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Toronto and the Fall Market Season Begins (The Real Rights List)

Toronto and the Fall Market Season Begins (The Real Rights List)

Now that everyone has listed the new titles announced for Toronto, Venice and San Sebastian, Locarno is over, Rome is waiting in the wings, and Telluride has finally told, I would like to do a survey of some films’ sales’ stats. IM Global is treating Toronto as an all-out market. The sales agents as well as the publicists are positioning their films via email to the trade. I just saw White Wedding by Jann Turner ♀ which is being sold in the “market” as well by The Little Film Company and its positive review in L.A. Times. It is very timely and enjoyable, at the same time touches ever more present issues of race and equality, this time in South Africa. On the infamous September 11 at 2pm I will be interviewing Bob Berney in TIFF’s Meet the Mogul session at the Filmmakers Lounge. I hope you will come to see and hear what Bob has to say about the business. I’m sure we are all eager to know what is up with him as well, though he still might not be saying.

Bob Berney

These are events happening around the festival itself. As everyone is writing about the festival, and as I read the announcements along with everyone else, I set out with an ambitious agenda to quantify those “tipped for” titles which have been circulating since Cannes to see whether or not they were included in the lineups (Out of 80 films listed here in the Galas and Special Presentations, and not counting the films which already showed in Cannes, there are 21 films which had been previously on tipped lists. And there is a significant number in other sections as well.). I also wanted see how many international sales agents (ISAs) are already attached to the films and what sales have already been made to distributors during and since Cannes. I did this because I have watched Toronto metamorphose from a Festival of Festivals to the greatest festival in North America to becoming a market in itself by nature of the films it chooses and their appeal to buyers and sellers. Again, it is a significant number.

It used to be that the festivals presented the first showing of films not only to the public but to the trade. Don’t forget, Cannes is still not a public festival. The sellers themselves as well as the buyers came to the festivals with great feelings of anticipation to discover the jewels. Now it seems not only have the ISAs but also the distributors lobbed into the court before the premieres. This exercise will not only show who is selling and who is buying and what activities have taken place in and since, it also illustrates this new development in festival films.

What still makes for the thrill of the festival are the jewels waiting to be discovered by both sales agents and distributors. And the rest of us (based on whatever our needs are) still have the pleasure at the festival of seeing the films and of watching the buying and selling to guage the vitality of the market today. What sells, for how much and to whom? We will also see if the Euro, the Yen, the Dollar and the Peso are strong or weak which will influence the buying and the selling. All this seems to make for more of a market than a festival, but Toronto is keeping pace with its own year round developments. And so the world turns.

Whether I continue with this exercise in rights remains to be seen. It is like handstitching for haute couture. It’s very valuable for the trade, but as the trade is not demanding this nor paying me for this, I most likely will simplify my work on further lists. (Unless the trade speaks up loudly enough for me to continue. :) Perhaps someone reading this in L.A. will volunteer to become my apprentice intern and will make the links internet-wide while I make the links industry-wise.

Below are the titles for the Toronto Galas and Special Presentations in all their splendid (market) detail. And, The Female Factor for these is 5.8%. Docs however (not listed here) I am thrilled to announce, have 36% female directors. ♀

In addition, ioncinema does a great job of listing the top 20 acquisitions targets! In the upcoming Rights Roundup for the Fall Festivals and Markets, I’ll mark those titles and we’ll see the sales on them particularly.


One out of twenty, directed by a woman = 5%.

The Bang Bang Club (Canada) is a World Premier Gala. E1 snuck a private screening of it in Cannes which I was privy to see. The Bang-Bang Club was a name primarily associated with four photographers active within the townships of South Africa during the Apartheid period, particularly between 1990 and 1994, from when Nelson Mandela was released from jail to the 1994 elections. It is about wartime photographers and the thrills they seek in the trouble spots first in South Africa and then the world. It was tipped by no one, but has so far sold to, (among others) Nutopia for Greece, Falcon Films for Lebanon and Pinnacle Films for Australia. Financed by the Harold Greenberg Fund, among others.

