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Spout About: “Inception” (Spoilers)

Spout About: "Inception" (Spoilers)

Here is the first installment of a new regular feature on Spout where we open up the discussion of a hot new film to those who’ve seen it. That means both the content of the post and the comments will and can be very SPOILER-heavy. If you haven’t yet seen “Inception,” you’ll want to avoid what I write and ask about it after the jump as well as anything below that. It’s likely you already understand this, as it’s hard to read anything about the film, promotional or reviews, without learning too much about it. It’s that kind of movie where you’re best off knowing as little as possible going in. I wish I could have had that experience, as I somewhat feel the trailers ruined part of the magic for me.

I’ve already discussed some of “Inception,” specifically how it and other films before have involved dreams in a way that functions reflexively as an allegory for movies themselves. So if you have anything to add or comment on that topic, you can also head over to that post. Otherwise I’ve got a handful of questions about the film, some of them without easy or definite answers, to get you going. Feel free to respond to them or raise more of your own. I will likely also come back to them, adding or correcting myself in the comments section, after seeing the film a second time this weekend.

Okay, that’s all I’ll say on the subject before the “Continue Reading” button. Click and continue at your own risk if you haven’t seen the film.

Here are some things I wondered about “Inception” after watching the film the first time:

1. Is Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) still dreaming at the end?

2. Has he been dreaming the whole time?

3. Was the actual mission of Cobb’s team, or just Ariadne (Ellen Page) to bring him back from the dream world? Is the clue in the name of Page’s character, which originates from the ancient Cretan princess who helped Theseus out of the labyrinth?

4a. Why didn’t anyone “dream bigger,” even after Eames (Tom Hardy) made such a suggestion? Couldn’t there have been a little more magic and imagination in the dream world(s)?

4b. Or, are we to understand Eames is the only character with this kind of creative ability, which is why he’s also the master of disguise in the dreams?

4c. Taking into consideration that anything too out of the ordinary can draw too much attention from the dreamer’s “projections,” wouldn’t it still have helped the team a lot if they could have conjured up a better vehicle or weaponry during the van chase in the first level dream?

5. Is “Inception” too similar to “Shutter Island”? What about to “The Matrix”?

6. Do you wish all the best effects shots weren’t revealed in the trailers?

7. Has “Inception” lived up to the hype and your expectations?

8. How does it rate for you compared to Nolan’s other films? Personally, I still like “Following” the best. “Inception” might be my least favorite, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad at all.

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