for So. Korea, JMH for Switzerland (co-producer), Les Films du Losange (co-producer) for France, and Shapira for Israel. Illegal went to Archibald for Italy, Feel Good for Greece, O’Brother for Belgium and Telepool for German speaking territories. Love Like Poison went to Artificial Eye for U.K. Yves Saint Laurent, L’Amour Fou went to Phantom for Japan, Chantier for Turkey, Noviy Disk for Russia/ CIS, Shapira for Israel, Cinemein and Homescreen HV for Netherlands, ABC for Belgium and Luxembourg, Telepool for German speaking territories, Serendip for Brazil, NonStop for Scandinavia and Q Media for Italy and in a pre-Cannes deal to Optimum for U.K. Frenetic has Switzerland. The Pack went to Icon for U.K. Chongking Blues weint to Europa for Brazil, Nutopia for Greece, Flash Star for Argentina, Irib for Iran and Jin Jin for So. Korea.

First Hand ♀ films licensed Winnebago Man to Canada for the home entertainment market via KinoSmith’s Hot Docs Collection. Kino has U.S.

Finecut ♀ has, in a marketplace where presales are decidedly not happening in any great numbers, presold 71:Into the Fire, now in post, to Maywin Media for Russia and CIS, Festive Films for Singapore, to Ascot Elite for German speaking Europe and Benelux and to Showbox for U.K. a company that has previously released Asian titles such asTaegukgi and The Myth. It will be released by Lotte Entertainment in So. Korea on June 25 – the 60th memorial day of the Korean War. I Saw The Devil presold to France’s ARP and to England’s Optimum, Taiwan’s Catchplay and Turkey’s Bir. It is currently in production and scheduled for Korean release in summer this year. Finecut is showing 12 minutes footage of the film here at Cannes. ARP previously released Kim’s last film, The Good, The Bad, The Weird, which premiered in an out of competition slot at Cannes in 2008. Argentinean director Pablo Trapero’s Un Certain Regard title Carancho sold to Strand” title=”Strand Releasing”>Strand Releasing for U.S., Clipart for Greece, and Golem Distribution for Spain. The film had pre-sold to Ad Vitam for French-speaking territories, and is getting interest for remake rights. Iris: The Movie, also starring Lee, went to Mirius Tuck for ex-Yugoslavia and Catchplay for Taiwan. Hahaha sold to Taiwan’s Catchplay. Ounie Lecomte’s A Brand New Life has gone to Golden Village for Singapore. Both deals are mop-up sales as the films were widely sold last year. A Brand New Life premiered in Cannes official selection in the special screenings section last year. Taiwanese distributor Waysen International acquired Antique, creature feature Chaw and horror film Blood Pledge. Jang Cheol-soo’s feature debut Bedevilled sold to Bir Film for Turkey, Optimum for U.K, Maywin Media for Russia and CIS” title=”Maywin Media”>Maywin Media for Russia and CIS, and Catchplay for Taiwan. Competition title and winner for Best Screenplay Poetry went to Clipart for Greece, Imovision for Brazil, Intercinema for ex-USSR excluding Baltic States, Lumiere for Benelux, Kino Lorber for the US, and Golem for Spain and Andorra, MCF MegaCom Film for ex-Yugoslavia and Khan Entertainment for Taiwan. French distributor Diaphana pre-bought and co-invested in the film. Golem has previously distributed arthouse titles such as Kore-eda Hirokazu’s Air Doll and Kim Ki-duk’s Breath. Poetry is the fifth film from Lee, whose Secret Sunshine won best actress at Cannes in 2007. The star of Poetry, Yun Junghee, was one of the biggest Korean actresses in the 1960s-1970s, and is making a come-back after a 16-year hiatus. Finecut also closed a package deal with Bir Film for Like You Know It All, Crossing, Daytime Drinking and Iris. Japan’s SPO picked up Twilight Gangsters, Daytime Drinking and My Dear Enemy. Finecut has signed output deals with two Korean companies – Lotte Entertainment and Next Entertainment World (N.E.W.) – to handle international sales of their films.