Barney’s Version by Canadian Richard J. Lewis had been tipped for Cannes . It is produced by the Canadian mogul Robert Lantos of Serendipity Point Films. Sales agent Essential came on board in August. A U.S. distribution deal is in the works, and E1 just bought Canadian rights. Financed by the Harold Greenberg Fund, among others.

Paul Giamatti stars in Barney’s Version.

A Beginner’s Guide to Endings by Jonathan Sobol (Canada) is having its World Premiere. Financed by the Harold Greenberg Fund, among others, Sierra is the ISA. This is a totally fresh film, was never tipped for any previous festival.

It’s interesting to note that the first 3 films are all funded in part by The Harold Greenberg Fund. Hockey: The Musical is as well, and there are probably more. For more information on this and one of Canada’s greatest film business families, click here to read more on Wikipedia about Harold and his three brothers Sydney, Ian and Harvey.

Black Swan by Darren Aronofsky (tipped for Cannes by IW) hit big at its World Premiere in Venice and is having its North American Sneak Preview in Telluride before it proceeds to what was to be its North American Premiere in Toronto. It was sold to Fox Searchlight by CAA.

Casino Jack by George Hickenlooper (U.S.) (had been tipped for Cannes) will have its World Premiere. It presold well during Cannes where Hannibal presold it to E1 for Canada, Eagle for the Middle East, Hollywood C.E. for Czech Republic, Inter Medya Hizmetleri Ticaret for Romania, Lusomundo for Portugal, MG Film for Croatia, Monolith for Poland , Soyuz for Russia, Spentzos for Greece, Swen for Colombia, Paraguay and Uruguay, Wide Pictures for Spain. CAA sold the U.S. rights to James Schramm’s Metropolitan Inc., but that deal fell through a few weeks ago and so CAA, Rollercoaster’s Gary Howsam and Hannibal are pulling out all the plugs in Toronto to line up a U.S. sale.

The Conspirator by Robert Redford (U.S.) is having its World Premiere. It was not tipped previously. CAA represents the No. American rights. It was presold by Focus to Ascot Elite for Switzerland, Bir for Turkey, IPA Asia Pacific for Thailand.

The Debt by John Madden (U.K.) is having its North American Premiere. A remake of the Israeli thriller Ha Hov (2007). See the trailer here.It was not tipped previously and is problematic as a Miramax owned film held in No. America by Miramax and in Argentina by Disney and presold to Audio Visual for Greece.

The Housemaid by Im Sang-Soo (South Korea) is having its North American Premiere, after its Cannes Premiere, and screening in Melbourne. It was sold by Mirovision to IFC Films for U.S., Pretty Pictures for France, Long Shong Entertainment Multimedia Company for Taiwan, Madman for Australia / N.Z., Sidus for So. Korea.

The Housemaid

Janie Jones by David M. Rosenthal (U.S.) (World Premiere). Never tipped. Being repped by CAA for U.S. VVS has Canada. Being sold by Unified who has worked on the film throughout its development and production.

The King’s Speech by Tom Hooper (U.K.) tipped for Cannes, it has its North American Premiere in Telluride. Its ISA is FilmNation , though last week it was The Weinstein Co. Both share it on It has already sold by to Momentum for U.K. Transmission for Australia/ N.Z., Ascot Elite for Switzerland, The Weinstein Co. for No. America, Cascade Film for Russia, IPA Asia Pacific for Thailand, Prorom for Romania.

Last Night by Massy Tadjedin ♀ (France/ U.S.) is having its World Premiere and will then go to Rome FF. CAA is reselling U.A., Australia/ N.Z. and U.K. rights which had been with Miramax. A Nick Wechsler co-production with Gaumont who is also selling it and distributing it in France, it was not on any “tipped” lists but has been on the market since AFM 2008 for presales and has sold to Ard/ Degeto for Germany, Star Entertainment for India, Leopolis ford Russa, Filma for Turkey, Benelux Film Distributors for Benelux, Monopole-Pathé for Switzerland, Vertice Cine for Spain, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures for Argentina, FS Film Oy for Finland, IPA Asia Pacific for Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand, Medusa Distribuzione for Italy, Odeon for Greece.

