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Exclusive: Jessica Alba Talks ‘Fockers,’ ‘Spy Kids 4’ & Hints At ‘Sin City 2’ Return

Exclusive: Jessica Alba Talks 'Fockers,' 'Spy Kids 4' & Hints At 'Sin City 2' Return

Actress Says ‘Sin City’ Sequel Is “Only A Matter Of Time”

Jessica Alba, the newest addition to the “Little Fockers” cast, is a little loopy and a little candid. Maybe she was just channeling her goofy character in the movie. Maybe she needs to have a talk about inside voice/outside voice. For example, here’s one exchange Playlist writer Kimber Myers had with the actress unadorned.

Any good stories from the ‘Fockers set that you could share?
There were some rated R moments that I can’t really share.

It’s safe, we’re a rated R site.
There was really nothing better than performing an enema because I love doing that so much, I just really love sticking things in peoples anuses and then cleaning it out. It’s really gratifying.

Umm, ok.

Alba hasn’t done a lot of slapsticky comedy before filled with this much improv — or at least not to this extent — and the actress says she learned a ton from the rest of the cast. Mostly she learned from Ben Stiller, but, she says it’s certainly not as fun as it sounds. “[He helped teach me about] the rhythm and the pacing and how strategic and methodical it is the placing of all those beats,” she said. “I know that’s technical and horrible, but it’s sort of technical, it’s bizarre. Comedy is much more difficult I think then people realize.”

The actress, who became a mother in 2008, said being a mom actually helped out with her experience in Robert Rodriguez‘s upcoming kids film, “Spy Kids 4,” aka “Spy Kids 4: All the Time in the World.”

“I took lot from personal experience, I think it was all personal experience,” she said of her role as the ‘Spy Kids’ mom opposite Joel McHale. It was a much nicer, cleaner, prettier version, being in a Robert Rodriguez movie, he polishes everything up and makes it look really cool and slick and awesome and in real life it’s just simply not that pretty.”

As a mom, she’s always candid with the poop talk too, and that poop talk just may have inspired the movie. “My daughter had like an explosion when I was on my way to Robert’s house for lunch one time,” she recalled, laughing. “And I had to like change her in the car because it was just, it was a hot mess and I forgot to bring an extra pair of clothes so I just put anything on her that I had in the car and she was just… again she’s a baby, she was like one or something and I was not prepared and overwhelmed and late and I think that was definitely part of the inspiration for the movie.”

Rodriguez recently said that “Sin City 2” is next for him so we had to see if Alba would be reprising her role as the exotic dancer with a heart of gold, Nancy Callahan. “We were just talking about that actually in Austin, so we’ll see,” she said coyly. “We kind of talk about ‘Sin City’ every now and again, it comes up. We both love doing it, and we’d like to do it again it’s just kind of, you know, a matter of time I think.”

Doesn’t sound like a no, does it? “Little Fockers” hits theaters tomorrow, Wednesday December 22.

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