Focus Features licensed Another Year to SPC for U.S. and A Serious Man to Gaga for Japan. Biutiful went to Sun Distribution for LatAm territories. In Italy and Spain, it went to Focus’ parent company Universal. It also sold to Canal +-owned Optimum for the U.K., and Prokino for German speaking territories, A-Film for Benelux, ARP for France and Nordisk for Scandinavia, Serenity for Taiwan and IPA for Thailand, Edko for Hong Kong, and final negotiations ongoing for Australia/ N.Z., Shani Films has it for Israel, Odeon for Greece and Monopole Pathe for Switzerland. It is also sold to Japan. The policy in China chez Focus is not to sell there until they change their distribution policies which is now under review by both sides. True Legend went to Optimum for U.K. in a pre-Cannes deal. It sold out on Hanna and Jane Eyre, including multiple territories to Sony for Hanna. Somewhere went to Alternative Films for Benelux. Co-producer Medusa has Italy. Pathe has France and Switzerland (Monopole Pathe?), Tohokushinsha Film has Japan, UPI has Spain, Paradise has Russia and CIS, Sena has Iceland, S&M has Korea, Vertigo has Spain, Bir has Turkey.

Foresight Unlimited licensed Recoil and Terrance Howard/ Liv Tyler starrer The Ledge to SquareOne Entertainment for Germany and E1” title=”E1″>E1 for Canada. Universal Soldier IV starring Jean Claude Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren and The Ledge starring Liv Tyler and Patrick Wilson went to E1” title=”E1″>E1 for Canada.

Fortissimo presold Reign of Assassins produced by John Woo and starring Michelle Yeoh to The Weinstein Company (TWC) for acquired North America and South Africa. You, My Joy went to Clipart for Greece, ARP for France. Fortissimo made a deal on the eve of Cannes with 20th Century Fox International (FIP) to act as sales agent on many of their local language films which do not through Fox’s traditional major studio offices abroad. The first two titles to fall under the agreement are the Italian language production Vallanzasca, where Fortissimo will be handling all rights outside Italy, France, Germany, and Scandinavia; and the Russian language Alien Girl, where Fortissimo is handling all rights outside of Russia. Fortissimo also licensed The Promised Land, a Second World War drama set in Palestine with Colin Firth and Jim Sturges, to Ascot Elite for Switzerland in a pre-Cannes deal.

Fortune Star licensed two separate packages of 29 library titles to Thailand’s EVS Entertainment and 20 titles to MEDIA International for the Middle East. Palmedia acquired 20 titles for Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Bulgaria.

Forward Motion licensed Midgets vs Mascots to Kaleidoscope for U.K.

France TV Distribution licensed Apocalypse to U.K. distributor Kaleidoscope. Apocalypse has a terrestrial TV platform in the U.K.v with Channel 4 and in France has sold more than 500,000 dvds in its first 6 weeks of release.

Funny Balloons licensed Mammuth to Olive for U.S., X Verleih for Germany and Austria, Fandango for Italy, Karma for Spain, O’Brother for Belgium, Filmfreak for Netherlands, MontBlank for Switzerland, FunFilm for Canada, Emovision for Brazil, Vendetta for Australia and N.Z. It has had 800,000 admissions in France. Benda Bilili! has sold to Sophie Dulac for France, Cineart and Plankton/ Moviola for Japan.

Gaumont licensed Santapprentice, Gaumont/ Alphanim’s English-language animated coproduction with Avrill Stark Entertainme to Germany (Universum), Australia (BFG), India and Singapore (WEG), Greece (Odeon), Portugal (Lusomundo), Poland (Vision), Hungary (Cinetel), Turkey (Yenibir) and Switzerland (Monopole Pathe). Deals in further European and Asian territories are about to be finalized. Gaumont is releasing in France on November 24. Twelve, financed and produced by Gaumont in association with Radar Pictures and Original Media went to Metrodome (U.K.), Transmission (Australia), Telexel and Europa (Latin America), EEAP (Eastern Europe), Shapira (Israel), Four Star (Middle East), Horizon (Turkey), Weg (Singapore), PT Amero (Indonesia), IPA (Thailand), Videovision (South Africa), AB Svensk (Scandinavia), Monopole Pathe (Switzerland), Dutchfilmworks (Benelux) and Keowon (Korea). Its Berlin film the US$29 million Holocaust drama, The Round-Up, produced by Rosa Bosch, has gone to Wide in Spain, E1 for Canada, Belga for Belgium, Monopole Pathé in Switzerland, Golden Harvest in HongKong, and Odeon in Greece.

GK Films (Graham King)’s Rum Diaries is licensed to E1 Entertainment Benelux for Benelux, CatchPlay for Taiwan, Eagle Films for the Middle East, Paradise Group for Russia, Pinema for Turkey. Pimena, Eagle and Catchplay also have rights to London Boulevard. Chief of international sales Lisa Wilson has sold Medallion on behalf of her company Parlay Films to Universum for German speaking territories.

Golden Network ♀ presold Fireball Begins to U.K. distributor Kaleidoscope

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