Little White Lies (Tipped for Cannes by IW) by Guillaume Canet (France), is having its World Premiere and was presold by EuropaCorp to Agora for Switzerland. Canal + and EuropaCorp have France of course.

Peep World by Barry W. Blaustein (U.S.) is produced by Keith Calder of Occupant Film (The Wackness) is having its World Premiere. Never tipped, no ISA. CAA is repping No. American rights.

Potiche directed by Francois Ozon (France) (tipped for Cannes by IW) is having its North American Premiere. Sold by Wild Bunch to Mars for France, Gaga for Japan, Imovision for Brazil, Teleview International for the Middle East.

The Promise: The Making of Darkness on the Edge of Town by Grammy and Emmy Award-winning filmmakerThom Zimny (U.S.) takes us into the studio with Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band for the recording of their fourth album. World Premiere.

Sarah’s Key aka Elle s’appelait Sarah by Gilles Paquet Brenner (France) is having its World Premiere and afterwards heads to San Sebastian FF. Kinology has presold it to Madman for Australia/ N.Z., Ephraim Gilad & Co. and Nachshon Films have Israel, and UGC has France. Kristin Scott Thomas plays an American journalist who discovers the 1942 story of 10 year old Parisian Jewish girl who tries to save her brother from the police.

Score: A Hockey Musical by Michael McGowan (Canada). Financed by the Harold Greenberg Fund, among others. World Premiere. Canadian rights are with Mongrel Media. No ISA.

The Town directed by Ben Affleck (U.S.) is having its North American Premiere after its World Premiere in Venice. Graham King produced for Warner Bros. Had been tipped.

Trust by David Schwimmer (U.S.) is having its World Premiere. The Gersh Agency and CAA are co-repping U.S. rights while NuImage is selling worldwide and has sold to Eagle for the Middle East, Lionsgate for U.K., VVS Films for Canada, and Wide Pictures for Spain.

West is West by Andy De Emmony (U.K.) is having its World Premiere. It’s being sold by Icon who has already sold it to Ascot Elite for Switzerland.


127 Hours by Danny Boyle (U.S.) is having its World Premiere in Telluride,. Co-produced by Pathe and Fox Searchlight. It had been tipped.

Amigo by John Sayles (U.S.) is having its World Premiere. Rezo is selling internationally and has French rights.

L’Amour Fou (Yves St. Laurent) by Pierre Thoretton (France) is having its World Premiere. Films Distribution licensed it to Phantom for Japan, Chantier for Turkey, Noviy Disk for Russia/ CIS, Shapira for Israel, Cinemein for theatrical and TV and Homescreen HV for Benelux HV, ABC for theatrical and TV in Belgium and Luxembourg, Telepool for German speaking territories, Serendip for Brazil, NonStop for Scandinavia and Q Media for Italy and in a pre-Cannes deal to Optimum for U.K. Frenetic has Switzerland.

Another Year by Mike Leigh (U.K.) is having its North American Premiere in Telluride and premiered in Cannes. It’s being sold by Focus to Sony Pictures Classics for U.S., Monopole Pathe for Switzerland, Prokino for Germany Momentum for U.K. and E1 for Benelux.

Balada Triste (The Last Circus) aka A Sad Trumpet Ballad by Álex de la Iglesia (Spain/ France) is having it World Premiere. Films Distribution is selling. Magnolia has U.S. and Warner Bros. has Spain.

Beginners by Mike Mills (U.S.) his having its World Premiere. Not tipped, No ISA. Contact producer Leslie Urdang at 1 310 452 3335.

The Big Picture aka L’homme qui voulait vivre sa vie, by Eric Lartigau (France) is having its World Premiere. Being sold by EuropaCorp. who is also distributing in France.

