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Ryan Reynolds Has Gangrene In Sneak Peek Of ‘Green Lantern’

Ryan Reynolds Has Gangrene In Sneak Peek Of 'Green Lantern'

We’ve seen Superman and Batman from the DC Comics stable, so who’s next? The ringed hero of “Green Lantern” has emerged with a first look, courtesy of “Entertainment Tonight,” and they’ve provided a tease of new footage ostensibly for the film’s trailer to be seen in front of next week’s “Harry Potter And The Last Movie: Part One.”

And the verdict is… well, it’s not very easy to judge the tone of 30 seconds cut from a longer preview with the “Entertainment Tonight” jackholes talking over everything. But visually, we are unenthusiastic. It’s a modern space opera type-deal — you weren’t expecting them to build sets or stitch costumes, were you? — and as a result, the much-ballyhooed CGI Green Lantern costume looks like an awful gangrene has beset Ryan Reynolds‘ body. The gamble when doing an entirely CG-costume is that you hope it looks 1) like it’s real, tangible material, and 2) as if there’s still an actual person there. Two counts of failure. For fans who know nothing about the superhero, it certainly does look like he completes a transformation from stunt pilot to floaty colorform.

Fans desperate for a peek at what the 82nd most popular costumed superhero looks like will note two elements present in this clip. One is the brief peek at the alien planet Oa, which, in a quick glimpse, appears to be the default dark, rocky surface of any onscreen alien landscape. Another is the presence of fan favorite character Kilowag, a hulking behemoth who looked better in costume form in “The Fifth Element” then he does FXed up about 15 years later. When Warner Premiere released the not-bad “Green Lantern: First Flight” to DVD, he was voiced by Michael Madsen. The supporting cast in the new film is made up of the likes of Mark Strong and Peter Sarsgaard. Animation one, Martin Campbell zero.

“Green Lantern” arrives in theaters June 17th. Enjoy this sneak peek of what the trailer holds before “Entertainment Tonight” premieres the entire thing on Tuesday in between discussions of Demi Lovato‘s toothpaste brand and the wacky dance Nick Cannon does when he gets his mail every afternoon.

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