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MUBI: Herzog Muse, “Kaspar Hauser” Star Dead at 78

MUBI: Herzog Muse, "Kaspar Hauser" Star Dead at 78

MUBI is reporting that Bruno Schleinstein, the star of Werner Herzog’s “The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser” (for which he was credited as Bruno S.), died yesterday. Schleinstein, who lived much of his life in mental institutions after a rough childhood and went on to become a musical and visual artist, was discovered by Herzog on a documentary shoot, and the non-actor was quickly cast as Kaspar Hauser. “Enigma” tells the story of a man who must teach himself how to speak and walk late in life because he grew up as a prisoner in his own home. The film went on to win three awards at Cannes, including the Grand Prix du Jury. Schleinstein went on to star in Herzog’s “Stroszek.”

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