Biutiful by Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu (Spain/ Mexico), is having its North American Premiere at Telluride. It just sold to Roadside Attractions and Liddell Entertainment for U.S. At its Cannes premiere Focus sold it Sun Distribution for LatAm territories. In Italy and Spain, it went to Focus’ parent company Universal. It also sold to Canal +-owned Optimum for the U.K., and Prokino for German speaking territories, A-Film for Benelux, ARP for France and Nordisk for Scandinavia, Castello Lopes for Portugal, Serenity for Taiwan and IPA for Thailand, Edko for Hong Kong, Maple for Canada, Shani Films for Israel, Odeon for Greece and Monopole Pathe for Switzerland, Kino Swiat for Poland. Final negotiations ongoing for Japan and Australia/ N.Z.


Blue Valentine by Derek Cianfrance (U.S.) is having its Canadian Premiere. After its Sundance and Cannes premieres Hyde Park licensed it to Cinematografica Distributori Indipendenti (CDI), The Weinstein Co. for U.S., Front Row for Middle East, Palace for Australia/ N.Z., Seven Films for Greece.

Brighton Rock by Rowan Joffe (U.K.) is having its World Premiere. Producer and U.K. distributor Optimum Releasing and Oz’s Madman Entertainment already have rights. Its sales agent is Studio Canal.

Brighton Rock

Buried by Rodrigo Cortes (Spain/ U.S.) is having its Canadian Premiere. Since its Sundance premier, UTA sold U.S. to Lionsgate. Kinology has sold to Warner Bros. for India (according to IMDbPro), Ascot Elite for Switzerland and Germany, GAGA for Japan, Warner Bros. for Spain, Fundamental Films for China, Icon Film Distribution for Australia, Imagem for Brazil, Maple for Canada Sergei Yershov’s Film Depot for CIS, and U.K., Long Shong for Taiwan, Moviemax for Italy, Scanbox Entertainment for Scandinavia.

Conviction by Tony Goldwyn (U.S.) is having its World Premiere and being sold by Omega. North American rights are held by Fox Searchlight Pictures, South Korea by Prime. Eagle Films has the Middle East, Shoval Film has Israel.

Cirkus Columbia by Danis Tanovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina/ France/ Belgium/ Slovenia/ Italy) (tipped for Cannes by SI) will film in Venice Days sidebar and have its North American Premiere at TIFF. Produced by Gerhard Meixner and Roman Paul’s Razor Films. The Match Factory is selling it.

Deep in the Woods by Benoit Jacquot (France/ Germany) is having is North American premiere after showing in Locarno and being sold by Films Distribution. Agora has Switzerland and Les Films du Losange has France.

Dhobi Ghat by Kiran Rao ♀ (India) is having its World Premiere. It was never tipped, no ISA. It is tipped to be India’s submission for Best Foreign Language Nomination for Academy Awards. Contact is Aamir Khan Productions.

Easy A by Will Gluck (U.S.) is having its World Premiere. A Screen Gems Production.

Easy A

Everything Must Go by Dan Rush (U.S.) is having its World Premiere. It was never tipped for any festival. CAA and ICM are co-repping U.S. rights. It’s being sold by IM Global.

Force of Nature: The David Suzuki Movie directed by Sturla Gunnarsson (Canada) is having its World Premiere. The doc was never tipped. It is a NFBC production.

Good Neighbours by Jacob Tierney (Canada) is having its World Premiere. Myriad is the sales agent. Alliance has Canada, Eagle has the Middle East.

Gorbaciòf – The Cashier who Liked Gambling by Stefano Incerti (Italy) is having its North American Premiere after Venice FF. Lucky Red has Italian rights. RAI Trade is the sales agent.

