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Videos: “Tangled” Spoiled; “Harry Potter” Soiled

Videos: "Tangled" Spoiled; "Harry Potter" Soiled

The Fine Brothers are back for another video counting down a great number of spoilers in a limited time frame. Previously they’ve divulged general movie spoilers, 2009 movie spoilers, Oscar-winner spoilers, horror movie spoilers, book spoilers, general TV series spoilers, reality TV series spoilers and Nintendo game spoilers. Those can all be seen on their YouTube page. This time they’ve set out to ruin every one of the 50 Disney animated features, from ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” to the latest, “Tangled,” which opens this week. Don’t worry if you haven’t seen all of them. They’re Disney animated features. It’s not a big shock that most of them end (as the Fines mock in their Don Knotts-like falsettos) with “___ and ____ live happily ever after.”

Watch the video, regardless of whether or not you saw such bombs as “Treasure Planet” and “The Black Cauldron” (if you cared about their endings you’d have seen them already), after the jump.

We can make fun of the predictability, but go through this video and pay attention to which films have that common happy ending and which don’t. The former are all classics, favorites, some of the best films in the studio’s 73 year run. Now recall the titles, most of them from the 2000s, where the endings are a real mouthful for the Fines. Seems the complicated films weren’t so popular. Interestingly enough, the two most recent, “The Princess and the Frog” and “Tangled” return to the simple and familiar fairy tale denouement. The former was not a huge success, unfortunately, and it’s possible that “Tangled” will not be as lucrative as Pixar and other computer-animated movies (which again threatens the future for these sorts of “traditional” animated films). The Fines should do another one of these videos where they run through all 50 of these films and yell out if it was a box office success or failure. I bet there are a whole lot more of the latter.

The Fine Brothers also recently put out a video related to the “Harry Potter” franchise that’s worth watching. It doesn’t have a whole lot to do specifically with the latest movie, “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1,” but it does create a hypothetical alternative universe in which the story likely wouldn’t have made it to seven books (and eight films). This “rejected scene” asks the question “what if the Sorting Hat put Harry Potter in Slytherin house instead of Gryffindor?” Fans might think such an idea impossible, but the stop-motion animation, which uses actual Harry Potter action figures, does have valid reasoning for how the series could have gone in a much different direction. And it all comes down to what an “asshole” Ron Weasley is at the beginning of the first book/movie. Watch it below:

At least in this dimension Harry still ends up dating Ginny. Maybe she’s his constant.

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