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“Green Lantern” Trailer: Concerns and Excitement From Around the Web

"Green Lantern" Trailer: Concerns and Excitement From Around the Web

When the “Green Lantern” trailer showed up online the other day, immediate reactions seemed so negative I thought we might have another “Avatar” on our hands. As in, here’s a highly anticipated movie that’s easily crapped on in initial ad form but which will end up making a lot of, well, green. Personally, I thought the movie looked like the worst comic book-based superhero movie since Roger Corman’s “Fantastic Four,” but that was a little harsh, even for me. In reality it’s more like the 2005 “Fantastic Four,” which still isn’t great, but it’s the best we can hope for with a movie that sends Ryan Reynolds back to “Van Wilder” territory and then covers him in CG magic.

Because I have never read a “Green Lantern” comic, I can’t comment on how faithful the movie looks, but I do think at least the Green Lantern Corps. stuff looks cool. It’s just the stuff on Earth that makes me feel uncomfortably embarrassed for the character, Reynolds and DC Comics. As for director Martin Campbell, it’s probably not going to be his worst film. And like the rest of the bad-mouthing responders, I will of course be seeing this the soonest I get the chance. Also, it turns out a number of movie bloggers do think it looks really good. I guess I just follow mostly negative people on Twitter.

I’ve collected the negative and positive buzz heard around the film blog water cooler after the jump (and I’ll keep adding to it as I see more commentary).

The concerns:


Sarah Walker at Best Week Ever:

we’ve all grown accustomed to Ryan Reynolds’ charming quips as coupled with his obscenely cut body, but I feel as though these quips are a bit lackluster. I want my Just Friends Ryan Reynolds, not my The Proposal Ryan Reynolds.


Kristopher Tapley at In Contention:

the mask stinks. It just does. I like the idea of the suit being fully CG and always have but that damn mask.

Rob Keyes at Screen Rant:

while Ryan Reynolds’ CGI costume is often a topic of debate, within the context of the trailer it doesn’t look so out of place even though I still think it looks a tad too fake from the final scene of the trailer, notably in the mask. I hope it improves in the many months left before the summer 2011 season kicks off

Eric Eisenberg at Cinema Blend:

I’m still wary about the look of the suit – the mask still looks as though it is merely painted on – but considering they have seven months to fix it I’m not too concerned.


Steven Zeitchik at 24 Frames:

The trailer for the Martin Campbell-directed summer movie about the DC Comics character — long believed the better of the two upcoming ‘Green’ superhero films– starts with Ryan Reynolds as a cad who doesn’t give a fig. But Reynolds, sadly, isn’t Robert Downey, Jr., and the scene lacks the panache displayed by the man in the iron suit.

Bob at MovieBob:

I maintain that part of the reason for the first “Iron Man’s” surprise mega-success was that it had the best trailer EVER for a character most people had never heard of: […] This, while solid, probably isn’t gonna do that for people who don’t already know who Green Lantern is. They need (and will probably “do” later) a trailer to give “regular” audiences a solid idea of what the Green Lantern Corps is, how the ring works, etc. Right now, if you’re not already a fan, the takeaway from this trailer is: “likable actor can fly and shoot green stuff at aliens.” Not bad… but it’s not the “pre-awareness” that blockbusters are made of.

Rob Hunter at Film School Rejects:

Kind of a mixed bag isn’t it? Not great, not bad… Iron Man lite perhaps?

Kevin Coll at Fused Film:

The first two minute and twenty seven second trailer seems to just underwhelm and I can’t put my finger on why that is. Still, it has a cool Iron Man/Star Trek vibe too it and all the blockbuster elements for a fun film, but I guess I am expecting something epic. Maybe I should lower these expectations.

Ben Child at the Guardian Film Blog:

There is a distinct whiff of Iron Man to the debut trailer for Green Lantern, which hit the web earlier this week. Cocky hero plunged unexpectedly into superherodom and required to shape up to new responsibilities? Check. Rousing hard rock soundtrack? Check. Attractive female discarded with wisecracking insouciance? Yes, Green Lantern even borrows an early scene from Jon Favreau’s 2008 film. […] what Green Lantern doesn’t have is Robert Downey Jr, a man who would be infinitely watchable were he playing a dinner lady in Grange Hill. Instead, studio execs have lined up Ryan Reynolds, who despite his newly attained status as People magazine’s sexiest man in the world, doesn’t quite have the same devilish charm. […] Iron Man proved that you don’t need to adapt one of the better known superhero series in order to make a decent film, and I think the jury’s probably still out on Green Lantern.


Mark at I Watch Stuff:

For better or worse (worse), it really looks like a superhero movie, doesn’t it? The unpleasant changes to the suit; the insistence on focusing on a love story no one cares about; the shots of hapless cops ineffectively shooting something; the requisite gala event explosively disrupted by villainy; the way the entirety of Joel Schumacher’s Batman Forever seems to be captured within that ring, requiring all of Hal Jordan’s willpower just to contain the mist and green party lights enough to keep this film from being THAT campy.