Heartbeats aka Les Amours Imaginaires by Xavier Dolan (Canada) has been playing extensively since its Cannes debut. Rezo has sold it to IFC Films for U.S., ABC for Belgium theatrical and TV, Cinemien for The Netherlands theatrical and TV, Homescreen HV for all Benelux home video, Feelgood Entertainment for Greece, MK2 for France, Remstar for Canada, Filmcoopi for Switzerland, Indie Network Releasing for U.K., Can Co. for So. Korea. Of course Rezo has France.

Henry’s Crime by Malcom Venville (U.S.) is having its World Premiere. It was never tipped. CAA and Cassian Elwes are rperesenting the U.S. rights. It was presold in Cannes by Parlay Films ♀ (whose Lisa Wilson is selling for GK as well) to Ascot Elite Entertainment Group for Switzerland, Paradise Group for Russia, Pinema for Turkey, Wide Pictures for Spain, SPI for Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Hereafter by Clint Eastwood (U.S.) is having its World Premiere. It had been tipped for Cannes. It is a Warner Bros. production.

The House by the Medlar Tree aka Malavoglia by Pasquale Scimeca (Italy) is having its International Premiere after showing in Venice. It’s being sold by Cinecitta Luce who also has Itallian rights.


I Saw The Devil by Kim Jee-woon (South Korea) is having its North American Premiere and after its Pusan FF debut. Next, it goes to San Sebastian. Having been tipped for Cannes, it was presold off of its 12 minute footage by FineCut in Cannes Market to France’s ARP and to England’s Optimum, Taiwan’s Catchplay and Turkey’s Bir. It is scheduled for Korean release in summer this year. Finecut is. French distributor ARP previously released Kim’s last film, The Good, The Bad, The Weird, which premiered in an out of competition slot at Cannes in 2008.

The Illusionist by Sylvain Chomet (U.K.) will have its North American Premiere. It screened in the 2010 Berlin International Film Festival, Edinburgh Film Festival, Karlovy Vary Film Festival, Melbourne International Film Festival. It’s being sold by Pathé Pictures. English and French rights are held by Pathé, Swiss by Monopole-Pathé, Benelux by Paradiso Entertainment. U.S. and Canada are held by Sony Pictures Classics. Klock Worx Company has Japan , Videorama has Greece.

I’m Still Here by Casey Affleck (U.S.) is having its North American Premiere after its Venice debut. It’s being repped by William Morris Endeavor. Magnolia is both ISA and U.S. distributor and D Films has Canada.

Incendies by Denis Villeneuve (Canada) is having its World Premiere after its sneak preview at Telluride where its reception was great. It had been tipped for Cannes. E1 is selling.

In a Better World aka Revenge by Susanne Bier ♀ (Denmark/ Sweden) (tipped for Cannes by IW) is having its International Premiere after being released in Denmark in August. From Toronto it travels to Rio FF. TrustNordisk has licensed it to Sony Pictures Classics for U.S., Longride for Japan, Can Co. and Cinus for So. Korea, First Distributors for Hong Kong, Cineplex for Colombia and Central America and Scanorama European Film Forum for Lithuania, Vivarto for Poland which brings total to 30 territories including Universum in Germany, Rosebud for Greece, Frenetic in Switzerland and California Filmes in Brazil.

It’s Kind of a Funny Story by Ryan Fleck & Anna Boden ♀ (U.S.) is having its World Premiere. It was never tipped. Focus is ISA and North American distributor. Alliance has Canada, Kinnimod has U.K.

Jack Goes Boating by Philip Seymour Hoffman (U.S.) is having its International Premiere after its Sundance premiere Celluloid Dreams has sold it to Overture Films for U.S., Aerofilms for Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Julia’s Eyes aka Los Ojos de Julia by Guillem Morales (Spain) is having its World Premiere and then goes on to Sitges FF. DeAPlaneta is the sales agent. It has sold to Cinema Mondo for Finland, Optimum and Universal Pictures International for U.K., Dark Light Media for China, Independenta for Romania, Kinowelt for Germany, Universal Pictures International for Spain and France

The Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen, aka Jing mo fung wan: Chen Zhen by Andrew Lau aka Wai-keung Lau (Hong Kong) is having its North American Premiere after its world premiere in Venice. Sales Representatives are Media Asia for Asia and Focus for the rest of the world. Sales were made to Well Go for U.S., Media Asia Distribution for Hong Kong, Shaw for Singapore, Long Shong Entertainment Multimedia Company for Taiwan . Focus presold it to Optimum for U.K. in a pre-Cannes deal.

