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Stuck in the Snow? These Movie Characters Show Us How to Get Through a Blizzard

Stuck in the Snow? These Movie Characters Show Us How to Get Through a Blizzard

You’ve no doubt heard that it’s a mess in New York City today. Trains aren’t running, airports are closed, major streets are filled with abandoned vehicles, people have been trapped in subway cars overnight. I couldn’t even get out of my building this morning because the snow drifts are so high. But we’re coming down from the worst of it — or the best, depending on your outlook. I’m sure many people were happy not to go into work today. But for those who did have to trek through the weather last night or this morning, here’s a list of heroes just like you. They can’t let a little snowstorm hold them back, no matter if it’s a blizzard or a new ice age.

Check out some clips of fiction people overcoming the snow after the jump.

Joe Patroni in ‘Airport’

The airports may be closed, flights canceled, but what if a passenger jet had to land in an emergency and the runway had to be cleared, of not just snow but also a stuck 707? Get George Kennedy to do away with the “bad pilot” and treat the thing like a tank with wings.

Jack Hall in ‘The Day After Tomorrow’

It’s a new ice age, sparked by global warming, and you have to get to your son in NYC, even though there’s no way of knowing if he’s still alive. Then your truck crashes just outside Philadelphia. If you’re anything like Dennis Quaid, you’d continue on foot, with snow shoes, and probably lose a companion along the way. Here’s the moment that makes it all worth for him:

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Clark Kent in “Superman II”

Another father and son reunion, as a de-powered Clark Kent walks most of the way to the Fortress of Solitude, located at the North Pole, in order to be transformed back into Superman. Lex Luthor got up there earlier via hot air balloon then snowmobile, but it’s the weakling Kent who proves any man can do the journey on foot. Fortunately, once he regains his powers, the return trip is a lot easier. Here he is upon arriving at the Fortress:

Han Solo in “The Empire Strikes Back”

Luke Skywalker couldn’t cut it out in the snowstorms of Hoth, so Han comes to the rescue, making his way on tauntaun. The animal survives just long enough to reach the frozen Luke before it keels over and dies. Then his carcass makes a nice shelter for the kid to warm up in. Meanwhile, Han apparently just hangs out in the blizzard until it clears, after which a few Rebel pilots fly out to pick up the men.

Danny Torrance in “The Shining”

And of course we can’t talk about being snowed in without mentioning Stanley Kubrick’s great horror film. At the end, it’s little Danny who is the great blizzard-navigating hero, getting through not only the harsh weather conditions but also a hedge maze and an axe-wielding father. He manages to elude the last, reunite with his mom and they both escape on a giant snowcat as Dad gets lost and freezes to death.

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