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“Twilight” Rubber Duckies, Best Movie Posters of 2010, Doc and Marty Visit 2010 and Other Links

"Twilight" Rubber Duckies, Best Movie Posters of 2010, Doc and Marty Visit 2010 and Other Links

– What it would be like if “Back to the Future”‘s Marty and Doc traveled 25 years into the future (to now)? Click here to find out.

“Twilight,” “Batman Returns” and three Nic Cage movies are featured on a BuzzFeed list of ‘The Worst Pick Up Lines From Movies,’ many of which are truly awful, like “I could find the whole meaning of life in those sad eyes.” from the otherwise genuinely sweet “Waitress.” Meanwhile, I think the lines from “Anchorman,” “Kids,” “Zandalee” and “American Psycho” are pretty awesome. Not to use, although I’d respect any corn dog-loving woman who goes for the “Kids” line, but at least different, clever and/ore amusing.

– Speaking of “Twilight,” how the rubber duckies dressed up as Edward Cullen and the rest is not the #1 choice on the list of ’11 Strangest “Twilight” -Themed Items For Sale on Etsy’ I have no idea. So weird I want them, and I’ve never even read or seen “Twilight.”

– You probably heard there’s going to be a “Missile Command” movie. But there is already a sufficient, albeit accidental, adaptation:

– Complimentary to yesterday’s inclusion of Tim Doyle’s artistic criticism of Vietnam War movies, here is the first of Big Hollywood’s ’10 Dumbest Liberal Messages in the Movies’:

1. “All American Soldiers are psychos.” – Platoon (1986)

It’s pretty obvious that the American soldier is the greatest force for evil in all of human history – or it would be, if all you watched were post-Vietnam War Hollywood movies. It seems that to most of the hacks in Hollywood, the mere act of donning an Army uniform turns you into a bloodthirsty killing machine with an appetite for murder. And that’s not just on the battlefield. In American Beauty (1999), the conservative Marine neighbor not only abuses his wife and son but murders people because he’s secretly gay! That’s a liberal stereotype trifecta – they probably think it makes him a prime candidate for King of the Tea Party.

Oh, but they support the troops. See, it’s the system that turns these guys into monsters – a meme that lets the Hollywoodoids both trash the guys dumb enough to end up in uniform while at the same time showing how much they care for these pitiful “victims.” So, it’s a win-win…or, more accurately, a libel-libel.

-Speaking of Big Hollywood, Film School Rejects’ Cole Abaius has responded to John Nolte’s analogy comparing ‘Death of a President’ to Palin’s crosshairs (which I linked to the other day):

It’s also important to note that Gabriel Range, who directed the film, is not a talking head, a political analyst, or a celebrity attempting to shoehorn his personal opinion into the discussion, and Death of a President isn’t a podium at a rally or a show on a cable news channel. There’s a world of difference, and some perspective is absolutely needed because it’s showing up on roll calls of quotes from politicians (where it simply doesn’t belong).

-To which Nolte responded back, calling FSR out for hypocritically choosing when and when not to “just leave movies (and books, and video games, and music, and theater) out of it.”

So I guess that what FSR really means is that we should leave movies out of it unless FSR doesn’t want to leave movies out of it — movies like, say, ”The Dilemma.”

– MUBI highlights the 40 best movie posters of 2010, which include some obvious yet deserving choices like those gorgeous one-sheets for “I Am Love,” “Somewhere” and “Sweetgrass.” Of course, there are the retro designs, like “The American” and “Carlos,” which I’m honestly starting to grow tired of. I also must admit that while fitting to the film, which I loved, I’m not really that fond of the “Enter the Void” poster for some reason.

– Transparent aluminum, or metallic glass, or whatever the real stuff is called, has been invented. Only 25 years after Scotty helped fictional scientists discover a similar material in “Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.”

– Anomalous Material explores the topic of ‘Actors You Can’t Stand.’ For me, it’s mostly child actresses who’ve grown up, like Anna Paquin and Kirsten Dunst. I also haven’t enjoyed Jack Black in anything since after ‘Jesus’ Son.’ Here’s an excerpt from the post that also acknowledges Black:

Obviously, I don’t know Jack Black, Sarah Jessica Parker or Katherine Heigl. They could be the nicest and coolest people on Earth for what I know but this is a truly fascinating topic to reflect on because while I can’t stand watching those 3 movie stars, there may be hordes of fans out there who admire and follow their every moves. In the same vein, while I sing the praises of my favorite actors such as Christian Bale or Rachel McAdams, there is probably people out there who are hating their guts!

– Thanks go out to Best Week Ever’s Noah Garfinkel for compiling all the “best” parts of the 2010 movie “Cool Dog,” in which a dog drives a car and plays the piano, among other “cool” things, into this short video:

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