Let Me In by Matt Reeves (U.K. /U.S.) is having its World Premiere. Based on the best-selling Swedish novel Lat den Ratte Komma (Let The Right One In), and the highly-acclaimed film of the same name. Guy East’s Exclusive has licensed it to Aurum for Spain, Icon / Dendy for Australia/ N.Z. and U.K, Front Row for the Middle East, Castello Lopes for Portugal, Continental for Croatia.

Let Me In

Lope directed by Andrucha Waddington (House of Sand ) (Brazil/ Spain) (Tipped for Cannes by ion) is having its North American Premiere after its Venice debut. Co-producer and distributor Conspiração Filmes has Brazil. Ikiru is seeking an ISA. As a distributor it also has Spain. Wild Bunch has France.

Love Crime aka Crime d’amour directed by the very recently deceased Alain Corneau (France) is having its International Premiere after its release in France and French speaking Europe by ISA/ distributor UGC.

Made In Dagenham by Nigel Cole (U.K.) is having its World Premiere. Hanway licensed it to Sony Pictures Classics for North America and Lucky Red for Italy, in pre-Cannes deals. It had been tipped for Cannes. Distributors also on board include Ascot Elite for Switzerland, ARP Sélection for France, Cinéart for Benelux, Paramount Pictures International for U.K., and Australia/ N.Z.

Miral by Julian Schnabel (Israel/ France/ U.K.) is having it North American premiere. Int’l Sales Agent Production Co. Pathe has licensed it to The Weinstein Co. for U.S., Monopole-Pathé for Switzerland, Europa Filmes for Brazil, Pathe for France, Pathe for U.K., Worldwide Entertainment Group (WEG) for India.

Mothers by Milcho Manchevski (Bulgaria/ France/ Macedonia) is having its World Premiere. Cine Sud is the producer. There is no ISA.

Never Let Me Go by Mark Romanek (U.K.) is having its World Premiere. Produced by DNA Films and Film4, it has gone to Fox Searchlight Pictures for North America.

Norweigan Wood, by Tran Anh Hung (Japan) is having its North American Premiere. (Tipped for Cannes by IW), It’s being sold by Fortissimo Films and has been licensed to Asmik Ace, Toho and Fuji Television Network for Japan, Aerofilms for the Czech Republic, Lumiere for Benelux, PCV for Greece, Serenity Entertainment International for Taiwan , Vértigo Films for Spain.

Outside The Law, directed by Rachid Bouchareb (Algeria/ France/ Tunisia/ Italy/ Belgium) is having its North American Premiere. After its Cannes premiere, Studio Canal and France 2 (FR2) licensed it to Studio Canal for France, uDream for Benelux, Frenetic Films for Switzerland, Madman for Australia/ N.Z.

Passion Play by Mitch Glazer (U.S.) is having its World Premiere. Sierra is selling the film and it’s gone to Eagle for the Middle East, IPA Asia Pacific for Thailand and Telepool for Germany.

Passione by John Turturro (Italy) is having its North American Premiere after its World Premiere in Venice. Another example of an American filmmaker successfully co-producing in Europe. Beta is its ISA. Cinecitta Luce has acqired Italian rights.

The Poll Diaries by Chris Kraus (Austria/ Estonia/ Germany) is having its World Premiere.
Cp-producer Dor has Austrian rights. It had been tipped for Cannes. Bavaria is selling internationally.