Sean O’Neal at A.V. Club:

the fact that it doesn’t take itself too seriously—that it makes being a superhero look like an awful lot of fun—could be just the thing to finally make comic-book movies a viable property, sarcasm sarcasm.

Gabe Delahaye at Videogum:

This movie should just be called Comical CGI Bodysuit Vs. The Scary Foreheads. Better. In any case, I am definitely on the edge of my seat wondering if he will become responsible, because it seems like at the beginning of the movie he’s not responsible? But like, the bearer of the ring needs to be responsible? Fingers crossed!

Peter Sciretta at /Film:

I’m definitely not sold on the all-CG suit and the tone seems a bit more comic-laced and geared towards children than I was expecting. The dialogue and deliver seems hokey, cheesy and stilted.

Matt Holmes at Obsessed with Film:

looks like an under-budged, over-scoped television spectacular with an awkward comedy lead in Ryan Reynolds desperately trying to hold the whole thing together.

I’m willing to believe the special effects aren’t finished yet and there’s still some work to do but then why show your weaknesses, ever? And honestly if they worked on that concept they have for the Lantern suit till the end of time they still wouldn’t make it look believable. You can’t polish a turd and all that.

The excitement:


Joseph Baxter at The Feed:

how awesome does Mark Strong look as Sinestro? There are very few instances where a comic-themed film just goes out and nails a character down with perfection, but this seems to be one of them.

Rick Marshall at Splash Page:

I think it’s pretty safe to say that the live-action Sinestro looks quite faithful to his comics counterpart, and to be honest, Strong’s pedigree in all things villainy had us feeling pretty good about this casting from the start. Sure, he’s going to be a good guy in this film, but we all know where Sinestro is headed — and this shot makes me feel a little better about getting there



Jeff Jensen at Entertainment Weekly’s PopWatch:

I so dig the sight of Hal using his power ring to conjure a giant fist to knock out the goons; and I got a Christopher Reeve-in-Superman vibe watching Hal soar through the sky — and beyond. You will be believe a man can fly … into space.

Scott Thill at Underwire:

Green Lantern’s full trailer shows off the Lantern Corps‘ home planet Oa, as well as its other space soldiers and their guardian leaders. That’s a nice change of pace from Iron Man 2’s earthbound drama.

Kyle Buchanan at Vulture:

Over-the-top? The Green Lantern’s flying so high over the top you can barely glimpse his green swoosh, but he’s just in time: Maybe superhero movies can finally shake off their grim makeovers and be fun again.


Rob Bricken at Topless Robot:

I think this looks great, actually. Obviously, I may watch the same footage a few months later and change my mind, apparently, but right now, I think it looks swell. The aliens look good, the ring powers look good, the suit looks… odd — although I think that was kind of the point — and Ryan Reynolds is playing Ryan Reynolds, which is hardly comics accurate, but should make for a fun time (oh, if he were only playing Kyle Rayner).

Sean Dwyer at Film Junk:

think the trailer itself is pretty solid. For one, I’m excited to see so much focus on the Green Lantern Corps and various scenes in space, which I think will help set this apart from a lot other recent comic book flicks.

TK at Pajiba:

It looks pretty fucking good. […] the tone of the trailer is pretty serious, with a couple of jokes tossed in here and there, which is pretty much what the modern superhero comics are like (and the best superhero films, for that matter). I’m not 100% sold on Reynolds as Hal Jordan, but after seeing him in Buried, I’m willing to give him a hell of a lot of leeway. The otherworldly footage, particularly of the planet Oa, where the Green Lantern Corps is based, looks gorgeous, and the suit, which many were skeptical of — rightfully so, given it’s being done entirely in CGI — looks pretty sweet, considering that (as the boys from Slashfilm noted), the effects likely aren’t finished yet.

Talia Soghomonian at Collider:

The tone seems light and the humor punctuated with Ryan Reynolds’ on-the-beat delivery, while the costumes look pretty darn cool. As far as adaptations go, this feels exciting and will surely garner new Green Lantern fans along the way.

Alex Billington at FirstShowing.net:

overall I think this looks awesome

Harry Knowles at Ain’t It Cool News:

I am personally jazzed beyond all belief. Having read the script, I know the tone isn’t ‘goofy’. I know that the film isn’t focused upon being “sexy” like ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT would have you believe. No, this film will simply be awesome. If it isn’t, I demand everyone’s heads responsible. GREEN LANTERN is meant to be cool, crazy cool. Personally, I think this is crazy cool. Watch as some of the images here bitchslap your geek brain, as if to say… Yeah… This Exists. And I will see it many times if they make it up to potential.

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