Rabbit Hole by John Cameron Mitchel (USA), (tipped for Cannes by IndieWIRE) is showing in TIFF as a World Premiere. CAA is repping No. American rights. Affinity, the sales agent for producer Odd Lot has had great success for the past six months preselling it to Diamond Pictures for Argentina, CDE Videa for Italy, Haut et Court for France, Marsfor Turkey, Noori Pictures for So. Korea, Paris Filmes for Brazil,Sun Distribution for Latin America. It’s #1 on the ioncinema list of saleable properties for U.S.

Repeaters by Carl Bessai (Canada) is having its World Premiere. It’s being sold by Film Sales Co.

Rio Sex Comedy by Jonathan Nossiter (Brazil/ France) is having its World Premiere. Cinetic is acting as producer’s rep. E1 has international sales rights. Tambellini Filmes has Brazil.

A Screaming Man aka Un homme qui crie directed by Mahamat-Saleh Haroun (Belgium/ Chad/ France) is having its North American Premiere. After its Cannes premiere it played Karlovy Vary. Pyramide International has licensed the Jury Prize winner to MegaCom for Ex-Yugoslavia, Trigon Film for Switzerland and Cineart for Benelux, Film Movement for the U.S. and Canada and Soda Pictures for U.K.

Special Treatment by Jeanne Labrune ♀, (Belgium/ France/ Luxembourg) is having its World Premiere. Films Boutique is the sales agent and Rezo has France.

Stone by John Curran (U.S.) is having it World Premiere. Nu Image has licensed it to Diamond Pictures for Argentina, Ascot Elite for Germany and Switzerland, CatchPlay for Taiwan, Eagle Films for the Middle East, Lionsgate for U.K., Luxor Entertainment for Russia, Midget Entertainment for Denmark, Noble Entertainment for Sweden, Overture Films for the U.S., VVS Films for Canada.

Submarine by Richard Ayoade (UK) is having its World Premiere. It was never tipped. Protagonist Pictures licensed it to Optimum Releasing for the U.K.

Tamara Drewe, directed by Stephen Frears (UK) Its North American Premiere was somewhat upstaged by Telluride. Westend ♀ licensed it to Sony Pictures Classics for U.S. in a pre-Cannes deal. It also went to Diaphana Films for France, Momentum Pictures for the U.K., Monopole-Pathé for Switzerland, Prokino Filmverleih for Germany, Seven Films for Greece.

That Girl In Yellow Boots by Anurag Kashyap (India) is having its North American Premiere. It as never tipped and has no international sales agent.

Trigger by Bruce McDonald (Canada) is having its World Premiere. It is being sold by E1 who also has Canadian rights.

The Trip by Michael Winterbottom (U.K.) is having its World Premiere. The Trip began as a television series for BBC2. Produced by Winterbottom and Andrew Eaton’s Revolution, no international sales agent is attached.

The Way by Emilio Estevez (U.S.) is having its World Premiere. Icon is selling and has U.K., Australia/ N.Z. Co-producer Filmax has Spain.

What’s Wrong With Virginia by Dustin Lance Black (U.S.) is having its World Premiere. It had been tipped for Cannes. CAA is repping for U.S. Inferno is selling internationally and has already sold to Seven for Greece.

What’s Wrong With Virginia

The Whistleblower by Larysa Kondracki ♀ (Canada/ Germany). Developed through EAVE 2006 and pitched at Baltic Event 2006 with support of the MEDIA programme of the European Community, Swedish Film Institute, Film i Väst. Voltage is the ISA.

You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger by Woody Allen (Spain/ U.K./ U.S.) is having its North American Premiere. Imagina ♀ licensed to Videovision for South Africa and to Sony Pictures Classics for North America in a pre-Cannes deal. Alfa Films has Argentina, Central Partnership Ukraine has Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Concorde Filmverleih has Germany, Frenetic Films has Switzerland, Medusa has Italy, Paradiso Entertainment has Benelux, Scanbox Entertainment has Scandinavia, Sony Pictures Classics has No. America, Sun Distribution has Latin America including Cuba and Mexico, Warner Bros. has France, Lusomundo has Portugal, Paris Filmes has Brazil, Prorom Media-Trade has Romania.

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